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25 Aug 2019 12:21:49
I see that the biggest dilema is the midfield positions. I saw a lot of people critisizing Guendouzi but in my opinion he was excellent! He was everywhere, the thing i like the most about him is his ability to calmly start our attack even in really tough positions where even the more experienced players choke and lose possesion.
Torreira, man that guy is quality! I would be so sad if he doesn't start all season. He makes such a difference when he is on the pitch. The energy that he gives to the whole team is something we must have every game.
And i know that this is a common opinion, but Xhaka? Really? I don't get it, i just don't. He has a cemented place always even when wenger was there. What is it about him that his spot is so secure. He is not that good. He is not bad but of all players he is the one who is untouchable. Why is torreira on the bench when he makes a difference Xhaka doesn't. In my opinion he should be a backup.
Having said that i think our midfield should be guendouzi ceballos torreira.

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25 Aug 2019 13:42:39
We have problems on our midfield for 2 reasons.
1st the happy reason which is it's difficult to leave any of Cellabos Torreira Guendouzi Wilock out but if we are going to play 3 up front and we are in all likelihood going to
We either have to play 4 3 3 or 3 4 3 meaning only room for 2 or 3 at most of those 4 players, on top of that If we play a flat back 4 then Luiz isn't the man for it because as a regular CB he is not outstanding while at both sweeper and Dm he is outstanding so on top of Torreira Ceballos Guendouzi Wilcock you have to factor in Luis plus Maitland Niles when Belerin is fit plus Nelson, excellent problem to have but still a problem.
The second problem we have in midfield is Xhaka and Emerys obsession with him ( forget about Arsene he doesn't figure into it anymore ) Emery has named him captain and seems absolutely committed to playing him no matter what and that has ok the past and is going to over a season hurt us in the future too.
No one is going to be happy to see Torreira Ceballos Guendouzi Wilcock or Luis sitting on the bench while Xhaka is on the field and that's a huge problem for Emery to solve because when Xhaka plays poorly and any of those 4 are sitting watching him play poorly the fans will turn on Emery not Xhaka.
To 99% of the footballing world there is no problem to solve but for Emery and the other 1% Xhaka is not up for debate so the situation becomes a problem.

25 Aug 2019 14:09:58
It's so weird! Because he let's emery down more than anyone, he's the one who is judged by who he picks and might lose his job over those decisions.

25 Aug 2019 14:25:34
Great posts you two and very true. We had four serious problems yesterday monreal, xhaka, luiz and ceballos. Monreal is past it, tierney is hopefully the answer there, xhaka is so short of pace and ability, its alarming, the amount of opinion in midfield should eventually sort that. Luiz is not a center back but ok in a three, and had a bad day yesterday, again holding and chambers can help sort that out, if it remains a problem. Ceballos is class, the game came too soon and he struggled badly, he will be great as the season wears on. I actually thought (bad players apart) our tactics were spot on yesterday. We limited a great team to very few efforts, the problem was we missed two golden opportunities to take the lead, which would have been a massive headache to liverpool. We were exploiting the fact they were given space for their fullbacks to push on and it should have been punished. Our tactics were not at fault for the first or second goals, they were set pieces and poor decisions. We are a long way from Liverpool away standards but i'm really excited about all our options for this season. Pepe, Willock, Gouendouzi, look really exciting for the season ahead. Add to that Tierney, Holding and Bellerin to come back, we have a very youthful look about us with umlimited potential. We aren't in a battle for the league but we most definitely are for 3rd and 4th. Europa league success is a possibility too. Yesterday's defeat was not as bad as many are making out, it isn't key in our ambition yet, other games ahead are far more important to our progress. How may teams will go to Anfield and get something at the moment?

25 Aug 2019 14:31:16
Something just doesn't add up Eden mate, but whatever his reasons Emery makes his own choices and success or failure its down to him and let's face it beating Spurs into 3rd isn't a totally unrealistic ask but it is a big ask all the same while beating the current Man United and Chelsea teams into 4th is surely a an absolute must.

25 Aug 2019 14:34:25
Forgot Torreira in my summing up for the youthful future.

25 Aug 2019 14:42:38
Hi Steve great to have you back mate, in truth I was a little concerned about you because of your sudden disappearance when your usually such a regular poster.
All joking aside it's made my day your back on the scene and most importantly alive and posting:-)

25 Aug 2019 14:59:59
Hi gunner, in truth i was finding it all a bit boring and monotonous, people being like me really. Lol. I kept popping in to see some posts. I plan to be more flitting with my posts. I don't think people realise how much they constantly repeat, repeat, repeat. I plan not too so i will be in less frequent. Plus a lot of the old really good posters have gone and it had lost its identity a bit. I see some good posters have joined and the odd older one popping in. Less is more Lol.

25 Aug 2019 15:10:20
Welcome back Steve - been anywhere nice? A number of posters have been asking where you are and if you’re ok. Nice to know you were missed - you were. 🤗.

25 Aug 2019 16:24:54
Well mate I'm genuinely pleased to know you well geezer and hope we are just so brilliant next weekend against Spurs that it not only brings you back full time but also flushes Dagala Jenny Greeny and a few others out of retirement too :-)

25 Aug 2019 16:31:02
Hi Sy, just had a rest really, it was the summer I've had a few holidays and i was posting too much. I plan to be more conservative with my posts and less frequent. We have had a great summer in the transfer market, hats off to those involved. I know luiz is a bit of a strange one but the guy (koscielnys replacement) 90% of the time is a class act and 10% a liability. The guy knows how to win and i think he will bring more good than bad. I think he was one of chelskis better players last year and he is a serial winner, which i hope rubs off on us. The rest of the signings including the one we sent back look great for the near and longer future. Luiz may even end up replacing xhaka eventually Lol.

25 Aug 2019 16:50:24
Replace Xhaka? Be like replacing a light bulb Just because it hasn't shined in the 3 years since you bought it :-)

25 Aug 2019 16:53:53
I hope they push Luiz into midfield or play him in a back 3.

Glad you had a great summer with some nice holidays - I was probably one of those repeat posters 😂😂

Think we had a great window even if some signings were a little late. Real shame the best CB doesn’t join till next season and the best midfield signing returns to Spain next year - annoying but we are second tier now.

Great to see the investment in the frontline and we really have pace up front now which is exciting

Just wish we had a better CM and CB as that will sort the porous defence.

Glad you are well and posting again. The more opinions the better.

25 Aug 2019 17:08:36
You’re probably right 62 - we’ve got a talented bunch of attack minded players but no idea how to fit them in. On top of that we really don’t have a proper CDM so need two people to do the job which leaves us needing to field 12 or 13 players or make some tough decisions about how we set our stall out. If we set up to try to score 5 goals then we need to score 5 not a consolation goal after the fat lady has packed up, gone home and already showered for bed.

25 Aug 2019 17:14:38
When it comes to repeats I make ITV 4 look on trend :-)

25 Aug 2019 19:45:14
Oddly you were truly missed steve mate, and glad you’re well mate. Great post by the way g62 and Totally agree with Steve’s on the tactics, apart from the two costly mistakes we were doing great holding up a great liverpool side.

25 Aug 2019 20:24:20
Cheers Moe mate.

25 Aug 2019 20:35:03
Thanks Moe, looking forward to the ups and downs of the season and ultimately, some form of improvement. If we improve the same this season as last, 3rd or 4th look good. If we don't questions need asking.



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