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13 Feb 2018 23:51:54
i don't want to burst your bubble, but tuchel drove mislinat from BVB. Arsenal wouldn't have his services if not for Tuchel upending a very successfull BVB relationship. The damage Tuchel did to BVB - along with their board is being felt to this day. He does seem like a great fit, but not in a million years fellow gooner.

14 Feb 2018 05:31:21
Yeah great point. How well's Tuchel done then, except for impressing you in a few games. The point with Allegri is, it's what could have been. Dybala, Cuadrado, Barzagli Matuidi missing and Bernadeschi (who was playing on the wing recently) in the middle of the park, all would have started that game. Good luck in your audition for Othello at the local theatre with a blindfold on holding a spoon

Attacking or possession? Or possession with attacking intent?

14 Feb 2018 10:26:51
The most perfect coach in my opinion who would surely have transformed Arsenal into a footballing super power, is Guardiola.

But guardiola is not available and i don't think he will ever coach Arsenal. Tuchel is the next best thing who players like gundogan and gotze think is even better than guardiola (both played under guardiola) .

What makes Tuchel exceptional is not just his intense match preparation but also his ability to improve players massively. Aubameyang finishing improved, mkhi had his best season under tuchel. I see a player like Iwobi, whose general play is good. He can dribble, run at defenders and his passing is decent but his shooting is the worst. What i am sure of is that if he played under Tuchel. his shooting would improve. That is what makes Tuchel special.

And for Allegri, i watched most serie A games. He was outplayed by Roma at home. Roma was denied a stone wall penalty and they missed so many chances towards the end. Juventus were really lucky. Napoli hammered them too though they won the game. His game is too risky, that is why he gets found out in the big games. He performs poorly against big teams that is my contention. I am sure he is not the right coach for Arsenal. He might win you the league but the champions league? Hell no and i think for Arsenal we need a coach who will win us the champions league because it is embarrassing that a big team like us never won the champions league.

There are other coaches who will suit Arsenal more. Sarri, nagelsmann, jardim of monaco but Allegri and simeone are not one of them.

14 Feb 2018 10:24:11
Your team? Alright Mr. Kroenke. I think you like the sound of your own voice slightly too much.

14 Feb 2018 10:49:24
What is it Pep said a few years back
" tipy tapy possession football is pointless if it doesn't achieve anything that has a positive end result "
Something like that anyway.

We all want Arsenal to play super sexy football that Arsene showed us was possible but equally we all want to compete again.
I'd take 3 or 4 years of George Graham 1 0 to the Arsenal approach if it brought back our competitive reputation again.

14 Feb 2018 16:30:30
Gunner62, possession football without vertical penetration is useless ( i am not sure if that is the correct term) . what i saying is we have regressed so much under wenger that some of us have starting hating the possession based football of wenger that we wouldn't mind playing ugly football so long as it wins as matches.

But the possession football of the likes of guardiola and tuchel is different from wenger's. Wenger's possession based football lacks discipline. When we lose the ball we don't try to get it back aggressively as opposed to teams like Manchester city. That is why wenger's possession based football will never work against mourinho because as soon as mourinho's teams get hold of the ball they easily cut us open.

Am not sure defensive football will take us anywhere but i respect anybody with a different opinion. We can all agree to disagree but we are all loyal fans.

14 Feb 2018 18:22:03
What a totally pointless post. Your post is not about fact but about your opinion. What has one game against toot got to do with the big picture. Tuchel for me would be a big disappointment and like has been said he fell out with mislintat, they didn't see eye to eye. So next.

14 Feb 2018 18:26:15
Plus if juve go out of the CL against toot it tells us nothing at all about alegri and neither does it if they go through. What on earth has one game got to do with us getting a mamager who hasn't won as much as the other. Your opinion is your opinion.

14 Feb 2018 18:27:18
Simeone or alegri for me but that's my opinion.

14 Feb 2018 23:49:49
Steve do you watch serie A because i do? I watch serie A almost every weekend and my impression of Allegri is not based on one game. He struggled against Napoli, roma and heck even Ac milan at the start of the season. The only big team they outplayed was inter milan. Even Lazio beat Juve on their own turf. I remember their games against napoli and roma, juve were outplayed. I couldn't believe what i was seeing, so my impression comes from that.

Allegri's team surrender too much possession and invite pressure which is never a good idea especially against big teams that are technically good.

Simeone is a great motivator but not a tactical revolutionary like guardiola. Arsenal need a coach like guardiola and the closest to him is tuchel (guardiola even suggested to Bayern that tuchel replaces him when he leaves by the way) .

There are probably more coaches who are good enough for us and who would be an upgrade on wenger. Even Allegri would be an upgrade on wenger am just not sure if he is the right coach for us. Sarri is a better option for me. His napoli team are beautiful to watch.

14 Feb 2018 23:51:43
Putting tuchel and pep in the same sentence, is like putting allardyce and maurinio, there is no comparison.

15 Feb 2018 00:36:05
Steve having a pop at someone posting about their opinion, replying with. opinion.

15 Feb 2018 02:46:43
13 if his opinion is tuchel or whomever fine, what is the point of highlighting a game against the toot to make a point. He knows some of us want alegri, i don't get it at all. Personally i want a manager who has actually won a major league or a major european trophy but that's only my opinion. If his choice is tuchel then champion that fact, don't try and dis peoples opinion of another manager, when neither might not actually end up at arsenal anyway.

