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21 Dec 2019 19:45:07
I'm happy with Artetta now he is here but it's impossible to ignore Just what a coup Everton have pulled off getting Ancelotti to join them, expectations at Goodison will understandable be higher than for a very very long time.
Over the next 2 or 3 seasons there will be 8 clubs and 8 sets of supporters all thinking that top 4 is where they should be.
It's difficult to see Liverpool or City not automatically taking top 2 for a while yet which leaves 6 teams chasing the 2 remaining places.
Huge pressure on Frank Ole and Jose for who not finishing 3rd or 4th will amolst certainly be costly if not this season then next season for sure while Carlo Mikel and Brendan will all get a little more leeway failure to deliver champions league football won't make their jobs easy or enjoyable.
Life at the top of the premier league just got a lot tougher still.

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22 Dec 2019 06:58:15
I am not convinced Ancelotti is the right fit for Everton. He is used to managing elite teams with top level players, which Everton clearly don’t possess. In addition his more recent jobs have proven problematic and he has been criticised. Perhaps Duncan Ferguson was a better fit?

22 Dec 2019 08:32:14
My guess is Everton are ready to come in from the cold, they are a huge club that has been on the edge of things for a long time now and I'm sure they used more that the Grand national and tours of the cavern club to tempt to Merseyside :-) .
There is no such thing is a dead cert appointment and of course you might be right about Carlo and Everton combo not working RG but without the benefit of a crystal ball I don't think Everton could have chosen better or been shown more ambitious.
One thing is for sure 4 of the 8 clubs mentioned are going to fail each and every season to make it into the elite and Jose Ole and Frank aren't best placed to offer to Europa league spot as an achievement.

22 Dec 2019 09:33:39
Of course none of us know how appointments will work out. However, one can make an educated guess. In Arteta’s case, he hasn’t managed and I am struggling to think of a coach that has never managed being a success at the top of the PL. In Ancelotti’s case I rest my case with the observations made in my previous comment.
Whereas, Pochettino is an experienced manager who elevated the toot to CL football and reaches last year’s final. Rafa Benitez has an excellent CV. I hope I am wrong and will support Arteta, but I cannot realistically see him getting us back into the top four. Likewise, I can see an improvement at underachieving Everton under Ancelotti, but top four, not for me.

22 Dec 2019 10:44:51
Kenny Dalglish did ok for a rookie at Liverpool as player manager and Pep did ok at Barcelona without any previous experience but they are most definitely exceptions to the rule rather than typical cases admittedly.
Poch was never going to happen we might as well talk about why not Pep or Jurgen as Poch, I know you read somewhere he was interested but I searched high and low on the net yesterday and couldn't find anything on that story anywhere at all let alone anything credible about Poch wanting to join Arsenal.
Mikel is here now and although this time last week I wouldn't have chosen him myself I'm excited by what might be possibly with him in charge and other than Pep or Jurgen I wouldn't swap him for anyone anywhere now he's here.

22 Dec 2019 11:57:13
The good thing is that we are both behind Arteta, despite him not being our choice. What must change is that the fans must get behind him and the players. Since the final years of Wenger’s time at the club, there has been a toxicity around the club, with fans failing to turn up despite having paid for tickets. This has to stop. Being a year older than G62, I recall turning up at Highbury with an attendance in the early 1970’s when only 20,000 turned up to watch us thrashed at home by Ipswich 4-1 and If I recall correctly finishing 17th in the old first division. I still turned up for every home match my season ticket in the East Stand Lower tier covered. I was about 14 years of age and had done jobs to save the £34.50 the season ticket cost!

22 Dec 2019 14:22:41
Who are the 8 sets of fans 62, because there are 9 sets of fans above us.

22 Dec 2019 15:12:50
Arsenal Chelsea Everton Liverpool Leicester Manchester United Manchester City Spurs are the 8 sets of fan I was thinking of Banbury mate all of who will all be disappointed to be watching Europa league rather than champions league football.
While I think Wolves and Burnley fans would be happy enough with Europa league football themselves.

22 Dec 2019 15:35:38
Times have changed RG mate and people have lots of choices now how and where to spend thier time and money, back in the 70s all games were Saturday games and all 3pm kick offs and there ware only 2 games on match of the day each Saturday night and only 1 live game a season the FA cup final where as now football is everywhere every single day of the week so people can take or leave it as they wish.
You've got to make people WANT to watch you mate you can't simply demand they do so, if people are enjoying the Arsenal experience they will attend matches if not they will chose one of the very very many and ever increasing alternative ways to spend thier time and money mate that really is life in the 21st century like it not.
The days of the local pubs selling warm beer and relying on regulars to accept it through habit are long long gone RG and people vote with thier wallets and purses as well as their feet when they are not getting value for money.



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