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20 Mar 2018 21:50:12
Out of interest if Southampton were to win the FA cup this season and avoid relegation should their fans consider they've had a good season?

By the same token if Arsenal were to win the europa league and finish 6th 13 points behind 4th place and 33 points behind the champions have we had a good season?

Interesting question because I think most saints Fans would say this season has been horrible fa cup or no fan cup but I think a lot of Arsenal fans would be prepared to forget about all the awful league performances and results and just relish in the winning of another trophy.

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21 Mar 2018 09:50:58
the objective of football is to win.

win a trophy at the end of a season is to me a successful season.

no one has the divine right to win anything, and I think fans are feeling too entitled these days. I love how everyone thinks its bants to say something funny but not take it when something is funny against you.

Arsenal fans having a meltdown on twitter and outside the emirates, like wenger has decided to ruin the club.

get allegri they shout or whoever else, yes I can understand the frustration, but trust me it does not turn around in a season, sometimes it takes a few years.

I was talking to a fan recently who said I want to enjoy the success Barcelona and marid have had, well we don't have either one of the key players those teams have, and you take away that key player from Madrid and Barcelona and xavi and iniesta or modric and kroos can pass all they want they will not get the result.

the landscape will change eventually until then while this season is not the way any of us hoped, i'm still optimistic, and I want to see it out, however bad it is, and any trophy for me seen with my own two eyes a real victory.

21 Mar 2018 10:37:33
So Larker mate, have you enjoyed this season? Has it been a good enjoyable season for you?
If not will it suddenly become one if we lift the europa league cup and if we don't will it be an awful season.
Will being out of top 4 contention despite still having 10 games to play and will it being mathematically impossible to win the title despite having those 10 games left not mater anymore if we lift the europa?
What about Burnley being our main competition with 10 games left rather than utd city and co?
Can a cup win really make all that disappear?
Will all suddenly be ok?

I agree the next manager will need time to get things back on track it's a really big job and as for becoming Barcelona or Real that's just silly talk but becoming competitive over 38 games again shouldn't be beyond a club like Arsenal, Liverpool and Spurs have both made huge strides towards becoming competive again in the last couple of seasons why can't we?

21 Mar 2018 21:03:44
Regardless of any trophy, the league tells you if you are progressing or not. That is the yardstick not winning a cup, that is just a good day out.

22 Mar 2018 07:44:52
If we were to win the EL and finish 6th of course it's a successful season. Trophies are the target. Arsenal will always be FA Cup winners in 2017, 2015 and 2014 and if we win the EL, we will be winners of it in 2018. Will anyone in 5 years time ever take seriously the fact that the toot qualified for the CL? We will have won 4 trophies in 5 seasons, whilst other clubs such as the Toot and Liverpool won't have won any. Did we get a trophy for finishing 2nd to PL winners Leicester or does anyone really remember it? Last season Man U win the League Cup and the EL, I can't off the top of my head recall the position they finished in the League. Who finished second to Chelsea last season escapes me, but I know Man U win the EL.

22 Mar 2018 08:43:25
It's the league that accounts for the majority of games each season RG mate and its the league that dictates your standing and competiveness in the game.
Is it really ok for a club like Arsenal to be a cup team only?
If so then it wouldn't matter if we were relegated as long as we won the fa cup each year.
38 league games v 5 fa cup matches! Is that really enough to keep the fans waiting more?
Judging by the empty seats at the Emirates lately obviously not.
People want to see Arsenal being competitive both in head to head games and over 38 league games with the other big clubs.
The league table never lies but as Wigan and Portsmouth fans will tell you the fa cup often misleads.
Season tickets at Arsenal are extortionate prices and suddenly become more expensive still if we accept a 5 game season when we are in competitive mode.
I wonder how long Klopp Poch Mourinho Conti and Pep would last with 6th place and a cup each year and everyone in football in total agreement that Liverpool Spurs United Chelsea or City were in steady decline?
My guess is not to long fa cup or no fan cup.

22 Mar 2018 16:29:32
I get it gunner, i'm not blind, but I can't be asked to over react. I am going to give it one more year, there has been a push to make some statements, we have ozil, and aubameyang, I don't rate mikhitaryan, our defense and gk is woeful and that balance is just not there.

I do not see the need to keep wilshere, its guys like him we pine for on sentiments that keeps the club where it is.

Ramsey is another who has one good game every 10 and is injured most year, and i'm sure he will thrive in another setup be it man utd or Chelsea or wherever.

GK has to be a priority, a CB has to be another, another season of lacazette and aubameyang fighting it out should be good for the squad, welbeck stays purely for numbers.

Ive no idea what the club are going to do, if dembele is an option we should go for him.

Santi and per and cech and ospina have to head out the door.

we have done well to let go of giroud and sanchez and get something back in return.

if there is to be serious change I would give it another 2 years before we see ourselves competing again, right now we just don't have the depth or balance to pull of a consistent league standing.

22 Mar 2018 19:38:28
It would be interesting to ask Wigan fans and manager if they would swap winning the fa cup for non relegation that year. What was/ is most important, winning the fa cup and having a great day out, or being able to stay in the prem. Yes they have won the fa cup but they are now a championship also ran and out of the prem and all of its financial clout and kudos.

{Ed033's Note - i remember that a few people on here thought it would be a good idea for Arsenal to finish just outside the top 4 so Arsenal could win the Europa League.

23 Mar 2018 08:46:26
I think most of us who thought missing out on top 4 would be a good thing thought it would force change to happen so be taking a step back to take 10 forward but unfortunately we've taken a step back but change hasn't come so we've continued to go backwards.
This decline has been coming for years and we have as a club manager and fans refused to accept it, we've been lucky that United got it wrong when replacing Fergie meaning United freed up a champions league spot that had previously already been spoken for, we were lucky that in 2016 season all the big boys had a season off and Spurs bottled it on the last day at Newcastle to allow us to grab second place 14 points behind Leicester.
Now all the big boys are back up and running and all but Chelsea are stronger than at any point in the last 5 years our refusal to accept what was plain to see and act accordingly has caught up with us and been fully exposed for all to see.
Are we finally ready for change now? Not quite :-) we're still thinking about whether we need to change or not;-)
Do we blame Arsene the players for where we are now or the board or ourselves?
A combination of all 4 in my opinion because we were in David Camerons words pretty much all in this together, the vast majority of fans plates and board members were happy to carry on as always under Arsene.



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