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12 Dec 2019 07:59:53
As tempting as it would be to hire Ancelotti, i do have reservations about him. Perhaps as a short term option until the end of the season, but i doubt he'd be interested. In the long term i'd like to see us hire a coach who can bring through these young academy prospects we have and organize the team. The next coach will have to work with the players who are already here. That means he has to adapt.

I don't think Ancelotti fits the bill. Guardiola wouldn't. It's all about finding the right type of coach and not the one with the biggest name in the game.

My overwhelming number one pick would be Graham Potter. I recommend you take a look at the excellent manager profile of him (found on the player profiles site) to get a good impression on what kind of a coach he is. Worked wonders at Östersunds, Swansea were desperate to keep him last summer and now he has transformed Brighton. The question is is he interested in coaching us and willing to change clubs yet again after such a short period of time?

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12 Dec 2019 09:25:32
Firstly I wouldn't mind Potter but only if Ancelotti said no.
If Ancelotti were to make himself available to us and we said no the board and the man they chose in place of Carlo would be under huge pressure from day one and a poor start would be greeted with banners demonstrations and demands for heads to roll.
Ancelotti is the stand out candidate if interested and it would be complete madness to go for Artetta Vieira or Potter in preference.
If Ancelotti said no i'd be certainly be open to Potter simply because it's difficult to think of a better cadidate who might be available to us, none of his ex clubs wanted him to go and Brighton are desperate to keep him long term whicb says an awful lot about the job he's done in Sweden and at Swansea and is doing at Brighton.

12 Dec 2019 13:17:15
Maybe ancellotti for season and half, allow Freddie time with first team squad and blend in youngsters by having some control in appropriate cup games. Then maybe give him the reins after (depending how he performs) of course. He is saying a lot of the right things at the moment and the players especially the young ones seem to respond to him. So let's see over the next couple of games if he can put what he says into the games and players.

{Ed002's Note - Not a chance.}

12 Dec 2019 13:36:00
Of ancellotti agreeing to that or of giving it to Freddie after that period? I know ancellotti probably wouldn't go for that, but seems like a good way to develop the players and manager at the same time.

{Ed002's Note - It is not going to be proposed or happen. The club need to make changes to sort out their mess.}

12 Dec 2019 14:06:01
It's a funny old game!
Fredies first 4 hours in charge left us all seriously considering a relegation battle then suddenly 30 minutes at the end of the West ham hand abd he's the future :-)
Wow they must be building a statue of Big Duncan Furgesom at Everton with his 100% win rate at 3 goals for and only 1 against.
Funny old game indeed :-)

12 Dec 2019 14:43:15
The advantage Freddie (and I'm not suggesting by any stretch of the imagination he is the future) has over other inexperienced candidates is that he has worked with and created a bon with the young players. You can't deny the way he is talking about playing is much more arsenal than Emery ever did. One of the reasons man it's youngsters used to be able to slip into the first team with ease is that they played the same way at every level. I don't think that has been happening at arsenal over the last few years, but if Freddie was given the job (again I'm not saying he is first choice) but the transition for the current crop of youngsters would be much easier given his season in charge last year.

12 Dec 2019 13:59:38
Fair point, can I ask who in your opinion would be the best appointment for that. I still think ancellotti would be best at sorting things out over someone unproven at dealing with big players and big clubs, providing simeone isn't available.

{Ed002's Note - Arsenal are not looking for a coach for 18 months. The question asked of Marcelino was "can you work with this squad?". The misspending of funds in the summer was a mistake. The club will be looking to sell in order to buy. The structure is a joke. Flip-flopping between possible options is rather embarrassing.}

12 Dec 2019 16:57:19
Who would you go for if you was part of our board ed.

{Ed002's Note - Jorge Jesus would be a good solution.}

12 Dec 2019 17:17:44
Pochettino would be my first choice. Benitez second.
I wouldn’t complain about Ancelotti, I just have reservations.
No to Freddie, Arteta and Vieira.
Absolutely no to Potter, Dyche, Howe or Southgate.
I quite like the Wolves boss.
There are other candidates that I simply don’t know enough about.

