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09 Jun 2019 19:08:33
Very very impressed by the standard of football at the women's world cup, it's moved on a million miles in the last decade.
Players officials the lot it's looking closer and closer to the men's level each year.

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09 Jun 2019 20:14:15
But. does anyone really care that much?

09 Jun 2019 21:07:04
It is progressing that’s for sure! I can’t see why the officials wouldn’t get near the standard but it’s impossible for the standard of the players to get anywhere near mate. I will of course be watching and showing my support especially as one of the starting 11 are from my town.

09 Jun 2019 21:28:05
Probably not that many now Jim but plenty might well in the future mate, I think the men's game will always be dominant but like tennis I think the women's game won't be far behind in public interest.

09 Jun 2019 21:47:36
Not far behind in public interest? Name me 20 professional players then. The level of football is shocking, if your comparing it to the men's (which you are) the nearest thing is pub football. It's alllllll true.

09 Jun 2019 22:05:03
Hi Jack I did say in the future mate which doesn't mean in the here and now or the present to be precise, sorry if that wasn't clear to you first time round :-) , you do seem to struggle with my posts quite often my old mate if there is anything I can do to help please let me know:-) .

09 Jun 2019 22:07:23
I didn't bother watching the men's game today, but watched the women's.

09 Jun 2019 22:32:17
Me too Eden but ( don't tell Jack :-)

10 Jun 2019 12:53:16
Women's football has improved greatly. Do I want to watch it in general? Nope.

10 Jun 2019 13:37:57
Its not so much the quality that bores me, but its the whole social justice nonsense that's attached to it that is getting on my nerves. Already we have seen pressure on existing clubs to start a womens team, including Man Utd who IMO were hounded in starting one. Now we are seeing questions over the gender discrepancy in wages, as in why are the premiership clubs paying their male footballers more than their women. How long before a club a sued for this difference? Do you really want to see a future where a club may be forced to cut its wages for the mens team so it can match for its womans team? Its funny though, as with all the imbalances and issues in the mens game, I don't know why, if starting from scratch, with a clean slate, you would want to set up the womens game in exactly the same mould. I saw a good interview with an ex-england female rugby player over the growing issue of the lack of a female Lions team. She said it might be better to not follow the same example, and instead of creating the less inclusive Lions womens team, create a northern hemisphere versus southern hemisphere competition instead, thus including France, Argentina etc who are not included in the Mens Lion games.

10 Jun 2019 15:02:05
Hi Epping mate I understand and agree with what you saying on equal pay but I doubt very much anyone is silly enough expect the women's game to equal the men's pay when they can (CURRENTLY, this is forJacky baby :-) only attract a fraction of the audience.
In the entertainment industry you get what you bring back in revenue which is why top actors get millions for a film and others simply make a living out of the industry.
When the women's game can attract the same huge crowds and TV audiences as the men's game then female players have every right to expect parity, I guess it's a bit like supermodels where woman currently reign supreme in terms of money.
I watch France v South Korea and England v Scotland and thought how far it had come, 20 years ago there was no comparison but whether people like it or not ability wise the gap has shrunk dramatically over the last 20 years and in another 10 or 20 years it will only get better and better as more women get the chance to play.
Physically it will never be possible for men and women to compete against each other like Tennis and Boxing but anyone who has seen Nicola Adams in action will know technique and ability wise there is no limit to what women can't achieve.

10 Jun 2019 17:36:51
Epping, the women's teams are separate entities to the men's, they have a salary cap and can only spend 40% of turnover on wages. The discrepancy in wages is massive with the top earners in the WSL getting £35k a year, low earners £5k-10k. Moneys not going to be taken out of the men's game for them, they have to raise awareness and grow the sport to improve their wages.

{Ed001's Note - the FA banned women's football originally because it was getting bigger crowds than the men's game. There is no reason they can't return to that position in time.}

10 Jun 2019 18:15:48
Really? That's insane! Was that because it was taking away revenue or some other bs? How long ago was that?

10 Jun 2019 19:41:29
6 million viewers watch the England Scotland game yesterday on BBC that's an increase of 50% on the numbers who watched England's semi final 4 years ago.
I'm not sure what the viewing figures are for match of the day or eastenders but their is little doubt women's football in the UK is most definitely a very fast growing industry that I personally think will fair and square win over money from the men's game simply because of value for money.
If itv and or bbc offer a free alternative to Sky and BT ever increasing price and entrance fees to watch mens games continue to dwarf the price to watch the women's football families will naturally drift towards the best value for money entertainment.
The days of the fa simply banning any threat are long long gone this is 2019 and women lorry drivers Doctors Vicars are all part of every day life where only a tiny minority bat an eyelid at and women's football will become every bit as accepted as all other professions before too long.
If men's football has any sense it will up its own appeal by making itself less exclusive and more easily accessible by lowering it's prices and of course the wages it dishes out willy nilly to those within it.

10 Jun 2019 20:22:11
It will NEVER be at the same level as the men’s game, I remember years ago Martina Navratilova played vitas gerulaitis and got hammered .

I’m not saying the level won’t change but the gap will always be there.

{Ed001's Note - that is not skill though, that is about speed and strength. In a team game you can get away with some members who lack the speed and strength if they have the skill.}

10 Jun 2019 20:48:59
No skill? Really, interesting .

Disagree and so would Borg, McEnroe, Conners etc long before the super racket generation.

