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03 Jul 2019 15:56:09
There seems to be little logic to Arsenal's transfer strategy aside from offering derisory sums that are destined to be turned down. If I were a cynic, I would suppose that they have no intention of acquiring the players that are needed, and instead will sign youngsters 'for the future', and more mediocrity. So, would it be fair to say business as usual then? I may be naive, but would it not be simpler to say, list the best 25 centre halves in Europe/ globally and find out which was amenable to a move. Similarly, if you really want Tierney, and Celtic really want £25m, pay up or move on. It seems to me the club have no idea how to go about what ought to be a relatively straightforward process.

P****d off from SW4.

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03 Jul 2019 17:11:58
I think with Zaha and Tierney it's a simple case of the buyer wanting to pay as little as possible and seller wanting as much as possible Just like most deals in real life.
If a house is up for 250k the seller probably expect to get that figure and if a buyer offers 150k he knows he has no chance but is working on the philosophy that you can always go up but once you've offered a figure it's near impossible to go down again.
The selling club rarely expects to their starting valuation.
Personally I think both Zaha and Tierney will happen.

03 Jul 2019 18:19:32
If we don't get Tierney, that will be the one that annoys me the most, they want a fairly reasonable fee in today's market and we've been low balling them. Yes he's only played in a weaker league but they sold van dijk for 11mil and a couple seasons later he's worth 75 mil you can understand them not wanting to get totally stitched up again.

03 Jul 2019 19:11:18
True Eden but we're not in a position to pay more than we have to. Unless something has changed we have a very limited budget and FFP issues to resolve unfortunately.
In days gone by I'd be annoyed at our penny pinching but from what I've read we simply aren't in a position to be extravagant.

03 Jul 2019 20:54:13
62 - true, you can’t go down. So I’m told.

However, if you offend someone by offering 150k for a house when the neighbours house just sold for 300k then you risk not being taken seriously by the estate agent or the seller. Our valuations take the piss while Palace are being silly. W ighying in with a 55m bid would have been more reasonable given his talent and contract status. The Celtic offer was also a little low and way too much weighted on ADD ONS.

03 Jul 2019 21:34:44
Your right SY our initial bid was ridiculously low for Zaha but from what I understand it is and was a always intended as an opening offer.
If we'd bid 70 million would Palace have said ok? I think they would more likely have said we want 80 million.
Apparently Palace have to give United 25% of any profit they make too which further complicates things, I'm not up to date of the in and outs of what Celtic are asking but 25 million doesn't seem ott on its own but the add ons maybe are excessive.

04 Jul 2019 00:31:37
It’s mad that you just said 25 million pounds isn’t ott.
Crazy world we live in now.

04 Jul 2019 08:37:29
Very true WG, the transfer fees are only made to look sensible when compared to the wages paid now days.

04 Jul 2019 18:38:39
Both bids in my opinion just make a mockery of the whole club and show you the sorry state of affairs it is in.



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