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06 Aug 2019 22:47:04
Can anyone think of a more disrespectful way a longterm player and captain has left a club than Kos? That Bordeaux unveiling video is unbelievable!

{Ed025's Note - i agree...its just wrong glenn..

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07 Aug 2019 00:02:13
Haven't seen it, what's happend to make it so bad?
Obviously for both Glen and Ed025 to disappointed it's got to be pretty bad.

07 Aug 2019 02:37:42
For any player to leave the way he has in my opinion loses all credibility he had with the club. There are ways and means of doing things. I don’t care what anyone says, to downright refuse to go on tour with the club who has paid your wages for a decade ruins any form of legacy he may have had. Not for one second am I comparing him to Tony Adams or Martin Keown. that would be silly. Good riddance to people like that.

07 Aug 2019 06:15:04
Good riddance to Koscielny.
Just hoping we sign a CB during the remainder of the window. Much as we need a LB, CB is a priority. Both would be great.

07 Aug 2019 07:55:21
Gunner62 he is standing in the arsenal top and takes it off and throws it onto the floor revealing the bourdoux top.

07 Aug 2019 08:09:32
Like I said yesterday, people defend him saying “ he was a great servant etc” for your club captain to refuse to go on pre season tour, what message does that give to the young players? Pre season is extremely important and he totally put himself first and ruined his legacy at Arsenal, at least we held firm and recouped some of last seasons wages!

07 Aug 2019 08:39:09
Not a particularly edifying way to leave or sign - I would have expected better from him. On the other hand he has played for us for nine years and never caused a peep of grief. I would reserve judgment until I know what actually went on between him and the club. We all know what it's like in a disagreement, it's easy for things to spiral and heels to get dug in, and then everything gets messy and one or the other is painted as the devil.

07 Aug 2019 09:09:47
Cheers D16 mate, yeah that sounds pretty disrespectful and unnecessary. Like Urban says we don't know the full story all we do know is 9 years not a word or foot out of place and now this summer he's suddenly become anti Arsenal?
People don't usually go from one extreme to another without something happening to cause provoke it, whether that reason is justified or not remains to be known.
It was time for him to go but I'm still sad to see a previously outstandingly loyal and hardworking player go and especially in this way.
Sometimes good people do bad things and occasionally bad people do good things but in my experience its someone's behaviour and personality in general over thier lifetime that shows you the real person and the what to expect from them in the future.

07 Aug 2019 09:58:50
He wanted a free tranfer but we wouldn't allow it so he threw his toys out of the pram. I'm sure if he went on the tour to the US and acted in a more professional manner he would've still got this move.

07 Aug 2019 10:23:31
I agree with Urban and Gunner62.

Some reports said Kos had been given a verbal promise he could leave this season after 9 years loyal and tireless service (seems crazy to me that its only verbal, but possible as other footballers have said the same thing for other clubs) and other reports that he was only offered a huge pay cut and pay to play contract to stay at the club. Other reports also that he was upset with the approach of the club, but would have extended if they'd won the Europa.

If he'd had a promise to leave which was then taken back and was being told he'd be made to see out the rest of his contract or could sign a new worse contract for his twilight years as the club had recruited poorly which was obvious even to outsider but those other players were still getting paid well, and the choice was be a martyr and just stay quiet or try and force the club to do what they had promised, I can understand why he did. His throwing down the shirt is really disrespectful, but to me seems entirely out of character and would be something someone would do that feels lied to and disrespected themself.

07 Aug 2019 11:00:28
Irrespective of what has happened between the club and player, it has nothing to do with the fans, who idolised him and stuck with him during his many injury breaks. As is ususal for a footballer who obviously has a brain the size of a pea, he feels its ok to record and upload footage of him dumping the shirt on the floor whilst seemingly forgeting that it will be watched by those self same fans that idolised him, and clapped him off week after week, and not the board, who couldn't care less. Good riddance.

07 Aug 2019 11:09:50
We'll probably never know the whole truth of what went on. I do know he played the last 2 seasons on one leg, and never slacked off. I'll remember him for the good things, which I saw with my own eyes, and not for the things reported by the rags, because they always get it right.

07 Aug 2019 11:24:42
What do we know about what really want on behind closed doors between Kos and the club? Obviously nothing
But what we do know is 9 years without the slightest peep of decent and now this! Something has happened to cuase this total reversal in character that's pretty obvious.



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