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06 Jun 2019 19:23:34
Hopefully City get the book thrown at them as they are unfairly competing on financial steroids - don't care if that puts us into Champ League as we would only get knocked out and end up in EL but just want financial fairness and tired of City and previously Chelsea buying trophies and success.

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06 Jun 2019 19:58:49
Yes and I hope they throw the book wrapper the book came at us while they are at it too, how are Norwich Burnley and Sheffield United supposed to compete with us financially?
Or does financial restraint only count for those who are richer than Arsenal and anyone not as wealthy don't matter anyway?
Double standards in my opinion SY mate.

06 Jun 2019 20:42:06
Where did their money come from Vs our money.

Are we bank rolled by non footballing revenue or do we eat what we kill be it player sakes / genuine sponsorship deals / real estate sales from a ground move.

06 Jun 2019 22:06:07
But we have more of what we have than Burnley, London reel estate dwarfs real estate prices in the north so we have a distinct advantage over Burnley that they can not do anything about all because of geography, is that just our good luck and Burnleys bad luck?
If so why is it not city's good luck that their billionaire owners like to invest and our bad luck our billionaire owner thinks differently?
Sorry mate but it just sounds like sour grapes and " I don't like others having what we don't have because it gives them an advantage over us but I'm very happy for us to have what others can't have to give us an advantage over them.
Think about SY mate? It sounds ever such a case of " poor little rich boy " who doesn't like someone else being richer than him.

06 Jun 2019 23:05:31
I can see that - yes, but at least it’s from football related activities not just the richest sugar daddy. I know how I may sound but I still have an issue with the sugar daddies and don’t feel that owners should pump fake money into the game. You telling me the value of the sponsorship money at city is real? They’ve lied about this to get round FFP no different to an athlete taking drugs. I’m off to have a glass of bubbly in my LV PJs. 😉

You are partly right but you could argue I’m a purist - let your club survive on what money it generates as a genuine business where people pay to see teams compete and billions are spent at bookies.

07 Jun 2019 02:28:43
Not sure if this post will get removed, but here goes. In my opinion, City and PSG are a direct result of an authoritarian regime with a history of human rights abuse trying to whitewash their image through sport. As we have abandoned ethics in the big money world of sport, that one doesn't seem to count for much. However what City in particular has been exposed as doing is no less than money laundering on a grand scale. Shell companies registered to empty offices receiving money for 'services' that then are passed on to the club for some other imaginary service.

However, money talks in football - the level of corruption at FIFA puts Mugabe to shame - and if they get done for anything it will almost certainly be dealt with on appeal.

07 Jun 2019 08:15:52
Great example -


The player apparently favours a move to Arsenal over signing for Pep Guardiola’s side.

However, City are the only interested club in England able to spend £25m now on a player who won’t join their first-team squad until the 2020/ 21 season.

That’s what steroids does for you as a club.

07 Jun 2019 09:15:43
Wire mate I am 100% in favour of anything that upholds people's human rights in every single country in the world and would welcome a boycott of the next world cup as Just a starting point in support of human rights.

No clubs finances would be unaffected if every penny in football or any other sport was totally free from human exploitation in anyway shape or form.
I'm in favour of making every penny in football free of human exploitation but it won't be just a city and PSG that lose thier power believe me we would be shocked if we knew how and at who's cost many many football sponsors made there money that they use sponsor our clubs.

07 Jun 2019 10:06:47
I stand to be corrected, but the main intention of FFP was to prevent clubs going bust by overspending, not to address the imbalance between poorer and wealthier clubs. Having said that, of course Man City have to abide by the same rules and if they have broken the rules, then they must be punished accordingly. Banning them from the Champions League would be an extremely harsh punishment. However, with the English Premier League having dominated and won both the Champions League and the Europa League, it wouldn't surprise me if Man City were banned.

In language that raver my comprehend: Some people live in Edmonton and drive a rusty old Subarua and earn minimum wage, whilst others live in Hadley Wood, drive a new Porsche and earn millions a year. The idea for both of them is not that they should earn and have the same, but they should both live within their means. So if raver lived within his meagre earnings, he could go on his annual holiday to Blackpool, but if Robbie, despite earning millions, had overspent then his annual trip to the Seychelles would have to be cancelled.

