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08 Dec 2019 19:58:30
Have been thinking about the whole arsenal DNA thing. I'm not even sure if having managers, coaches or technical directors who have played for arsenal makes much difference.

If you walk into a new job and all of your colleagues have had more success, better times at other companies and had very few highs at the current one they are hardly going to inspire you or each other to fight and put in the hard work required.

Imagine walking into a dressing room with Adams, keown, Dixon, wrighty or even Campbell, Vieira, Petit etc to walking into one with luiz, sokratis, aubameyang and lacazette.

I'm not saying these players haven't got something to offer but they are hardly going to make you live and die for the badge if they have done more and succeeded more for others.

The importance of keeping players like wilshere, Cazorla, Ramsey and even iwobi wouldn't compare to those previously stated but I'm sure would help more.

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08 Dec 2019 21:31:02
When a young Jose Mourinho got the Porto job it was mid season and they were in a poor postion and struggling, he told all the players that anyone who was unhappy could leave in the summer but also told all the players those who chose to stay that he and them would be champions the following season, some left some stayed and the rest is history.

We need someone to come in and do a similar thing with us because at the moment with or without Mustafi we struggle with or without Xhaka we struggle it seems to make no difference what 11 or what formation we play nothing is any better or any worse.

We need someone who can come in and sort us out whatever the real problems are so we can rebuild on solid foundations.

Oh just for the record I was a huge fan of the Jose Mourinho who left Chelsea and England first time round Just not a fan of the one who returned after his time at Inter and Real.

09 Dec 2019 02:45:49
It is of little relevance whether the next manager has Arsenal in his DNA. We must simply hire the best possible manager available. In the situation we are in I believe this has to be an experienced, successful manager, who the players respect and look up to.
These could include, subject to availability and other determining factors : Ancelloti, Benitez and Allegri. There is an argument to appoint a manger who has experience and potential: Pochettino and Nuno (Wolves) come to mind.
Candidates with zero management experience and ex-players will be an enormous risk: Arteta, Freddie and Vieira come to mind.
Let’s hope the correct appointment is made and swiftly, failing which we could easily get drawn into a damaging relegation battle.

09 Dec 2019 09:50:33
I actually agree it's not important at all whether our next manager has and Arsenal connection or not, it's always nice when one of your own comes home but it's a bonus not a necessity, I doubt many Liverpool fans would drop Klopp for Gerrard right now.
We have to get the next manager right to the degree that we finally able to lose our soft Arsenal reputation and one where we are best known for the amount of chances we concede each and every game/ this was a huge problem under both Arsene and Emery and obviously continues under Fredie.
The sooner the next manager is in place the better of course but we must not rush it in an attempt to appease fans and pundits because getting it as wrong with our next manager as we did with Emery could have real long term negative effect that might takes decades to recover from, Leeds United come to mind.
We are all keen to know who will be our next manager but it's more important we get it right than we do it quickly, although of course both would be ideal :-)

09 Dec 2019 10:02:17
Agree with that - we have to get the decision right this time round. No need to panic yet, champions league is a no and nay be even Europa next season but if that puts us in the right place long term then I’m happy

The board need to back Freddie in the meantime and get some defenders signed. They need to bring in a temp defence coach also.

The experienced players need to grow up

I care about competing in the long term and I need to see movement towards that, a vision and addressing weaknesses on / off the pitch

Until then - in Freddie I trust and he has my backing until it’s obvious he isn’t addressing issues. He’s had zero time and injuries to content with. COYG.

09 Dec 2019 11:04:29
I think the most important thing we can do is work out exactly what happens to players mentality once they join us and why it happens.
There has to be a reason so many good players become such average players once they've been at Arsenal a few weeks.
It's too simplistic to simply write off certain individuals as poor buys, Pepe and Cellabos are just the latest in a very long list of Arsenal players who's form drops dramatically once with us a few weeks or months.
Mustafi Xhaka Kol Papa Chambers Torreira Ozil and now Pepe and Cellabos to name but only a few who arrived with such promise that quickly disappeared, most of these players earned rave reviews in their first few games but soon became part of the problem rather than the solution to the problem.
Singing more players simply brings temporary excitement which quickly turns to more disappointment so until we find an answer to what goes wrong once players join us it seems pretty pointless signing yet more players.
Once we know why this happens we can address it and change it but until then I don't see how we can move forward.
Absolutely no way is this squad a mid table squad on paper but I reality it's exactly what they are and they are getting worse as they go on.

09 Dec 2019 11:39:22
Looking at the list of players we've signed in recent years I think chambers is the only player we signed from premier league opponents and we don't have a single player anywhere near the England squad.