12 Dec 2019 17:19:11
Firstly Ben Ancelotti is only 60 :-) Just 3 years older than Jose, so could easily be around for 7 or 8 years if successful mate.
As for Fredie playing more the Arsenal way than Emery I'd say 4 out of 4 and half hours of Fredies way have been horrendous and nothing you wabt the next generation playing.
United won title after title bringing through players while we have not competed for a tile for 15 years nearly so a complete outsider with different idea to what hasn't worked for so long sounds a good idea.
I do appreciate what you are saying Ben but Chelsea United Spurs and Liverpool have a few young full internationals coming through their ranks whole we only have Guendouzi who wasn't even Arsenal produced.
Get the first team playing a new successful way then pass it on through the ranks in my opinion.

12 Dec 2019 18:39:52
Gunner62 I agree ancellotti could be a long term appointment, however what is the longest that he has ever stayed at a club. Similar to a lot of managers turnover seems to be every few years, and probably rightly so changes, refreshment and adjustments are often need after this period of time.
I do think bringing through our youngsters is a good idea as we seem to waste aloth of money on players who are probably not much better than our youth prospect's, even if it is to develop and sell on, that would definitely help with our financial situation.
The players at spurs, Chelsea etc are performing because they are playing in a system that suits them so if our players played in a system that they have succeeded in the past then I'm sure they would shine as well.
I'm not disagreeing with people that we need big changes or that we are going over board with the Freddie situation after one win but I think he is slowly getting a message across and that would take along time especially as the team seemed to have so many different messages and tactics under Emery and little tactical planning under Wenger who seemed to send players out and believed they would know how to play the game or react to situations in the game.

12 Dec 2019 19:37:45
Hi Ben I too would like to see our young players come through and blossom at both premier league and international level but so far it's just not happening.

Guendouzi and Martinelli are the pick of the crop we have and neither came through our own ranks.

We need to work out why Wilshire is the biggest name we've produced in years through our own youth system although I think Cesc was only 15 so we can claim him too, oh and Hector.

Walcott Ramsey Ox were all bought in at an early age but were not home produced while Maitland Niles and Nelson are both looking more likely to end up leaving rather than become Arsenal regulars because at the moment niether really looks the real deal.

12 Dec 2019 20:07:52
We do seem to have a few who flourish else where, gnabry, bannacer, malen, szczeny to name a couple. What would have happened if they were given a chance like wilks, Alexander-arnold an the likes.

12 Dec 2019 20:50:07
You give Ancelotti a bunch of star players and he will find a formation to fit them all in. That is his strength. Here the challenge is to develop raw talent into star players. Who knows maybe Carlo would do a good job with us but i definitely think Arsenal and Ancelotti would not be a very good match in this moment.

12 Dec 2019 21:36:24
That's a very fair point Ben, maybe we need attract a proven first team coach and a proven youth coach rather than simply giving jobs to hhe boys like Fredie and Mertesacker. There must be dedicated youth professional coaches who excellent at that level but have no aspirations for becoming first team coach.

12 Dec 2019 21:46:53
It's a gamble whoever you take on Ice mate but Ancelotti is much much less of a gamble than Artetta or Vieira.
I would rather someone who either has a proven record like Ancelotti or has served a very good apprenticeship like Nuno or Potter than simply promote from the Arsenal family because it feels all nice and cosy doing so.

12 Dec 2019 22:09:06
I agree 62 ancellotti over unproven. I think what you need to do regarding development of youngsters is what we did this season and almost continually rotate assistant and youth team managers to allow for an easy transition into first team, with a clear idea of how the club is going to play football and have that passed down through the tiers. Appointing managers becomes a bit easier when you know the style of football you want to play and the players you have at you disposal at that point and in the near future.

13 Dec 2019 09:45:38
That's his strength? We've got a ridiculously unbalanced team and the solution is to play players out there position? I thought Ancelotti (the people's eyebrow) was out the running anyway? Allegri all day.

Tony Pulis anyone? 😬 😬 😬 😬.

13 Dec 2019 10:05:40
It might yet come to Tony or Sam, many a true word spoken in jest:-)

13 Dec 2019 12:17:14
Thanks Ed never heard of that guy tho.



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