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18 Jun 2019 14:50:50
Let's look at the facts

The club is in more of a financial mess now than when we built the Emirates

We have players who are on astronomical wages who are just crap and no one wants

We have a budget that is so low we can't compete with the likes of West Ham

This is all down to the regime and nothing to do with emery

Pep and Klopp would not get the best out of 50% of the players we have.

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18 Jun 2019 16:07:09
Regardless of the situation the club finds itself in I still don't believe Emery is the man to lead us forward.

His record is questionable at best. Yes he can win knockout competitions where players don't need motivating to watch 10 hours of video on the opposition, but in the league against teams filled with much less talented individuals that becomes an issue. His playing style is still undefined and his constant changes from game to game cause inconsistencies.

Whilst managing PSG he finished second to Monaco and threw away a 4-0 lead against Barcelona (arguably an issue motivating players when they believed they'd already won before stepping on to the pitch) .

With Sevilla he didn't manage to achieve a top 4 finish. He also seems to get credit for the players Sevilla acquired during this time, despite that being Monchi's bag.

All in all it's hard to put Emery in the argument for being a great manager, and that's really what we should be aiming for as a club. Can we honestly sit here and say performances have improved under Emery? Yes we're achieving better results against the other members of the big 6 but our football is dismal at times. Emery has had access to a better playing squad than Wenger did in his last season. We've had Auba from the start, Lucas Torreira looks like the bite in midfield we've been missing for years and we've also added Sokratis and Leno. Even with those things considered are we actually in a better position?

18 Jun 2019 17:53:02
I totally agree with you forza mate, he had a top keeper at PSG and his defence on paper are some of the best in the world and just let's not talk about his front line at the time.

Malaga are you about to blame Wenger for the mess the club in at the moment, don’t we have a board and an owner who have a say on the financial front at the club.

Who’s fault was it to have a disagreement with Mislintat which lead for him to leave and Monchi to change his mind about joining us.

Why our rich Mofo own wouldn’t invest in the club. Start blaming the board and not the past. We need to look at who’s holding us back, or is it because they don’t trust Emery?

18 Jun 2019 18:32:24
Mark the other day you said Emery fee season was over and next season you expected big improvement from him but now you seem to be making excuses for him before next season even arrives, what's happend over the last few days to make you drop your expectations of the manager brought in to do what our previous manager was able to do?

18 Jun 2019 19:09:12
John, I'll tell you what happened, I was talking to a mate who's a box owner and works for Lloyds of London and he said there's no money in the kitty. Wenger had blown the budget for the next 4 years. His latest spending spree over the last 3-4 years and wages they agreed with certain players has crippled the club.

18 Jun 2019 19:15:25
Moe I said regime

The most kroenke can invest of his own money is 40 million with out breaking FFP rules.

{Ed002's Note - No, that is not the situation - the figures are based on a rolling three year period - not one year.}

18 Jun 2019 19:32:55
Sorry ed002 I thought you once said it was 40million

So ed from what you know of the clubs finances is there money there.

{Ed002's Note - But it is over a rolling 3 year period. So if nothing was injected for the past two years - then €45M can be contributed by the owners this year. You need to all step back from the money.}

18 Jun 2019 19:50:18
Mark we aren't loaded that's for sure so we definitely need a manager who can get the most out of players as individuals and collectively through tactics organisation and motivation and nothing we saw from Emery last season suggests he's capable.
All us doubters want to be wrong mate but we need to see it mate.
When Emery echos Arsenes sentiments off the pitch with " I'd rather win 5 3 than 1 0 " it makes my heart sink and when Emery defence looks exactly the same as Arsenes defence did in every way shape and form it's totally disheartening. So far all we've done is change the name and face of our manager while the words and actions are spookily identical.
How can anyone who was unhappy with Arsene possibly be happy with Emery? I'm struggling with that one big time.

18 Jun 2019 20:25:29
62mate, few years back when they said arsenal can’t spend or won’t spent they called arsene a tied arse and whatever, we got in few players, yes for sure not all great but in his last couple of years he’s hot lacca and resigned ozil where we were crying for it to happen as Sanchez didn’t want to stay. In his time we got auba and xhaka (which he’s contract was renewed after arsene was left) . The defence was crap then and still as rubbish now.
So this is the scenario of blame for next next season already planned.

I seriously ask, what did we achieve or improved last year than all the other years?
Be real and don’t use statics, as those extra points they mean absolutely nothing along with beat the other 3 rubbish teams in the top 6.

18 Jun 2019 20:46:58
If money is this tight - why blow it on Emery who can’t manage the defence to save his life. He would call tails on a double headed coin if a game depended on it. He’s done absolutely zip to improve a team who’s issues were so obvious to see. Wenger’s blindness to address these issues caused people on the site to call for his head - hind-site, they were right but to continue the same crap is just crazy. Invest in youth and see if he can organise and improve us defensively without ruining the attack. If he can - invest in a few stars. If he can’t - change. For me, I’m going back on my word as I reflect on key games and decisions during the season and at the business end of the season. Call it quits and let’s turn the page for a new manager to turn the club around so we are one year and 40m ahead of doing it next season.
You wanted the club to be ruthless like Wenger in the early yearly - there you go. Don’t complain then when I want us to be ruthless and improve.
For the record and for me - did Wenger sign a Mustafi ( rumours say no ) and who extended Ozil contract plus who let Rambo leave on a free.

Sorry about being tough on Emery but I just want to move on and enjoy football again. He’s making me fall further away from my club as are the board. Sad to say but they need to show me they care as much as I do and have done. Let’s learn from the Wenger years ( good and bad ) not just repeat the bad mistakes. Give me back OUR Arsenal.

19 Jun 2019 07:54:54
I doubt that Malaga that’s bull muck

19 Jun 2019 08:54:24
SY many fans were getting very close to throwing in the towel under Arsene which is why the club finally gave in and made a decision based on on the very serous decline in interest in Arsenal football club from previously passionate fans.
For a very tiny percentage of fans merely getting rid of Arsene was enough because of their personal feeling towards Arsene but for the vast majority of those who wanted change it wasn't simply a different face or name that was wanted but a different Arsenal, now after one season where nothing has changed at all on the pitch we are left with the vast majority of those who wanted change are left the reality that all they got was a different person with the same old tried and failed philosophy as the previous manager held but the only difference now is this time they are joined by those fans who were previously loyal to Arsene regardless of performances.
Yes Emery should be given the opportunity to start next season but if there isn't significant improvement in the first couple of months of next season I think there will be an avalanche of dissatisfaction that will see Emery swept out of Arsenal before 2020 gets here.
He came into the job with 50% of fans delighted to see him and He and he alone has lost most of that 50% with his decisions tactics philosophies and methods, no one is buzzing with excitement and anticipation of what next season will bring we just all hope that somehow last season was a false start under our new manager and next season Emery will do something to make us feel differently about him.
The ball is 100% in Emerys court and if his second service isn't hugely improved his first service we should have no hesitation volleying him into the Arsenal history books.

19 Jun 2019 09:55:14
Makes me laugh people are still blaming Wenger for emery’s cock ups, there was a time Wenger kept us in the CL for nearly ten years without any money to spend.

19 Jun 2019 11:26:02
Welshey, give it up on Wenger. He's gone, and not coming back. Time to move on mate. Look forward not backwards.



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