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29 Nov 2019 20:28:14
Emery, good luck in your future roles. I wish it had ended better and you had won a cup with us. I will be honest I was not happy last season with you and would have replaced you after last season's friendlies and I would not have entered this season with you.

However, you seem like a good honest person and don't deserve the stuff you've had to put up with on line. You've exited with grace and I wish you well. Funnily, I was a little sad and empathised with you today as a sacking is not nice.

Amazing how people suddenly turned and realised the Emperor had no clothes on.

I really hope Freddie does well for us and gives us time to assess our options.
For me - I'd like Paddy and Keown as a duo. They would take no poop from anyone, they have the medals and right mentality plus club history to command respect. Fingers crossed.

In the meantime - good luck Emery and especially Freddie - we love you Freddie. most importantly - COYG.

I want my club back. Don't go missing again and keep your identity.

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29 Nov 2019 20:47:59
Hi SY mate good to hear from you again mate, hope you are well.
I echo your sentiments about Emery simply not the right man for us but that doesn't make him a bad person and I wish him all the best in his personal and professional life.
2 things to remember SY mate
1 there is and only ever will be one Arsenal regardless of whoever may come and go
2 VOTE LABOUR and put down your wine and pick up a pint man! :-)

29 Nov 2019 22:50:21
All good bud - you?

We’ve got Adidas back. Now I want our club back and our swagger.

29 Nov 2019 22:55:21
Vote for Corbyn, what a joke of a man.

{Ed033's Note - I don't know, Corbyn couldn't do worse than Emery, could he? :-)

29 Nov 2019 23:18:32
rubbish - I’ve just had a glass of Sancerre and going to vote Tories. Sorry. 😂😂

Would you really vote for Corbyn? He’s no leader and I don’t think the country is quite enough on its knees for Labour to spend as much money as they’d like to but not realise you need to pay the bill at some stage. that’s like thinking you can win with a poor defence and midfield plus shoot less than your opposition 😉

Give us our Arsenal back.

30 Nov 2019 09:18:06
I agree SY4, Conservatives always pick up the mess that labour leaves, no money, sorting out leaving the EU due to immigration because labour allowed the doors to be opened.

30 Nov 2019 15:06:21
SY SY SY mate, if you can't find it in you to vote well at least have the decency to pick up a pint and put away that shery glass once and for all, not being funny mate but is Emilia Fox ever going to fall for a sherry sipping Boris groupie? Man up for Emilia and your county of course :-)

01 Dec 2019 00:03:38
You know we joined the EU under a tory government. allowing the doors to be opened, right wodbod? They've been in power 10 years what have they done other than sell off the NHS, to pull a quote referencing emery, literally anyone would be better! 1my local tory has been in his seat for 18 years, stepped down, his replacement praised him, the only thing he mentioned he did was stop a hospital closing, he didn't, that hospital closed 3 years ago.



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