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08 Jul 2017 23:49:35
Reports saying we are willing to sell sanchez to citeh for £80 mil. We don't sell our best player to a rival who finished above us for £180 mil. It isn't an option. We don't do it again ever. It would show a total lack of ambition and weakness. I also think there would be riots. We don't make that mistake again, ever. Never ever.

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09 Jul 2017 00:14:30
Wenger and Gazidis have said they won't sell Sanchez and Ox to a prem rival.

09 Jul 2017 01:52:49
Thanks Dags that has put my mind at rest. Must be the gutter press. It can't be true. I will sleep now.

09 Jul 2017 07:12:30
Lol Steve.

09 Jul 2017 09:11:05
Couldn’t agree more Steve, we must stop selling players to our rivals in the Prem. However as I have said before hopefully we will stop letting players contracts run down to the last year. This would give the club more leeway in the future.

09 Jul 2017 09:26:16
Personally for 180 million I'd sell Sanchez to Spurs if they were prepared to pay it.
180 million buys you Gareth Bale as a replacement while PSG or Bayerns 40 million buys you Di Maria?
Ok I know the 180 million is hypothetical but if City want to double the 40 million we can get elsewhere i'd take it and concentrate on using it to make us better rather spend my time worrying about City.

09 Jul 2017 10:52:47
Also, outside of EPL, who will pay 80m plus 350k per week wages? Either here or China.

We must start winning to keep world class players.

09 Jul 2017 11:03:54
Do we really let contracts run down without trying or do players have so much power now. If they can leave for free - then that adds more wages for them and more power!

We sort the power thing out by winning trophies so they want to sign for us! That's been a big issue. If we were champions - would Sanchez want to leave?

09 Jul 2017 11:19:58
Gunner remind me again, why would a garath bale come to a team that sells its best platers to its rivals to win the league, when he left one to go to one with ambition. And to one who wouldn't give you the sweat from their foreheads if they saw a rival dying of thirst in the gutter. He wouldn't and neither would any player who wants to win things.

09 Jul 2017 15:07:13

09 Jul 2017 17:06:15
Ok Steve Bale wouldn't want to join us but neither would anyone pay 180 million for Sanchez mate, hypothetical transfer fee from you hypothetical replacement from me :-)
If we want to talk reality then Sanchez will almost certainly leave and we will almost certainly struggle to find a replacement for him but one thing is for certain City's 80 million goes a lot further than PSG 40 million towards that replacement.

09 Jul 2017 17:07:50
I don't see us selling to a rival as liverpool don't seem too interested and everton have rooney now. he could move to a club above tho. city for example.

09 Jul 2017 18:55:45
I get your point Derby and don't disagree with it either, but either way don't worry about City anymore than they would worry about us, if they were looking to off load Ageuro which of course they aren't I'm sure they'd prefer our 100 million to Barcelona of Bayerns 50 million.
Of course we would all prefer to see Sanchez move abroad as our second choice but we shouldn't bite our noses off to spite our faces.

09 Jul 2017 19:01:13
Not sure we will want to take a 80m haircut either - not many clubs can afford such luxury. Probably just City and Chelsea can take that higher ground, another example of the unjust inequality due to their owners wealth rather than how well the club is run on / off the pitch.

09 Jul 2017 20:02:03
Ii personally think City are a very well run club and Chelsea seem to have joined the real world much more the last few seasons SY, would we feel the same if Usmanov got control not Arsenal I wonder?

09 Jul 2017 21:07:06
62 - where would city be without the unearned billion they spent?

09 Jul 2017 22:02:51
Where would Arsenal be if wed stayed at Woolwich SY? :-)
Its a silly argument simply because if the if the City owners had bought Arsenal instead of City we'd all be enjoying the fantastic players they funded and probably the titles that came with them.
Let's not belittle others let's just concentrate on us for a change.

09 Jul 2017 23:35:19
I agree gunner, let's concentrate on us and not sell sanchez at any price to a rival. That would be good for us. Lol.

09 Jul 2017 23:53:47
I think we are about to let sanchez go if we can get lemar done. and I won't mind that, of course I love sanchez but its got this far.



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