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01 Nov 2019 14:17:51
Sorry to hear that Xhaka won't be in the squad to face Wolves. He should have been selected as captain, played and the fans should have got behind him.
The cowards that made threats to him, his wife and daughter should be ashamed,
Most of us criticise players in forums such as this, but to boo our own players is unacceptable.
I believe all professional footballers should not be on social media, which encourages idiots to make vile comments.

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01 Nov 2019 16:04:36
His form alone means he shouldn’t play, end of .

01 Nov 2019 16:52:31
Form is one thing, the decision of the manager.
Personal abuse towards Xhaka and his family is simply not acceptable, nor is booing him.
He doesn’t intend to play poorly, and booing him will certainly not help.

01 Nov 2019 17:43:35
Xhaka shouldn’t be in the squad end of, stats show we do so much better without him, he’s been poor since he came here and now is the opportunity to get rid.

He brings nothing to the team it’s really that simple.

01 Nov 2019 18:01:23
So you would field a player who makes the team worse out of sentiment for him?
Very strange rationale, Xhaka isn't good enough for us end of story.
I don't like the way he has been treated, but i support the club not a player.

01 Nov 2019 18:45:27
If he hadn’t been on the pitch he wouldn’t have been booed - Emery’s fault .

There is no way on this earth he should be in the squad tomorrow, it’s the right decision.

01 Nov 2019 18:46:24
C4 you explosive chap, your on your own with this, have to say it’s an odd stance you are taking.

01 Nov 2019 18:56:22
This a post from someone who up until recently kept telling us daily we had improved under Emery despite no one else agreeing, now on a daily basis he promotes us replacing Emery with the man most gooners would never want as our manager.
Did he really ever think Emery was that good or just enjoy being controversial, does he really want Mourinho or does he just wants what nobody else wants in oder to get noticed and suspect this post too is another attempt to get attention for himself.
Obviously no sane rational human being thinks the Internet trols have the right to threaten or wish ill health on Xhaka let alone his wife and daughter are anything but vile very sick people but equally no one thinks that's a good reason to pick someone to play professional football either.
On a personal level I wish Xhaka and his family every happiness even though on a purely footballing level I hope he decides to pursue his football career somehow other than Arsenal.

02 Nov 2019 07:48:19
To clarify, the gist of my post was that an Arsenal player should be treated with respect by the fans and supported. Of course on sites such as this, which with all due respect he is unlikely to read (sorry Ed’s! ) , we can make sensible critical comments.
Yes, I have supported Emery, he improved last season on the previous season and until the Sheffield U match we were in a positive position, a couple of wins and we would have been 3rd, only a point behind City.
If we were to replace Emery, Mourinho would have been my choice after Wenger and still is. The difference is that he is a serial winner. Just look at what he has won as a manager. I doubt he would be a long term solution, but will bring a couple of exciting seasons. The alternative is Allegri, more of a risk ias he hasn’t managed in the PL &! I don’t believe his English is great. Rodgers was another manager I like, but he would have to be prised away from Leicester. I like what the Ajax manager has done, but another risky appointment.
The reason I have changed my support of Emery is that he appears to be losing the dressing room. The Xhaha and Ozil issues are of concern. As is his use, or rather lack of use of Torreira. Perhaps we will see Torreira alongside Guendouzi today. Defensively we haven’t improved, which odd, as during his time we have brought in a keeper a couple of CB’s and a left back. In his defence 3 of the 4 best back 4 were out recovering from serious injury until recently.

02 Nov 2019 09:16:16
Generally speaking 911, I agree thay booing is counter productive and can be construed as lacking respect, but went are fans doing it? It's because the manager is consistently doing things a large proportion of fans are unhappy with and they have no other way of havingtheir voices heard. Lots of fans were unhappy last season but remained silent. The situation was predictable and avoidable, even just rotating chaka. Similarly giving ozil the odd game would have appeased some. Instead, Emery is trying to show fans he knows best, and if the fans disagree, they can choose to put up with it, stay away, or boo.

02 Nov 2019 09:52:35
Apparently Emery fears a player revolt if he takes away the captaincy from Xhaka?
Maybe I am just old and cynical but this whole thing is looking very stage managed to me.
I never believed the players had a free vote on the captaincy and came up with Xhaka, to me it looked like a way of Emery using the players to take the heat off himself and his strange decisions.
Maybe I'm wrong but none of this players backing Xhaka's inclusion in the team or his captaincy rings true, every fan every neutral every pundit repeatedly question why Xhaka plays but all our players Just happen to agree with Emery and disagree with the other 99% of people, hard to believe that's true.



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