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23 Apr 2019 10:41:25
We had a great 2 leg performance beating Napoli twice and Watford away - 3 clean sheets. We then lose to Palace and everyone jumps on the Emery hate bandwagon again! Everyone dropped points this weekend, let's put into perspective rather than our fan base's inflated view of ourselves.
All 3 goals were defensive mistakes - 2 set pieces and the standard Mustafi error. We have no other defenders to play in Mustafi's place! How can that be Emery's fault? Jenkinson and Elneny clearly aren't good enough - playing them agreed are mistakes. But at the same time - everyone knows that clubs have to deal with congested fixture lists to prevent injuries and keep the squad fresh (especially in Europa) . So changes have to be made. You play the same team every 3 days they will burn out! How is that not obvious? So players like Jenk and Eln are playing because we have no one else with current injures/ suspensions.
Emery hasn't had a chance to strengthen that defence he has been left with Mustafi, Monreal who's not a cb, Holding injured, an old Kos that's been out most of the season, Mov who is young and can't be judged yet, Chambers who has never been good enough and then Sok that hasn't had a consistent partner. Liverpool had a sh** defence until they spent well on 70mil on Virgil, 60 on Allison, Robertson and then a talent like Alex Arnold coming through the ranks. Dick doesn't have that! I don't get how we are supposed to drastically improve the defence with the same personnel.
You can dislike Emery that's fine, I don't but that's fine. But he doesn't get praise for playing well and then gets crucified after a loss. There are definitely faults within this team but I don't think many could have done a better job than him this year and we need to be more realistic with our expectations.

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23 Apr 2019 11:03:43
Really could not have put it better myself HN
We really need to give Unai a couple of transfer windows to really see if he is the real deal. Palace loss was disappointing but we are still in the mix for a champions league spot with two options. We are all entitled to our opinions and that what makes coming on here good whether be to agree, disagree or just having a rant to get it off your chest.

23 Apr 2019 11:30:32
We lost to everton with the same players especially with Geundouzi and Elneny in the MF they did nothing to protect the defence and nothing to support the attack.
Why not playing Torreira. Yes the goals were defensive errors but the team selection wasn’t good either which you have to admit and be realistic.
When we win we all praise the boss and the players for the tactics and performance but when we lose we just have to blame the past and players?
You play an inexperienced and weak defensive and an odd pairing MF against a quick and tricky forwards. Then you got what you deserved.
We are at stage where there is no room for experiments every and each point will count.
I like Emery and I want him to be a success at the club but that doesn’t mean you leave him off the hook with silly team selection if the players available on the bench then they are available to play. Yes we have a harder game against wolves but think one game at the time get your 3 points with your best players available then assess.
We all know that our team depth is nonexistent and that need to be addressed in the summer.
Anyways that’s behind now, let think Wolves now and get the best results possible and we have players back and others are rested.
Lets get behind the boss and the team give them the push they need. A win at wolves which is very hard game but that will give us a massive confidence for the remaining season.

23 Apr 2019 12:21:37
Hate Emery,

Wtf did I personally ever say that, I don’t hate the guy, I don’t rate him and your last sentence said so much.

He doesn’t get praise for playing well but gets crucified for a loss. Remind you of any previous manager.

Further to that I’m not slating him I’m pointing out that this season is a mirror of the last god knows how many.

It’s like people assume I want him to fail. 🙄.

23 Apr 2019 12:26:51
I’m guessing Sokratis and Torreira we’re making it weaker then too.

23 Apr 2019 12:59:48
I think that's the problem with discussion some people can't help but label other people who see things differently to them.
Haters? Why on earth would anyone hate Emery?
What vile crime against humanity did he commit for anyone anywhere on earth to hate him? Hate is an extremely strong word and accusation

Question him and his ability? Yup that's me but then again what has Emery done at Arsenal or anywhere else to beyond question doubt or criticism?
People question Pep so I'm sure Emery isn't so perfect that only those who physically hate him would question him.

23 Apr 2019 13:47:37
Jesus why have all of you only picked out on the word “hate” in the phrase hate bandwagon. It’s just a phrase to describe a large amount of the fan bases discontent with their manager’s performance.

I obviously didn’t mean that you all had an intense dislike for the guy and his personality! My god what a weird thing to pick up on because that wasn’t even slightly the sentiment of the post. I also didn’t aim this at anyone specifically yet you all seemed to have taken offense to an attempt at me offering another perspective. People seem to feel like they are being attacked on this page when that happens.

You’re missing the point that I only come on to defend him when he gets, in my opinion, unfairly besmirched. And I think this is what has happened after the Palace game. It’s not the people questioning his ability, it’s the people saying he 100% needs to go that makes no sense to me. I think he has earned more time, but again my personal view.

