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06 May 2019 11:47:26
What an absolutely pathetic last 4 games, players and manger should be ashamed of themselves, no heart what so ever apart from a few players the rest don’t give to rubbishs for this club all the want is money, I follow a few on social media, and they are all smiles after losing a game, that gets me down.

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06 May 2019 12:22:25
I am sure it's been said, but 15 seconds of football perfectly summed up our season and team. Whatever changes are made during the summer, I can confidently state that if Miti and Xhaka are still members of our team next year, we will be in exactly the same position, or worse.

06 May 2019 12:38:47
As a team we just aren't set up for doing what's necessary to achieve consistent results.
Quality is a different issue.

You can have the best hand of cards at the table but if you play them badly the person with the weakest hand at the table can easily take your money.

Pep is used to playing with Picture cards and Aces but boy he plays them well
While Jurgen has a couple of Aces a few picture cards and some high ranking number cards but plays them brilliantly

Dick has a few picture cards some decent number cards and a few low raking number cards but is quite frequently out played by others with with a hand full of low raking number cards. How come?

Higher or lower than the Ace of ARSENES ?
Oh sorry Dick, you get nothing for a matching pair, NOT IN THIS GAME :-)

Nice to know you! To know you nice :-)
Can we have the next contestant please:-)

06 May 2019 14:22:14
Leno socratis torrera lacca and pea are the only ones I think should be safe the rest can go and should go.

06 May 2019 14:29:18
PEA can go too. How many chances has he blown this year? About to be 30 in the offseason, cash out on him while you still can.

06 May 2019 14:47:38
Over from the Liverpool page. I would only keep Leno and Torreira and that includes your manager who is not to the standard of where you guys should be. Only problem is your owners won’t spend big and make those wholesale changes needed and the lack of Champions League footie keeps you in the same predicament.

I feel your pain, we had Gillett and Hicks as owners and were only spared from that misery with them selling to our current owners. I grew up seeing Arsenal dominate the league and its sad to see you guys where you are and hope you get back to competing at the top level.

06 May 2019 15:08:29
To be fair Alonso mate your previous owners backed Rafa more than adequately in the transfer market but Rafa Just blew it like monopoly money to the extent you nearly failed to exist.
Our problem isn't just lack of financial investment although of course it makes it more difficult, we need to be getting more out of what we have and those we bring in, Svens signings apart our current player value has decreased yet again over the last season with Mustafi and Xhaka worth even less than before the season started.
Maybe if you are super successful you can get away with player devaluation because of the other financial benefits top success brings in but very few clubs can survive long spending money they don't have without success or players resale value increasing to offset the losses.
We need a manager who can improve us without breaking the bank, who wins everyone's trust by increasing players values before consider spending more than we bring in from profits.

06 May 2019 15:22:54
For me the following can stay

Özil - still got faith but only if deployed in correct set up. 3 4 1 2 otherwise sell him.
PEA - don’t think we can do much better
Iwobi or Mkhitaryan- one not both.

06 May 2019 16:05:12
Rafa Benitez was promised signings such as David Villa, David Silva who he had agreed personal terms with the players only for the owners to not back him with the funds to buy them and that’s a few to mention. He did spend money and bought some good players, Alonso and Torres to note but also admittedly wasted money on poor signings.

Benitez was not adequately back in comparison to the teams which were in and around us at the time. Rafa Benitez in his first three seasons was given no more than £27.5 Million to work with, it was only until his fourth season the owners gave him £70 Million and he went and brought in the likes of Mascherano and Torres and the following season we finished 2nd in the league, they should have went and backed him further instead the investment dwindled with the next two season seeing us spend £39 million. In addition to that the debt they put us in prior to are current owners taking over put us in a very bad financial position, which seems like a bad dream to where we are now.

Back to Arsenal I enjoy watching other teams play as I love football in general and have watched a large number of your games. I agree that you need to make the most of what you got but honestly the mentality of your players is a major issue. I am not saying spend money on marquee signings per say but on the right players with the right mentality willingly to fight for the shirt. All Arsenal fans believe you should be challenging for the title such is the stature of the club and for that you need a world class defender, which comes at a price you only have to look no further than us with Virgil Van Dyke.

06 May 2019 17:26:04
I agree with you Alonso mate but van the man was the finishing touch that brought the whole thing together not the core essence which Klopp had already put in place.
Jurgen brought the mentality first from day one, he gave 100% he demanded the same from not just every player but from every fan too, I remember him telling you fans " singing for 80 minutes is not enough it has to be for 94 or 95 minutes.
The man is tailor made for Liverpool football club, you had the ambition you had an eager fan base you had the tradition, it Just needed a man capable of waking it from its slumber who could utilise what he inherited to full advantage and identify and recruit what was missing.
Who was that Coutinho fellow you were all about before Jurgen :-) .

Our players are really not all as bad as Arsene and Emery have allowed them to appear, are they good enough to rival Liverpool and City? Nowhere near but get 76pts and champions league place this season? Yes I think they were if utilised motivated and organised properly.

Emery really doesn't look like he's got it in his locker to get the best out of a squad in my opinion, if Jurgen or Pep had joined Real last summer and were replaced by Emery would they have 90 plus points already this season? Extremely doubtful
I really don't think his ideas methods tactics and organisational and motivational skills are suited to a top of the table club but more of a midtable club with Europa league aspirations with players he can motivate to a certain level but no more.

06 May 2019 18:32:38
I'm not 100% sure it lays at the hands of Emery totally, I agree he has not covered himself in glory sine joining but the players must know that they are making mistakes game in game out. Letting them continue to do so without being dropped or made to worry about their place is down to the squad he has inherited, its basically appaling and needs a major overhall.

06 May 2019 20:58:01
Gunner62 I can’t even argue with your points, you are right especially with Emery accumulating 90+ points with Man City. Klopp did galvanise the club, fans and players, you need a manager in the same ilk to wake you guys up and return you to where you should be and that’s competing on all four fronts with the added bonus of being given a healthy budget to invest on the right players to take you there.

07 May 2019 09:01:43
It's been a long road for you boys Alonso mate getting back to the Shankly/ Paisley level has been a long long road but I think your well on your way with Jurgen.
I heard a Liverpool fan say after the Newcastle game " it's ridiculous how good both Liverpool and City have been this season and if City get 98 points and you get 97 points so be it " I totally 100% agree with her.
Runners up with 97 points? So what the history books won't call you champions and you won't get to parade a trophy around the City for a few hours but other than that? What a season! What a ride! How many brilliant, exciting, sitting on the edge of your seat moments have you boys had?
As Del said to Rodney " it wasn't the getting there, it was the journey that meant the most ".

In Jurgen you've found your Shanks now it's your to us to find our George/ Arsene all in one manager, United to find their next Fergie Chelsea their next Mourinho and Spurs to find? Well someone :-)



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