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17 May 2019 10:27:21
If the club even thinks about selling either of pea or lacca then they have no ambition at all, please thumb down me 😂.

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17 May 2019 10:53:02
Want and see what happens mate, it's the only way.
We are no different to most clubs and if an insane offer came in for either we'd have to consider it but who in reality is going to make an insane offer for them?
The only clubs in can think of who are financially capable are Barcelona Real City PSG United, I think United may have had enough of simply throwing money at their problems and the other 4 clubs are unlikely to settle for either of out 2 star players
The reality is at Arsenal both players are hugely important players but on the worldwide stage they are not mega attractions to the elite capable of offering crazy fees.

17 May 2019 13:14:25
Liverpool gave fine well by selling strong - we’ve not sold well or replaced well. That’s the difference - if we sold one of them for a lot of money and replaced with sensible strong additions then that’s different.
Sell Cesc - replaced by?
Sell Henry and RVP - replaced by
Give away Rambo, Gnarby.
we have to run the club better and we have to have a better structure from the board down. We are weak to the core of the club - no strong foundation to build on.

17 May 2019 16:34:42
That's true SY mate, the reason the media make up stories about Pea and Lacasette is because they are the two players Arsenal fans least want to lose, they mean an awful lot to us but to the footballing elite they are more aware of Laca and Pea than in awe of them.
I doubt very much that a club will emerge this summer with both the desire and funds in equal measure to cause us fans concern.

18 May 2019 03:25:07
62 mate, I think you really underestimate the quality this players has. Pea bettered Aguero’s goal scoring this season and he doesn’t have the midfield that can feed him well, as for Lacca he works tirelessly and great goal scorer which I believe or rather have faith in him that next season will even be better.
If you tell me would I rather have any of our two or Benzema or Suarez I will choose our two personally. I doubt any of what you call top strikers that only top teams come calling for can do any better playing at arsenal with the midfield we’ve got.

18 May 2019 09:14:30
Hi Moe fair enough mate, it's not my intention to put either Laca or Pea down only to put their world wide appeal unto perspective.
If you go through all the top attacking players from each county from A to Z do either of our 2 star players make the top 10? 20? 30?
Across the world there are lots and lots of quality players out there and all I'm saying is because we think our 2 are fantastic if might be possible not everyone feels as we do.
I know at first it seems outrageous to suggest our boys might not be in the top 20 or 30 Real and Barcelona attacking targets but once you start thinking about who else they can chose from at other clubs in all other countries then you realise that the competition for top 10 is absolutely emense and top 20 huge and top 30 pretty tough to get into.
I don't have a monopoly on being right about everything (I was wrong about something once :-) maybe there is truth in these stories but personally I doubt it very very much and I think unless either player really wants out they will both be at Arsenal next season without a lot of fuss.

18 May 2019 14:15:31
Pea scoring record speaks for it self I think, imo if our boys have the quality behind them they can be in the top 10 category. We are taking strikers as centre forwards
In the PL who would you take over them “ kane, Aguero” I’m not sure if you will call Mané or Salah strikers?

18 May 2019 15:30:43
Not sure what games you’ve been watching g62. And to answer your hypothetical question, yes, obviously yes. Not saying they’re world’s best but name 9 better strikers currently in world football, never mind 19 or 29 better. Everywhere they’ve been they’ve scored goals even in an Arsenal team where nobody else has really managed to do the same since RVP. Lacca also offers more than just goals.

Our attack is not our problem, contrarily we are blessed in that department for as long as we have those 2 and maybe if we sort out our defence or midfield people might start being able to see this.

18 May 2019 16:14:36
Well time will tell boys, let's see if Barcelona or Real actually come knocking this summer for real rather than Just in the tabloids imagination, obviously if that happens and the club recives actually bids then I will eat my words with extreme hummblness.
I used the words attacking players deliberately as to avoid debate Moe so yes I include Sarah and Sane and Sterling in those I think might POSSIBLY tempt Real Or Barcelona as Hazard obviously does and rather surprisingly Gareth Bale no longer does.

18 May 2019 16:32:54
Pea and Lacasette cost us 50 million so surely we would have to expect 75 million minimum before we would even consider an offer! Real Barcelona Liverpool City United PSG Juventus and possibly Bayern are the only clubs i can think of who would be able to pay that sort of money so in my opinion are the only threat to Pea or Lacasette Arsenal future which is what the debate is about, I'm sure all the clubs mentioned above will be active this summer and maybe who they opt to actually go for with a genuine enquiry or bid ( not paper talk) will settle this debate best.

18 May 2019 19:21:06
Real M got their striker already and they have hazard on the on the way too, as for Barcelona not sure who are their target but I have no doubt that lacca will be a steal for them. Also it doesn’t mean if Barcelona and real don’t come knocking means they don’t have the quality to play for them. They did a great job for us this season and with less quality god knows where we will be this season.

18 May 2019 19:56:40
Sorry Moe you've missed what I'm trying to say mate, I'm not slating Lacasette or Pea I'm merely saying I doubt very much we will receive a bid for them this summer from a club that can both afford them and wants them enough to pay 75m plus.
Sorry if I've explained myself badly, these two players are fantastic for us and we are lucky to have them i just doubt the rumours of Real Barcelona or any of the clubs I've mentioned coming in for them simply because they have a vast choice to choose from and I really don't think we need be concerned by the rumours for my reasons stated.



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