Look at most sports - I also remember when Jimmy White played Alison Fisher in a 3 frame charity match she hardly got on the table .

{Ed001's Note - I didn't say there was no skill, I said he beat her not because of skill. She would have had to be much better skillwise to be able to overcome the physical difference.

As for the others, who cares? That is irrelevant, there is absolutely no reason that a woman can not reach the same skill level, if given the chance to start young enough. You are talking about ancient history, when girls were not allowed to play footie or play snooker/pool as kids, while boys were encouraged to do so. Nowadays it is not the 1950s (your era) and boys and girls often take part in the same games and sports from a young age. That is a part of why they are showing such improvements. But they are limited by the ability of those they play against and with. Play against and with better quality and they improve even further. However the physical disadvantage is an issue.}

10 Jun 2019 20:49:15
If I want to see 2nd rate football I head off to watch Leyton Orient or 5th rate, Harlow Town. The sad thing is the players in league 2 are still far better than the women and yet will probably earn far less and will certainly not have their games shown on prime time BBC 1. There are many inequalities across life, and yet the 1 area where you can judge who is better is sport. This is why league two teams get smaller crowds, and league two players earn less than other men doing the the same job, but for a premiership team. The truth is they are not as good and therefore don’t deserve to earn the same. The same goes for the women. Premiership team women deserve more than women playing in lesser leagues, but if you tell me they deserve anyway near the men, even a league two player, then the world has gone crazy.

{Ed001's Note - so why not just scrap the divide and let them play in the same teams? Then the whining about pay differences can stop as they will earn the amount fitting to the level they reach.}

10 Jun 2019 21:16:08
Obviously and very happily there are obvious difference between men and women most of which the vast majority of both sexes find very very appealing about the other but when it comes to sport men will always hold the physical upper hand.
I don't want to be unkind to anyone but in all sports there are greats and those who make a living.
A fight between two Nicola Adams or between two Tim Witherspoon which one would you watch?
Two Martina Navratilovas or two Tim Herman's which one would you chose to watch?
It's not about competition between the sexes but about the standard of the product they offer, right now the men's game is still has the inside Lane but all I'm saying is the women's game is most definitely closing the gap in quality of entertainment that was once a incomparable into something that is now BEGINNING to show very strong similarities in most areas.
20 years ago a female James Bond would have a joke but now it's matter of when not if Jane or Jamie Bond appears and packs out cinemas.

10 Jun 2019 21:54:55
I totally disagree Epping mate, the standard of football on show yesterday was far far better than I've seen league one or two sometimes where kick and rush still lives on, there was absolutely no kick and rush from England or Scotland yesterday in fact at times it the first half I couldn't help but wonder why our England mens side couldn't display the same level of ability as a team as our women did.
If anyone has watched yesterday's game, Just check it out objectively you might just be surprised by what you see if you allow yourself to open minded, seriously What have you got to lose?

10 Jun 2019 22:19:23
Have to disagree G62. It’s not about skill versus kick and run, it’s about a game played at about 20% of the intensity. Anyone would look good at that, even a league 2 player, who I guarantee also looks a superstar in training. Are you seriously telling me a league 2 player wouldn’t get into the woman’s team, of course he would. Ed01, I agree, I would love to see a major tennis tournament played as a mixed, and I would suggest the number of female players still there to make week 2, let alone anywhere near the final, would be little to none. Each to there own I suppose, but when I do watch sport, I generally want to watch the best (Harlow town excluded) , and that’s always the men’s game imo. I along with most of the world can name most of the men’s 100m sprinters from the last few years, but maybe only one female, if that. Why, as they are still the champions of their field, but maybe it’s because you know deep down that all the men who can run that distance in the same time did not even qualify for the event.

10 Jun 2019 22:30:32
They do earn less than league 2 players! Average league 2 wage is 40k a year the top earners in the WSL get 35k.

10 Jun 2019 23:28:15
If you just had sports as mixed, resulting in no female representation, it would be a travesty for young girls, they would have no one to aspire to and they wouldn't bother to get involved in sport, which would be a terrible shame.

11 Jun 2019 01:41:38
Some of their long range shooting impresses me, but everytime I watch women's international football I can't help but think if I decided to have a gender swap I'd get a game for them.
I'm sure the standard will keep improving, but simply based on the numbers playing and the quality of the people they're playing with, it will take some time, and the womens level is still absolutely nowhere near the mens level.

11 Jun 2019 06:59:53
It's the entertainment business and the more enjoyable the product the more popular it becomes.
The women's game is getting bigger and better all the time and as TV viewing figures show it's increasing in popularity at a very fast rate.
The more popular it becomes the more young girls will be encouraged to take up the sport and the more that play the better the standard will become and it will self generate and evolve Just like every other sport and walk of life come to that.
Equal opportunity is spreading across the world and obviously the more any part of any society is allowed and encouraged to take part the better the quality will naturally become.
You only have to look at history to see that the more people of both genders all races and all classes are allowed the chance the more they succeed, and it's really not a threat to anyone but a good thing for everyone.

12 Jun 2019 01:19:00
Every time I watch I think, I wonder if those shorts could be any shorter.



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