15 Feb 2018 03:09:12
13 shall we judge tuchel in his next champions league game, for a comparison, oh no we cant, he got sacked. So it was a bit of a pointless post to say what he said. i'm sorry if it looked like a pop but it to me was pointless comparing managers like that anyway. It wasn't meant to be a pop, i just didn't see the reasoning.

15 Feb 2018 04:06:59
Punani, we can all have opinion on who arsenal want but for me we want someone who has actually steered a team to major trophy over a season. That is what we are lacking. It doesn't matter in big games if you get outplayed, it matters on days when you do get outplayed, you don't lose, that's what top coaches do and that's what makes you competative all season. I've watched juve, real, citeh, barca, etc play poorly and win. Why because of their make up. We don't t need someone to come and practice being a top manager, we need a winner. It has gone too far for that now. Fergies teams played great attacking football but he could also win ugly and when they didn't deserve it. The prem now has some clever managers and we need one.

15 Feb 2018 12:06:10
Hi Punani mate, of course your 100% right it's not possession football we've had enough of its Arsenes type possession football with no commitment passion work ethic.
I used to think Arsene was a breathe of beautiful fresh air after George all work very little play football but now it's gone full circle where it's all fun games and selfies at Arsenal with only the match day chores to spoil things, well that's how it seems sometimes anyway.
But yes the best team I've ever seen was Barcelona under Pep where gorgeous beautiful positive possession football was accompanied with tremendous effort work rate and desire to regain possession once it was lost.
The night they absolutely out played Man Utd in the champions league final for the first time I was blown away by how any side could be that brilliant against a team that had walked the English league by a mile that same season, I'd never ever seen a team so full of talent work so hard without the ball.
I remember after the game saying to my mate " I'm so glad that was United and not us playing them, because if they can do that to United whatever would they have done to us and any other English team at the time " :-)

15 Feb 2018 17:20:57
Yes gunner62,i remember that game in the final united were destroyed. I remember sir alex shaking and i kinda felt sorry for him because i could sense he was scared it might get worse. Pep guardiola's barcelona played the best football i have ever seen.

When he left barcelona, i wished he would come to us but when heard he was joining city, i was a bit scared because i know what a scary team he would build. He is a special coach.

Pochettino, guardiola, tuchel etc play a certain brand of possession based football called positional play. When they are attacking and defending, there is discpline to it. The likes of guardiola and tuchel also work on specific aspects of a players game like movements, how to receive the ball etc that is why they massively improve players. Mkhi and aubameyang under tuchel and many more players under pep. Have you noticed that both teams that won the last world cups had many players from teams coached by guardiola? It is not a coincidence it is just that he is that good.

Sorry for the long post but to conclude, wenger has been left behind by the new generation of coaches who do micro analysis. Just play your game will no longer cut it . Wenger is a revolutionary no doubt but times have changed. But i don't think Allegri or Simeone are the answers. They will stop us leaking so many goals but i don't think they will win us many trophies. Steve doesn't seem to watch serie A i do and i know how teams play trust me Allegri's juventus this season has really being outplayed by the the other big teams which shouldn't happen because Juventus are the richest team in Italy. What will happen when he comes to the premier league? How will he handle teams that have more money and can buy better players than us?

15 Feb 2018 20:46:03
Hi Punani
I don't watch Italian or any other European league football so I'm more than happy to accept your far greater knowledge of how things really are in Italy.
Champions league and premier league are my limit, well they were but I've seem to have developed an interest in the Europa league too now strangely:-)

16 Feb 2018 01:08:35
I can't agree with your last coment. Juventus you say are poor this year and are being outplayed. Well they are second in the league and are in the minimum going to finish second and probably win it. They are obviously winning games even when they are struggling. that's a good coach that can do that. The other teams you have mentioned, outplaying them are struggling to put results together. I struggle with your logic a bit but you do watch a lot of Italian football.

16 Feb 2018 20:52:52
Steve good coach or being lucky? Forget about this season, i remember last season they were outplayed by roma at home and roma were denied clear penalties. The standard of refereeing was shocking last season in Italy. I remember the match between Ac milan and juventus in the coppa italia and Ac milan were denied clear penalty, given an unfair red card and towards the end, juve were given a shocking penalty!

My biggest issue with juventus is that they start well in big games and drop off towards the second half which tells me it has something to do more with their game management. Remember the champions league final against real madrid? They were so tired in the second half and real took advantage.

In the big games Allegri's teams drop off in the second half which will be so costly in the premier league which is full of technically good teams. That is why i think we won't win the league under Allegri but we will probably do better under him the wenger. Allegri's biggest strengths are that he is a great motivator and demands a lot. Never leaves the touchline always barking instructions. Never seen wenger do that and i think that culture at Arsenal encourages mediocrity. Even if we concede 5 wenger won't make a substitution.

16 Feb 2018 23:10:41
Steve I’m certainly not a champion of tuchel, in fact I agree with your points entirely (for once haha)



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