Liverpool City Chelsea United Leicester all have players signed from both European and premier league clubs in their sides and a good representation in the home national squad too, is this part of our problem?

Do we have to great a diversity in our squad from all over the world but no premier league or English identity within it which contributes to looking like a collection of individuals rather than a team?

Just a thought that crossed my mind, what do you all think?

{Ed047's Note - I believe that if you put the right man in charge it won’t matter where you’re players come from.

We once tried our British core of Wilshere, Walcott, Gibbs, Ramsey and Jenkinson, look where that got us.

We currently have a squad of unmotivated players who simply can’t be arsed because they have no leader and no leadership.

We are the epitome of relegation fodder.

09 Dec 2019 14:17:08
Mentality and confidence are tow massive things we miss. I remember speaking with a sports psychologist and ex footballer after wengers 1000th game and we lost 6-0. They spoke about how when players get motivated for a mach and the adrenaline is pumping the way in which the perform, those nice one touch passes and intricate connecting play can actually be effected negatively and as soon as you go one or two goals down the motivation drains and you have no idea how to regain control of the situation. I feel this is happening to us recently we go out at the start of each half with some sort of purpose conceded or aren't able to play the way we want and we fall apart. We need to be training and teaching the players like Mourinho did at Chelsea about how we play when we go one down and how as a team we get through that.

09 Dec 2019 13:49:50
Just remembed we signed Chech and Luis from premier league teams since Chambers.

Very fair points Ed047 mate and we obviously do need a leader to take the club by the scruff of the neck as Klopp did Liverpool.

I think Gibbs Ramsey even Wilshire and Walcott could have been so much more than they ever were if handled better and not allowed to think they were already superstars they never got even close to being.

I just wonder if we'd signed Zaha rather than Pepe and one or two other established premier league players as in thier prime rather constantly bringing in players with no premier league experience or mentality but from different leagues from all over Europe it might have helped us establish a better premier league base and identify.

I guess I'm just trying to understand why it is we don't seem to and haven't seemed to for so long have any real guts character commitment that is so obvious in all the successful premier league sides we've seen finish above us over the past decade and longer.

{Ed047's Note - it’s identifying the right players from where ever they’re from.

You only have to look at players like Kompany, Mane, Sanchez (when he first came to us) Kante, Cech at Chelsea and even Milner.

They all played and play with a passion for their respective clubs because the manager also made them play and want to feel that way.

We haven’t done that forever, Wenger in my eyes actually hung Chambers out to dry in his first few games, much like he did Bellerin initially.

09 Dec 2019 16:45:14
Hi Ed’s and all, this is 2nd post so still new around these parts. I agree with g62 we need to buy more seasoned PL players not necessarily English players. And I believe we need to do the same the same for our manager given the situation we are in. Once the club have been stabilised we can later turn to a overseas manager.

When last was it that we bought a PL that has a future ahead of him. Let’s say not older that 25 or 27, instead we take from clubs who are refreshing their squad. What has Mikael Silvestre, David Luiz, Pete Cech, William Gallas brought to the club that fans can see and appreciate?

I believe we would be a better team by moving out Pea and get Zaha. Play him and Pepe wit Laca between Martinelli as Laca back up. Saka can be backup to Pepe switch wings with Zaha when he comes on.

The work rates to succeed in the PL is too demanding to play Pea, Ozil and Guendouzi at the same time. They are useless at running back in position much less to put in a decent tackle.

We need a DM already playing in the PL or on top of his game in the Championship.

If Holding is not good enough, which he isn’t in a back three, we should buy in Jan. The most likely we could get is Issa Diop and wait for W Saliba to see if he is any good. Bellerin didn’t have much competition under Wenger and is not top 4 quality. We need defenders who will approach the attacker and not back off in the 18 bring the danger closer.

09 Dec 2019 17:15:36
I agree 100% on Chambers mate, we arrived won great reviews and an England call up and was then chopped and changed until he didn't have a clue where he was.
Kante for me is the best midfield player in the world and unlike anyone I've ever seen before, there really are at least two of him, it's the only explanation of how can appear to be everywhere at once.
Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree but it does seem when you have no core on which to build from you can end up with lots of individuals without a common thread.
Arsene built on George's solid English base then introduced a huge French influence which learned from and integrated with then replaced the English base that was already there.
Nationality isn't important but I'm beginning to wounded if a common identity that holds everything else together might be.
Obviously it's Just my personal observations and attempt at one possible reason as to what is so wrong with us.



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