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03 Dec 2019 12:04:22
The next coach needs to speak fluent English so Marcelino or Allegri may be be a gamble. I would love to see Allegri in charge but something about the lack of English concerns me a little. As for Marcelino, he's like a clone of Emery pretty much haha. I'm stuck for who we should appoint really but I wouldn't be averse to seeing Arteta in charge.

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03 Dec 2019 13:50:10
Ed047 mentioned Hag from Ajax which I don't think would be a bad shout, I'm not sure about Artetta as it feels a bit like giving Ed Sheerans mate a recording contract just because he's carried Eds guitar for him for 2 years and hoping he wrote sing and performan like Ed off the back of it :-) .
Maybe Artetta really would be an excellent appointment but i just help but feel he would be ever such a desperate appointment rather than a well thought through one, but who knows!

{Ed002's Note - Erik ten Hag is not an option.}

03 Dec 2019 14:08:53
Fair enough scrub him off the list then, which leaves just 773 other potential candidates to weed our way through :-)

{Ed002's Note - There won’t be too many willing to take the job on given they will have to largely work with the squad that is there and horse trade going forward. FL will have the chance to prove he is up to the job but it has not stopped an approach to Marcelino - who has been asked if he would work with the current squad.}

03 Dec 2019 14:17:06
I get that Gunner mate but the vacant candidates on the market don't really get me excited other than Allegri. Maybe the language thing isn't that much of an issue but if you can barley understand the players, how can you expect them to understand what you're trying to implement? At least Arteta would bring some kind of a spark back to the Emirates and if he was to succeed Guardiola and we miss him, only for him to shine we would be kicking ourselves.

03 Dec 2019 15:18:53
Agree with all you say Glen and in truth until someone actually gets the job and succeeds or fails it's all guess work with any candidate.
I'm as sure about Fredies credentials as I am Mikials Ed002, has there ever in the history of football been a caretaker manager who kept the job and was successful afterwards? I'm struggling to think of one myself! But then again I guess there has to be a first at some time!
I know our choices are very limited because of the ridiculous way we operate behind the scenes which is why I don't think we should rush a decision but try and struggle into the summer while trying to sort ourselves out along the way in order to make ourselves a more attractive proposition in the future.
Just taking all we can get asap is much more likely to lead us to the championship than champions league in my opinion.

{Ed002's Note - At Chelsea Hiddink would be a good example - and Di Matteo and benitez both did well as interim managers.}

03 Dec 2019 15:50:15
Very true they all had success in fact Di Matteo is the only Chelsea manager to lift the champions league trophy.
I've just had another thought on a potential candidate for the Arsenal job, if Artetta is credible because of his association with Pep then surely Jurgens brother Kliperty is also worthy of consideration too :-)
I remember a few years back someone first putting Kliperty's name forward but nothing came of it back then :-)

03 Dec 2019 15:51:59
Agree that we should take time with it mate and if it turns out that we go for an ex-player in Freddie, Vieira or Arteta then so be it. I would rather Arsenal gamble on that then just settle for any old mush. Arteta may only be an assistant but Pep cannot speak highly enough of him and expects him to excel as a manager in the future. He would also have the immediate backing of the fans which I can't see someone like Marcelino getting if i'm honest. That isn't fair on him of course but Arsenal have the opportunity to sort this mess out now and not rue the next 18 months like they have done the last.

03 Dec 2019 15:54:20
Just let’s not forget the next manager has to wear a suit and not just any old suit a suit that satisfies Paul scholes, let’s not forget that every time I saw Paul scholes in a suit I thought he was at court on a charge 👍🏼.

03 Dec 2019 16:32:15
It's a fair comment Glen and Artetta is probably as good as any achievable target, I'm just always sceltical of top players making top managers and good assistant managers making good first team managers, but of course both do happen.
Rogers was Jose assistant and Dalglish did better than average at Liverpool (first time round) and at Blackburn.
For me I just don't get good vibe about Artetta but I also thought Gary Lineker would fade into insignificance one he left Leicester :-)

03 Dec 2019 20:52:31
Is Freddie really any more of a risk than Arteta or Vieira. I would rather have Freddie ( Arsenal Great ) than Arteta . Freddie has done pretty well within the club and I like what he’s said so far. Like the fact Per has been pulled into help him also. Pretty sure he knows defence sucks and we want to play with flair.

Youngsters and PEA speak highly of him also

I would like to see how he goes and team him up with Keown.

Freddie played at the highest standard, in a great team, worked his socks off and always performed well under pressure. Much rather him than Arteta.

04 Dec 2019 06:24:43
We got to give him time [ Freddie ] We put up with Emery stagnating for 18 months. Let's see how Freddie does come May.

{Ed047's Note - why in reality is there need to give him time, the club are speaking to other possible coaches so isn’t the truth of it he could be back just doing his normal role sooner rather than later.

04 Dec 2019 10:05:59
If we can find an experienced permanent manager who is right for us then we'd be fools not to get him while we can but equally there is absolutely no need to kid ourselves that someone is right for us if they come with big question marks over their suitability.
Marcelino is being linked this morning and his defensive record is extremely similar to that of Arsenes last 8 years and Emerys 50 odd games, is that the type of manager we need? It would be far better to wait than simply swap names but not romantic philosophies ONCE AGAIN.
Let Fredie continue while we search but if a really good candidate becomes available to us we'd be complete mugs to back the totally unknown untried untested Fredie out of loyalty to his invisible days.
Be sensible and neither panic or miss a really good opportunity IF it becomes available to us.



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