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02 Jul 2019 21:59:09

Are we any closer to selling anyone to raise funds?!


{Ed002's Note - i have no way of measuring closer.}

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03 Jul 2019 15:58:41
Closer than yesterday, a bit closer than that, or so far away its not happening? Not rocket science, any metric will suffice Ed002.

{Ed001's Note - in feet and inches? You don't get it, how can it be closer? In what way? These kind of questions are pointless as there is no way of measuring closeness, unless you want to know how closely they are sat together in discussions and whether they shift seat to be closer or further away during them.}

03 Jul 2019 16:29:05
For goodness sake, this is a rumours site, closeness in this context is entirely relative. You can't measure a rumour in the way you are implying, yet you will comment on the progress of these every day. I do get it as it happens, and if you don't know, or have heard nothing, then say so. "I don't know" is better, and more honest, than unnecessary snark!

{Ed001's Note - when do I comment on the progress each day? Stop lying and grow up. You are being a dick now. I do not make comments on progress at all. What is wrong with you? Why are you making up lies to suit your ridiculous need for constant updates which we have never ever provided, nor will we ever do. Go play on Twatter with the other needy brats who can't go 5 seconds without a fix of bull**** progress reports if that is what you want. Transfers do not work like that and we do not do that.}

03 Jul 2019 17:46:37
Didn’t mean to cause a riot - by ‘closer’ I meant have we had any talks progress toward completion for any of our players leaving.

There’s a lot of chatter around who we a making low ball bids for, but it’s very quiet about who we are trying to shift on or had enquiries about.

03 Jul 2019 18:49:02
Looool well done Walker your comment caused an argument, hope your proud of yourself lool!

03 Jul 2019 19:42:18
The Eds provide a great, free service 5kywalker. Most of these "journalists" are doing what they do for clicks bruv; it's mostly nonsense. If you've ever arranged any kind of business deal you know that all will be revealed in due time. The Eds simply point out where there is interest, take it or leave it.

03 Jul 2019 21:45:40
Agree AA, sometimes fans get desperate and ask impossible questions to answer like will we sign Zaha or not? Who can honestly answer that or anything else about the future without the aid of a time machine.
My favourite is when people ask the Eds are Arsenal interested in this that or the other player simply because they like the player themselves even though no one anywhere not the tabloids or even Sky have ever mentioned any connection with that player and Arsenal:-)
Sometimes people definitely ask far too much from the Eds that even if we paid them a £100 a question they couldn't possibly be expected to answer without purely guessing.

03 Jul 2019 22:10:30
AA, I was just asking for any news of any departures. Not too sure where a journalist comes into it, in fact, quite the opposite. There are no rumours circulating of us actively selling anyone, so I was asking if they knew of anything going on behind the scenes.

If we are all waiting for things to be revealed in due time then why do we come here at all? The witty chat, scelticism and club bashing?

I don’t think so bruv.

04 Jul 2019 13:25:41
No hard feelings 5kywalker, but the journals do often represent the "source" of many of these rumours, such as Aubamayang to United. Recently there were conflicting reports about Monreal leaving as well, and it will continue down to the end of the window because they know Arsenal fans are desperate.



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