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07 Oct 2019 07:58:23
Three points in a poor game always a good sign. Feel we will become much stronger once hector tierney Laca and holding return/ start and convinced we’ll go three at the back. Watched Ceballos closely yesterday and both him and Pepe don’t track back much. Ozil must have slept with emery’s wife not to at least get in the match day squad. Boring international break but excellent for the returning players . Dreadful game though! Third and strengthening different animal with Laca! COYG.

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07 Oct 2019 09:27:42
Pepe is known for not tracking back but cenallos does track and out in some tackles yesterday.

07 Oct 2019 17:16:33
I think most are totally baffled by the Ozil situation

I am optimistic with regards who is to come back but as I said just concerned as to if they get played.

07 Oct 2019 18:09:47
I think it's quite obvious it's an attempt to try and force Mesut into leaving and getting him off the wage bill, the problem will really cone to a head if Mesut refuses to bite and simply elects to do his job of training and if not required to play then simply get on with enjoying his personal life for the next 3 years, what then? £45 million over the next 3 years to have the world's undisputed king of assists shopping in Bond Street on a Saturday afternoon wife rather than playing for the Arsenal! Makes no sense to anyone anywhere.

07 Oct 2019 20:08:33
If that’s the case 62 then we will really have egg on our faces with the most ridiculous gamble ever backfiring.

07 Oct 2019 20:50:59
Obviously I can't say it is that way 100% for sure matr but it's the only thing that seems to really make any sense of Emery only using Mesut last season when absolutely forced to while in the summer it seemed public knowledge he would have liked Mesut to go which obviously didn't happen and now he's completely frozen him out of both premier league and cup squads, Mustafi gets game time but not none for Mesut?
If I was Ozil I would 100% sit tight and be happy to play if selected but equally happy to go shopping or for weekends away with the missus if not required right up to the very last day of my contract, 3 more years I think isn't it? Nice way to earn 15 million a year if you can get it I'd say.

07 Oct 2019 21:13:15
Its obviously a conundrum, Ozil was given his ridiculous, not earned wages before Emery arrived. Now Emery doesn't like what he sees in Ozil (you may agree or disagree) and if Ozil was on a meagre wage of say £150,000 pounds a week, we would have been able to have offloaded him in the summer for even a fee maybee and he would be history. The fact he is still here, is not Emerys fault. Emery can't just turn round (even if you don't agree) and say, ok he's on massive wages, he assists now and again and pops up with the odd goal now and again, I'll change the way i want to play to accommodate him.

Ozil is not Emerys problem, it is the people who run the clubs problem to try and get rid of a player they probably don't want either. Arsenal football club at this moment in time (unless things change) has moved on without Ozil. The problem for everyone is we are still stuck with him. I will say this, i think if he was the Ozil we signed in the first 30 months, Emery would have no problem with him. The problem is Ozil has had a lot going on in the past 3 years and he isn't the Ozil we signed, not even close!

08 Oct 2019 17:10:25
Ozil is Emery’s problem as he manages the team, it’s his responsibility to keep him at the highest value possible, currently the valuation is in free fall .

A manager can’t take up a position and say your not my problem I didn’t set your wage or sign you .

Emery IMO should be at the least showing him in the shop window of the Europa league .

IMO of course.

08 Oct 2019 18:05:07
Banbury his value isn't in free fall its at zero. Believe me, he isn't Emerys problem, he doesn't do the dealing. The fact he is on stupid money, doesn't make him Emerys responsibility to play him. I would say he is one of the few remaining comfy players from the previous regime, we are now willing to practically write off, we couldn't get any takers in the summer. He is as you say an expensive mistake.

08 Oct 2019 18:09:07
The other problem is it compromises Emery and the board, playing a player on huge wages, not producing and players whose contracts are coming up for renewal, able to say, he's playing but not producing like me, i want more than him. Its a lot deeper than just playing Ozil. The ramifications for the future after Ozil is gone are huge.

{Ed001's Note - not producing? He played once and got 2 assists, tell me how that is not producing?}

08 Oct 2019 18:41:53
Ed, he played last season and provided something like 6 assists and 4 goals across all comps. Plus i think the final of the EL league where he was worse than useless, apparently he disrespected Emery when he came off for willock. If true, that may also be another part of the problem. The fact is he was available in the summer and there wasn't a very big cue for him. For me he doesn't deserve a place in the team.

{Ed001's Note - you just don't like him and it wouldn't matter what he did you would find fault so it is pointless.}

08 Oct 2019 18:58:41
Forgive me if i'm wrong ed, what was the one game, he played against forest, got took off, he played against Watford and got took off, neither game he got an assist and was pretty awful in both games as i recall.