07 Jun 2019 11:16:40
I love the way you and Raver talk about yourself as the 3rd party RG which when all said and done is only correct :-) Maybe just you and Raver could go out on a foursome sometime:-)

07 Jun 2019 11:43:53
Do Arsenal not outbid QPR Chalton etc for young players who would get first team football at those clubs but may well never see the Arsenal first team SY?
What your talking about is inequality and that runs through every dimension of the football pyramid, always has always will.

It's strange how your the capitalist and I'm the socialist but we find our roles reversed in football to real life, for me personally it would be a very happy day when football inequality was the most important issue the world had to worry about mate, it's a game and although the sums have changed the nature of its food chain hasn't changed much at all really.

Football has always been like this, my home town football team who are and always have been non league once attracted 3 recent ex England internationals by giving one a pub to run another a newsagents and the other a sweetshop, I'm at that time all other clubs at thier level moaned about inequality in football too, like I say the sums have changed but the principles are pretty much as always.

07 Jun 2019 11:46:35
That would be interesting. Robbie and his ballerina Mrs, raver61 and his mum. McDonalds or Le Manoir? The rusty death trap Subaru or the gleaming chauffeur driven Rolls? Surely Mr and Mrs G62 would join us?

07 Jun 2019 13:43:14
I would love for me and the missus to meet up with you and Raver RG I'm sure it would an excellent evening and who knows maybe Poch and Toby could join us too :-) .
Seriously though I think a pint with me you and Raver would be an unforgettably enjoyable experience that would live long in the memory thar a for sure :-)

07 Jun 2019 13:48:08
Thank you 62 - interesting take and you are probably right. My thought process is all over the place because football is business and football. So, let me just say - I hope they throw the book at City for cheating.

This is why I love this site and the people posting. Nice one 62! Thanks for the civilised bar banter on my opinions.

07 Jun 2019 15:07:29
I enjoy swapping opinions and civilised honest debate too SY mate it is why we all joined here in the first place sutely and as for who's right about it all who knows mate? Anything almost all of the world's population agree on is right or wrong is then accepted as fact for us all to live by, Fredie Flintoff is one of a very tiny fraction of the world's population who actually think the world is flat but because 99.999% of us disagree its accept as the world is indeed round.
I don't think the football debate has been invented yet that could get an where close to the 99.9999% agreement needed to make it fact so we will continue to debate and share our opinions safe in the knowledge that there is no definitive answer as to who's right or wrong mate :-)

07 Jun 2019 15:14:32
G62 I agree with the premise of what you are saying, but there is a clear difference between a private entity whose history at the very least does not involve literally stoning people to death in 2018, and an entire authoritarian regime doing so.

But as I said, it's not really the crux of the argument. Ethics aside, the bigger concern for me from a legislative point of view is the money laundering. It is highly illegal with or without the context of football.

07 Jun 2019 16:24:44
Wire mate I would support absolutely anything that would make a real difference to people's lives where they are denied basic human rights of freedom to choose freedom of speech food water shelter medicine.
It truly can only happen with our consent which I know is uncomfortable for us to accept but if no one watched the next world cup on TV across the world FIFA would lose billions and never again support such a country.
If we and every other citizen in the western world demanded to know where our oil came from before buying fuel and refused to buy products from all countries with poor human rights records things would change big style mate, it's only with our compliance that these countries and individuals can have such wealth and power.
But will millions of Brits tune into the next world cup ? I'm pretty sure yes and I'll pretty sure also the UK will continue to sell Arms to countries you and me would think it totally immoral to do so to.
The problem is money corrupts and those with it will never surrender it willingly but ultimately all the power to allow or deny such immoral behaviour is with the world's people but unfortunately the vast majority of us not currently affected have no real emphusaam to do anything about it until it's us who are the ones suffering of course.
We are not yet ready as a species to evolve to such a level where life is far more important than money I'm afraid mate but very very slowly but surely we are getting there.



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