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07 Dec 2019 14:25:54
Big dunc has done well getting his players motivated completely different to us just hope when we do finally get a new manager our players do the same abd show some fight and passion.

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07 Dec 2019 15:24:25
We have serious problems at the club. The board should already have a manager in situ. The lengthy process they went through last time and this time is not sensible. The toot sacked Pochettino and immediately brought in Mourinho. They have won 3 out of four matches and are 2-0 up today. We should move heaven and earth to get Pochettino in. I have a horrible feeling we will make another error, most likely Arteta who may be a quality coach working under Pep, but has zero management experience.

07 Dec 2019 16:13:10
Who should the club have forced to take the job against their will? Poch Klopp Pep?
Maybe Allegri could be kidnapped and held against his will?
If the people you would like to be yiur manager don't want your job that's that in the real world RG.
Do you remember when you refused to accept Emery didn't sign Torreira and Guendouzi? Poch is your latest edition of non acceptance of reality and no matter how much you in insist and complain reality simply won't change.

07 Dec 2019 17:00:58
Good news our new competition ( Bournemouth lost ) hopefully top 15 finish can be secured soon.

07 Dec 2019 17:06:08
Hopefully Carlo Ancelotti - he’s been my favoured option for a while. Plenty of experience and a big name.

07 Dec 2019 17:14:17
Who wants to come to us then if they don't.

07 Dec 2019 17:21:57
Stop being so bloody blinkered 62 and have acceptance that we are crap ON as well as off and we don’t plan a thing, the board should have known Dick was going to sacked and planned accordingly instead of hoping a mild mannered Swede would do the trick .

I think you need to remove those lovely blinkered glasses.

07 Dec 2019 19:12:09
Yeah sorry Banbury your right, of course Poch wants to come as Allegri and many many more who would satisfy everyone, don't know why the board said no to both Pep and Jurgen when they begged for the job.
Your Sooooo right my friend, as always :-)

08 Dec 2019 03:14:45
That’s rich coming from you. I wanted Mourinho, you said no, he isn’t doing too badly! You wanted Freddie as caretaker until the end of the season, seriously! I want Pochettino, who is out of a job. Who do you want, who is genuinely a possibility, beating in mind; Benitez has a £20m release clause, Allegri doesn’t want to return until next season and was unimpressed with the selection system etc, Rodgers has signed a new deal, Freddie is clearly out of his depth and Arteta has zero management experience. Reports the club are not considering the Wolves manager, the Ajax manager is being lined up for Bayern. So who?

08 Dec 2019 09:31:53
That's the question, who is available to US? and Poch isn't so what's the point of saying we should get him on a daily basis?
You are right about me saying Fredie would be ok until the end of the season if no obvious candidate became available to us between last week and May, I definitely got that bit wrong because I genuinely didn't think we could be any worse under Fredie than Emery but I was wrong and we are.
You can't Just demand the board get someone who doesn't want to come that's fantasy football and not real life with real people making their own decisions.
We are in serious trouble and relegation is a real threat with this team, we've been to West ham and lost with better sides than this so tomorrow nights games doesn't look promising for us but it's no good taking in a full time manager who can keep us up but not much more so unless someone who we really feel can take us forward emerges from somewhere we need to find an experienced caretaker asap until a credible long term candidate makes themselves available to us which Poch simply isn't.

08 Dec 2019 12:10:01
As far as I am aware Pochettino hasn’t said he won’t consider managing Arsenal.

08 Dec 2019 12:30:38
He has said he would never manage a direct rival of his ex clubs Barcelona Portsmouth and as Arsenal are Spurs direct rivals that includes us.
Ed001 reiterated this last week and if you search for it I'm sure you will find plenty of evidence to support Poch stating this.
We all have two choices, to accept Poch actually knows his own feelings better any of us or to insist Poch doesn't know his own feelings as well as we do :-)

08 Dec 2019 12:44:18
Poch in January 2018 " I'd rather work on a farm than manage Barcelona or Arsenal "

08 Dec 2019 13:51:11
These were before he was sacked by the toot.

08 Dec 2019 18:43:02
Has he said he's changed his feelings? Surely until he actually comes out and says he's had a change of heart towards us or Barcelona we have to take what he last said to still be true, anything else purely wishful thinking and not the best way to plan for the future.



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