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28 Apr 2019 14:52:40
Our last 5 games recent form now looks crap with back to back to back defeats with horrific defending and selections from the Boss. He's tinkered with formations way way way to often while not listened to ha s own advice. Surely he should have a settled set up by now 😡.

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28 Apr 2019 15:54:01
I agree somewhat. But it's hard to have a settled setup, especially at the back, when the players in key positions are a disaster waiting to happen. Did you see the same body language from Lacca and Pea today? They looked decidedly unhappy.

28 Apr 2019 15:57:09
I don't think it matters weather we have 3 or 4 at the back when they are so poor at defending anyway. I do think a back 3 and having the wingbacks is better for us going forward though with the extra bodies in midfield.

Emery needs few windows to sort this mess of a defence out we need to replace Kos (way past his best now) , Mustafi (just a Libaility) and Sokratis (strong but not mobile enough and a card magnet also plus 30 now so not long term) for a start.

I think if we then stick with a back 3 we don't really need to replace Bellerin + Koslianic then as they are fine as wingbacks. But to do this we need 3 strong and mobile CB's to allow this. That should be the priority this coming window CB's rather than trying to replace Ramsey.

28 Apr 2019 16:58:16
Back into 6th ( currently) I can't be alone in being so disappointed in our last 3 results being honest a win and 2 draws should have been the outcome, I say that because of our recent results in Europe . I really expect more and I’m probably not alone.

28 Apr 2019 17:23:48
It’s been shocking, just chucked 12 points away at the wrong time.

I’ve no idea why we are regurgitating the same rubbish under a new manager.

Must be the refs, the wind, a dry pitch, injuries, mental strength, the grounds man, Lady Bracewell-Smith, Usmanov or Dein’s fault.

28 Apr 2019 18:00:29
Lol Stoner, it’s a mystery as to what’s happened and to bizarre to say the least.

28 Apr 2019 18:24:26
Sven brought in some very good players that on paper should have improved us but the reality is 12 months on under Arsenes first sucessor we are every bit as poor as we were when parted company with Arsene.
We can debate technicalities but performances and results are almost identical to everything we were unhappy about this time last season.

28 Apr 2019 19:41:16
To play 3 games letting in 3 in each is something that shows that the players are not good enough. Even badly coached teams would be expected to do better than that. Didn't see game, recorded it but won't be watching. How can you have 6 games where you keep 5 clean sheets and then play 3 and let in shed loads. Its not so much a coaching problem but an mentality in the club problem. Big big changes required this summer and a big summer for all concerned, the coach, the directors and the footballers. We also seem to have stopped scoring goals as well, why?

28 Apr 2019 19:49:41
Agree with everything explicit and implicit there Steve. As for the strikers lack of goals, the body language of our front two today was a little worrying. Lacca especially looks particularly disenchanted with what was going on around him. This summer will be huge for us in setting the tone of what we are about as a club, and the direction we are going in. I don't fancy the atmosphere on the terraces if it goes badly.

28 Apr 2019 19:53:12
Steve - question.

How does a manager say Mustafi should play in a back 4 as he gets exposed with pace only to play him in a back 4 against a counter attacking team like Leicester

Not an attack on you but wanted you know your thoughts?

How does the same manager drop Ozil for several games then make him captain?

I value your opinion - so interested how you see it.

I think a clueless manager makes decisions like that.

28 Apr 2019 19:59:30
Urban - Wenger inherited a great defence and strengthened midfield and attack to win a double in first season

Emery inherits a great attack and does nothing to improve weaknesses of your ear - I have zero sympathy for him. Emery is paid a lot of money to sort this crap out. We’ve strengthened our midfield, defence and attack but still it’s same old Arsenal and a manager bemoaning diving etc to the 4th official because he hasn’t done his job and looking for excuses ⏰⏰⏰⏰

It’s devisions like today that make me consider why he should be given another season as it’s just ridiculous how shambolic we were. Beaten by a goal kick . pathetic.

28 Apr 2019 20:00:09
Excusing Dick of any responsibility will not change his true situation, more and more people are asking more and more questions of our new manager and only what they see with their own eyes over a prolonged period will win back those who have lost confidence in him as the season has progressed.
We welcomed him with open arms when he arrived and wanted to think he would improve us by addressing our obvious weaknesses but sadly that hasn't proved to be the case, in fact the longer he goes on the worse it seems to be getting.
Should he have next season? Probably yes
Would I be outraged if he didn't get it? Unfortunately no I would think harsh but probably the to right decision at the end of the day.

28 Apr 2019 20:24:19
Difficult to argue with you Gunner - he’s been very disappointing and more so as the season has unfolded.
Nothing has changed since the disastrous defending pre-season. No lessons learned and nothing addressed.

28 Apr 2019 21:23:08
My human compassionate instincts tell me the man deserves another season, while my vulcan totally logical devoid of any human emotion side says " if he's shown no more aptitude for the defensive side of the game in the previous 12 months than Arsene did he's unlikely to develop them in the next 12 months and cutting our losses this summer would be wise ".
If there was a vote on it next week I'd need to think seriously about which way to vote.

28 Apr 2019 21:27:49
Steve you are literally clutching at any straw in relation to Emery.

I appreciate you didn’t watch the game but maybe you saw how Burnley defended against City.

As a well prepared unit, that’s how, with players no better than ours.

Emery has had months to drill our squad in the basics of how to defend, it doesn’t matter who plays we are woeful.

It just looks like you have no choice to back him after slating Wenger for years but if you can’t see how woeful he is then you really are kidding yourself mate.

We are a bigger embarrassment than we were last year and that takes some doing.

28 Apr 2019 21:45:30
When we lost the first game and conceded 3, it was obvious that our defence was the problem and we all rightly so blamed Mustafi and was said if soc and kos playing that would never happen they both played the next game and also shipped in 3 goals in the first half, now the boss got to try another idea drop kos and we got beaten by 3 again.
Is it our all CB that rubbish and all the med table teams have better CBs than us, I doubt it, its how they are coached and set to play the game.
Leicester usually are a counter attacking team but today they were all over us.

29 Apr 2019 08:58:55
It does suggest it's not 100% the personel that's the problem Moe and their are other contributing factors as to why we are so easy to score against.

29 Apr 2019 16:13:23
It's sharpies fault stoner.



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