{Ed001's Note - even when he plays well you whine about him, so why bother even discussing it? It is pointless. You don't like him and you have decided he is crap. That is all there is to it.}

08 Oct 2019 19:56:56
He's played 1 league game v Watford and produced at least 1 assit although I thought it was possibly 2 assists, Watford had over 30 attempts on our goal that day and got 50% of their entire 4 premier league goals against us, apart from Leno and Auba the entire side were pretty poor that day but as I remember it Mesut did better than most and there were plenty that gave reason to be frozen out long before Mesut.
In my opinion this saga is not professional and has nothing to do with football, it's most definitely personal.

08 Oct 2019 20:06:05
Steve - hold Emery to the same standard. Ozil is class, Emery is second rate. Be consistent just as you demand Ozil to be.
We have an attack minded manager who can’t figure out how to have a defence to build upon or an attack to attack. Ozil clearly has it in him but the gaffer can’t or won’t set the team up to suit Ozil or to actually deliver on his 5 3 philosophy. We hobbled past a poor Bournemouth, couldn’t set ourselves up to beat the worst auth team in living history and has invite more shots on our goal than I can moan about. double standards? 😂😂.

08 Oct 2019 20:55:03
How did you go from talking about ozil to talking about Emery?

Your fast becoming the Donald Trump of the site SY.

08 Oct 2019 21:05:45
If only Emery could build a defensive wall 😂

It was about double standards Malaga - hate a player with talent because a manager can’t get the best out of him but love the manager 😂😂😂.
🧱 🧱🧱🧱



08 Oct 2019 21:18:55
Sy, its opinion, your opinion is Ozil would transform this team, mine is he wont. don't start twisting it to suit your arguments like you do. This is an opinion site, as far as i can see, the class Ozil is not performing for arsenal anymore, if he was he would be playing. Why are you turning it on Emery being the bad guy, when in my opinion, i don't see why Emery wouldn't play him if he thought he would do better for us than who is in. He doesn't think he's putting enough effort in, i'm sure he would like him too. I haven't seen a very good Ozil for two years. I don't miss him in the team. Stop making Emery look the fool when some agree with you and some agree with me. Some will use any stick they can to beat Emery. None of us know the reasons why Ozil isn't playing. It may be Emery but it may also be Ozil that is the problem. Me i would rather see saka, martinelli or any young kid with talent come in and give it all, than wait for Ozil to actually have a decent game. He was an utter disgrace against forest and that might have a bearing on why he isn't playing, who knows. what's your next new stick Sy. For me Ozil is the last of the comfy brigade. But that's my opinion.

08 Oct 2019 21:37:01
Here is independent adjudicator telly people who and what they are allowed to talk about again, evening Mark.

08 Oct 2019 21:37:10
Well said Steve

Ozil was crap in wengers last season, but let's not blame him.

08 Oct 2019 22:09:57
Evening Johnny boi.

Let's talk about big willie Young.

08 Oct 2019 22:43:04
Good evening malaga, football not so great yet boy but up to 3rd and only beaten once. A big two months i think, to see where we are at the end. Loving the young blood coming through, at the moment that is really exciting.

08 Oct 2019 22:43:31
Pretty sure he’s Arsenal through and through as demonstrated in a few recent programs. Sure he isn’t his biggest fan due to defence and how we are playing. But what would an old ex-pro know 😉

Steve, I’m glad you are back. I’m not a huge fan of Ozil anymore mainly because we’ve never played to his strength but he’s still quality. I don’t care about his pay and unlike you won’t let that impact my decision. Performances count and I agree with you that Saka etc are now the future. My point is your inconsistency

Let me ask you and Malaga - if you were promoted at work to manage a team that had potential and the company invested heavily in you while the weaknesses in the team were obvious. How long would you be given to improve / demonstrate improvements. If after a year the same mistakes were still being made and glaringly obvious big mistakes in big decisions We’re made. When would you expect your boss / shareholders / board start asking questions about you. If your answers were - we’ve not improved but we’ve not as bad as XYZ who have gotten worse or started to celebrate crap achievements - wouldn’t serious questions start being asked, when would you expect a knock on the door?

I just wished you would acknowledge that our midfield selections, defence etc is crap. We invite teams to shoot. We aren’t organised. We don’t attack effectively while we rely on aleno and PEA to paper over the cracks.

I assume you miss my - great result / performance when it’s earned but I got pissed off when we perform crap. Utd draw, Bournemouth 1 nil, Watford game etc etc yet people post crap about it being outstanding etc etc. Before the Utd game everyone was - this is our time / easy win / put the record right . after the game = great result to get a draw. That’s just bull. Call it what it is and I will not post such anti Unai posts. Just because he’s not Wenger doesn’t mean I’m happy. I couldn’t care who the manager is but I want a plan, tactics and an attacking team built on a strong defence. If you were more real with your posts straight after a game you will have less negative posts. If you are happy with our defending and attack - your standards are too low. May be my standards are too high but it’s because I want the best for our club not to settle for crap.

