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19 Apr 2019 14:43:01
Hello ed001, I would like to know your latest opinion on Arsenal and the job Emery is doing so far. I know previously you weren't too impressed but what about now?

{Ed001's Note - nothing has changed. It is still a case of you look dreadful, give up way too many chances and are winning by luck far more than judgement. Luck will eventually run out. Even Emery is not lucky enough to keep it going forever.}

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19 Apr 2019 14:54:17
I’m playing devils advocate here but isn’t the sign of a good team to win when playing bad Ed?

{Ed001's Note - only if they have played well to earn the right to also win when playing poorly. Arsenal have not played well under Emery that I have seen. That is just a sign of luck. Whereas a team playing well makes other teams adjust their play and that is usually the reason for their performances to dip. But yes, it can be a sign of a good team. How many good teams over the years have been unable to defend? Very few.}

19 Apr 2019 15:10:43
Interesting. In terms of Liverpool I think this next 2 weeks will determine whether you win the league or not. But what about this Ed, if Liverpool don’t win a trophy this season, does Klopp deserve to be sacked?

{Ed001's Note - when he has made progress forward? Of course not. Just like Emery doesn't as, regardless of whether or not you are lucky or good, he has to have time to make the changes needed and prove which it is.}

19 Apr 2019 15:28:48
Only asked because he’s yet to win a trophy so I thought the Liverpool faithful may be fed up. Thanks Ed for your replies.

{Ed001's Note - any that can't see the progress being made do not deserve trophies anyway. Very welcome mate.}

19 Apr 2019 15:57:47
As a Liverpool fan I will answer about Klopp. If we end up with no trophies (hopefully not) , we would be disappointed surely. This season is an exception. Look at the points table, 85 points with 4 games to go. This tally is better than ' Invincibles' tally or any other team except maybe last year. This proves how much hard is to win the league. Last year we were unable to cross final hurdle in CL. This year we are already in Semis and can win 6th. I can see we are making a clear progress under Klopp. Players are entering into the peak of their career. We are going to get better. So Klopp has done much better than what anyone thought of.
P. S every pundits said City will win the league easily. Even you might have predicted that. Look at now where we are. Hopefully we win league 🤞.

19 Apr 2019 16:01:02
Win the league cup finish 10th and your a good manager because you've won something but finish runners up in the league with 90pts and runners up in champions league too and your not a good manager because you haven't won anything?
I've never understood this point of view myself.

19 Apr 2019 18:43:39
Emery is a brilliant coach. Well pleased with him in his first season for us. Looking forward to next season.

19 Apr 2019 21:27:15
With end of season reviews I feel not a lot of common sense is used either. If next season klopp had 3 season ending injuries like we've had to say allison, van dijk and firmino and finished outwith top 4 then would that be classed as a failure? Surely you have to look at what he's achieved on a consistent basis rather on 1 freak season where he's been seriously hampered by situations outwith his control. I feel position and qualification/ trophies are the main factors for judgement.

19 Apr 2019 22:54:30
Jury is still out on Emery for me - we get caught out too easily and not super impressed with his decision making. Napoli cut us open at times with ease but we won. We’ve been outplayed and seriously exposed at the back due to zero organisational skills or coaching from the sidelines. However there are greenshoots and its only season one. He doesn’t have a great pedigree and hasn’t shown me anything to say he’s exceptional or the right person. His first window was a disaster but he needs time. He’s got to earn his praise he doesn’t come with the job and that takes more than what I see at present. Fingers crossed because I want the boys to win and win big 👍.

19 Apr 2019 22:59:15
Top 4 or Europa league success will unquestionably mean a fantastic first season for Dick but it won't take away the fact that we have rode our luck in so many games, every team needs a bit of luck somewhere to achieve anything but it really has been incredible how many teams have failed to take so many chances we've presented them with on so many occasions throughout this season.



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