I’ve said he had his faults and yeah the team selection was strange – I don’t know why Torreira wasn’t playing but he has seemed out of favour recently. Sokratis was suspended so couldn’t play… So to reiterate we are playing every 3 days at the moment and so we have to have some rotation. We have a few injuries/ suspensions so people have had to fill in and because we lack depth it didn’t work out.

23 Apr 2019 14:09:42
I’m glad this site is anonymous because I often get torched on here. But its fine because none of you know who I am! Cough profile picture cough. Does anyone want some redbull – recently come into a butt load of it.

23 Apr 2019 14:38:02
To be fair Torreiras form has dropped in recent weeks, so i don't think he would have made a massive difference. Clearly needs a break, which is what he is getting, and should be ready for the final run in.

23 Apr 2019 14:42:05
Its your choice of wording that got you those responses mate. And no one is calling for him to leave, we are just stating and assessing the team selections and performances. And no one has insulted you in any way. We all have different opinions and we should respect it and have civilised discussions.
I don’t see anyone calling any others names. So chill buddy when you post you will have some people responding.
We all have something in common which what matter to us all and its the mighty arsenal.

23 Apr 2019 14:46:53
Stoners a lover not a fighter.

23 Apr 2019 16:05:45
Hi Henry as Moe says no one to my knowledge has called for Emery to be sacked and it would be crazy to sack him a year into the job especially considering we still have 2 decent bits at the champions league apple.
Our top 4 competing really does mask the reality of our freewheeling season that has been more hit and hope than brilliantly orchestrated, people are looking at performances and Dicks tactics methods and how he set us up and are saying " this is unsustainable false position that can't possibly last " so are concerned that almost a year into the job we look as fragile as ever defensively.
Were we really expecting too much for Arsenes successor to offer us more defensive credibility?

23 Apr 2019 16:39:39
Henry I’m disappointed fella, after feeling utterly let down by Wenger in his latter years I was hoping for something so much better.

Emery wasn’t my preferred option, not that I even knew he was an option and I understand any new manager needs time.

We for the first time in a long time got a DM and what appears to be a pretty good one but it hasn’t mattered whose played we’ve still be dreadful defensively and while we’ve got away with it during that 22 game run the season has been a massive version of Groundhog Day.

Every little thing I wanted to see the back of has been with us again this season and in my opinion comparing us to Wengers last season really is clutching at straws.

I so want us to improve in the most important area and I’m just not of the belief Emery will do that and with everything in our own hands up to the Everton game we’ve blown that.

He will get the summer and then we will really find out if we have the right man or not. I’m not calling for his head, aside from joking with Malaga I’ve just had enough of everything we’ve all had enough of.

23 Apr 2019 17:47:18
Gunner, crybaby, jelfy or Welshwhateverisname is, is always asking for him to be sacked. You know the guy who votes for himself and his posts to try and get a negative response.
Henry i agree with a lot of your post and its pretty much as it is really.

23 Apr 2019 18:31:05
Your right Steve but Welsh has his own reasons for what he posts and I'm not convinced they are in the interest of open honest opinion swapping or genuinely his true feelings much of the time, I think he mostly has a different agenda to other posters so I wasn't including him in my calculations.

23 Apr 2019 20:41:55
Ha ha, sorry i forgot about that gunner.

24 Apr 2019 09:01:36
Morning Henry - what went through your mind as you cut through the Spurs attack, midfield then defence to run the length of the pitch to score that lovely goal and did you feel sorry for Carragher when you lay him on his ass to turn the game against them?

I understand your frustration but remember - we booted out our best ever manage ( little to late to be fair ) and the fan base was pumped up for change and the weaknesses were obvious so Hope’s were high. posted loads of propaganda stuff about change, coaching, discipline etc etc

Stories leaked about how detailed Emery went into the entire squads weaknesses in the interview process and assuming he has a TV and prepared for his job - knew who sucked and what needed to change

We made the change early and signed players we’ve needed for years

Hopes were high - very high

He’s failed to live up to the expectation. Failed to address the obvious and made shocking decisions BUT we’ve not sad sack him after 1 season. Rather he needs to sort this mess out.

His last window was embarrassing to say the least

If Wenger was in charge and we put Chambers on loan while lacked cover, made poor decisions, lost stupid games, poor tactics, get caught out with a high line, poor marking and tracking back, underestimating opposition etc etc - what would you be saying.

We just want to improve and it seemed obvious and simple to make those changes yet we haven’t - hence the frustration at Emery but no Emery out calls from me yet.

24 Apr 2019 13:47:04
That's an excellent post and very fair summary of exactly how it was and is now, SY mate top marks there mate.



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