So, I ask -
▪️are we inviting more shots against us than you expect or hope?
▪️Is Emery really ruthless - Papa, Granit, Pepe, Luiz.
▪️Does he organise the defence
▪️Does he have a plan A or just tinkering to find a plan b
▪️Are you really happy with him
▪️Main plus was the attack he had while main issue was defence - how’s the coach doing
▪️Are ex pros and commentators etc generally saying good or bad things
▪️Did PEA complement our defence or moan about our defence

All I hear is - he’s won stuff.

It’s a banter site - rather than trying to wind me up. Challenge me and my thought process with what he’s done to show defensive coaching skills, great tactics, effective coaching from the sidelines. unlike Maggie - I’m happy to change my mind however Emery has done zip to demonstrate this.

{Ed047's Note - in my opinion if this was Emery’s first season after this current transfer window then to a degree I’d be a lot happier. I also love the young guys coming through.

My main problem is this is his 2nd season and the same glaring problems are there and that 100% should not be the case.

We should look a lot more organised than we do, no matter who is in the team.

So many times it’s been talked about previously that we have been papering over cracks. Is our current position doing that.

I want to see genuine improvement defensively when Bellerin and Tierney are back on board and not back slapping poor performances and results for the sake of it.

08 Oct 2019 22:44:21
Big Willy, Legend! His tug on a young Paul Allen in the 78 cup final (I think) and the professional foul and last man sending off rule was born :-)

08 Oct 2019 23:41:34
Ed, good points. I would happily take 5th spot for a managers first 2 seasons if we played more youth, more organised and played more attacking football. Bellerin, Tierney, Mavropanos, Holding, Chambers, Saka, Willock, Pepe, Matteo, Torriera plus Laca and PEA etc rather than papa, Ozil, Luiz, etc etc especially if we had a plan / strategy. I don’t mind a draw if we look like we could win due to performance and number of shots. Love seeing great defending and a brut in CDM cleaning up and taking a yellow for the team. I want a plan, attractive football and an identity for the club. Don’t care who manages.

{Ed047's Note - the defending it where it counts, we have enough talent in the team to beat any others.

Shut up shop at the back and we’re back in business.

09 Oct 2019 01:35:04
Sy, you are wasting your time, for gods sake, I've highlghted wehere we can improve, I've said all is not perfect but to bang on finding faults when we are 3rd in the league, unbeaten in 10, putting points on the board. While we are up challenging for an attainable league spot in the top 4, this season, i ain't going to bore people with all the negatives that are going to knock us back two years when we are going to be in 12th spot because Sy4 knows that this isn't going to last because he says so. When we do i will join you at being Mr moaner. But i'm having a few months off and enjoying being in the company of my utd and spud mates for once. It will make you ill looking at the negative, same old stuff and being blund to the positive. If you cany enjoy winning, you will really hate the losing and i'm sure the person you are close too, won't like it either. Wenger made me a sad moaning individual and i couldn't see a light at the end of the tunnel. I am free of that and i'm more balanced in my patience and i don't have to go looking for the negative anymore. You like me haven't really got a clue where we will be in 6 months time but when the points are totted up and the trophies are handed out. Let hope for your sake toots and utd aren't cheering because you will be unbearable. Lol
don't moan when we win because you moaning when we lose gets lost. I should know.

{Ed047's Note - I like pretty much everything I’m seeing with the exception of that inability to make us more organised defensively.

The fact we look exactly the same in that one massive regard is a big disappointment.

Yes we’ve lost once, yes we are 3rd, yes thank god we have Auba but for the life of me what is so unbelievably difficult to sort out about our defence, no matter whose in it.

I said it before, we have the attacking talent to destroy anyone, snuff out this long running defensive frailty and we really are genuinely back in the game.

I don’t honestly see anyone as moaning just pointing out the GLARINGLY obvious and wanting to see that nullified once and for all.

Teams still see us as a soft touch 100% guaranteed.

09 Oct 2019 02:19:28
Cant agree more but one thing for sure is it ain't going to stay that way. If it does we won't sustain a push. The results at the moment are most important for me, it is still the beginning of the season, we are bedding players in, we have got players to come back. I see no point in looking backwards until we actually start going backwards. If we do then i believe pressure will mount, if we dont, then some people will look silly. We make a judgement on where we are going to end up and how we are going to end up playing before we have even got there. Its a new season and some from the start have decided we aren't good enough. I hope i give a little time to judge fully.



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