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11 Mar 2019 18:27:11
That guy who attacked grealish was truly moronic! His wife and toddler have had to move because of death threats, while that's in no way OK, what did he expect as an idiot (a harsher term would be more fitting) who wanted to attack someone unprovoked the reaction of millions of villa fans who must have similar morons to him in their ranks would be? hopefully they don't get caught up in it, people like that clearly don't think about the wider repercussions!

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11 Mar 2019 21:22:33
I afraid, there are absolute morons about, that's life. The good thing is they are few and far between. There should be a stiff punishment for these morons who racially abuse players and physically abuse players. They cannot be allowed to do this sort of thing. Shameful thugs that just should not be anywhere near a football pitch.

11 Mar 2019 21:23:21
It's a job to know how to stop this sort of behaviour along with racism and all the other stuff that is raising it's ugly head again.
We certainly can't repeat the mistakes of the past but we have to find an answer asap and not let things get even worse before we do anything.
Docking the clubs points could actually make things worse when opposing fans see it as an opportunity to infiltrate and mix in the home fans then run onto the pitch in order to get an opposing club points docked.
The only way to stop that would to ban ticket exchange but that would lead to lots of empty seats at almost all games which wouldn't be good either.
I don't know what the answer is but we have to find one and quickly.

11 Mar 2019 21:24:33
I don’t know the guys background or previous but assault is assault and it should be dealt with in the same way regards of who was assaulted, and the fact that he has been to court and sentenced to 14 weeks one day later is an absolute joke. If it was an unprovoked attack on the street to someone not as god like I doubt it would be dealt with one day later and 14 weeks for a single punch that caused no d bodily harm. But yes the guy is a moron.

11 Mar 2019 22:43:56
A mate of mines brother whacked a guy in the street and got 2 years, the guy on the receiving end had a bruised cheek, where does the 14 weeks come from.

11 Mar 2019 23:53:42
Sana, the scary thing is, he was already banned for life from football, so that worked, didn't it.

12 Mar 2019 01:16:51
Steve, Morons are ‘few and far between’? What workd do you live in? Haha, seriously though, I couldn’t agree mire with your posts on the matter! I had no idea that the guy was already banned for life either - that just further shows that more needs to be done because what ever the plan is now, it ain’t working!

12 Mar 2019 04:07:58
Ha ha tpg, i meant, in comparison to us normals.

12 Mar 2019 06:04:40
I read this earlier,

Perspective, Is a strange thing.

I heard today on the news that some errant football fan, who for reasons known only to himself, raced onto the pitch and gave the Aston Villa captain a slap round the head, for which he was sentenced to 14 weeks in prison, ordered to pay almost £400 in fines, made to apologise for delivering said slap and banned from live games for 10 years.

Suitable punishment I suppose for brightening up what would otherwise be 90 mins of boringly punting a bag of air around the pitch. playing a game that tends to breed violence of one sort or another.

Meanwhile In London today.

A 20 year old man appeared by video link in court accused of stabbing a young girl in the back while she was listening to music with some friends, his accomplice also appeared in court, a 16 year old (whose name can't be revealed because of his age) , He was ordered to appear before the Old Bailey tomorrow, both scheduled to appear before Crown Court in September, SEPTEMBER!

So these two guys are going to be sitting in their comfortable cells, 3 meals a day, TV, Papers, games console, gym, library, education if they want it, anything their hearts desire apart from a walk down the high street for a pint.

My point is,

There's this footballer (who suffered marginal abuse at the hands of an immature moron who probably only just manages to write his own name) who felt disgust and fear because he was abused (poor boy) , Gets swift justice and an apology.

Then there's this girl, I wonder if she felt disgust and fear when she realised she was going to die, as she felt her life's blood draining from her and everything going dark around her, the sound of her friends screaming fading to nothing.

I wonder if her friends will ever feel safe again, wondering if they are next.

We know her family will never be the same again, will they have the marginal comfort of receiving swift justice for the loss of their child, no,

They are probably expecting these two guys solicitors getting them out on bail so they can freely walk the streets acting as they usually do being regaled as 'Gangsta heros' among their peers and possibly even escaping justice.

It just makes me wonder, is our justice system so screwed that some footballer is more important than a young girls life.

Does my nut in.

12 Mar 2019 07:43:49
I must say, I have been very impressed with the way Jack handled the situation after he was attacked.

Not long ago he was left out of the Villa side because of his attitude problem. It now looks like he’s had some cracking advice and got his career back on track.

He has been absolutely outstanding this season and deserves an England call up.
He is the creative player this new England team is really crying out for in midfield.

I would absolutely love him to sign for Arsenal.

What’s your views on him as a player do any of you think he’s good enough for Arsenal?

I would absolutely dread it if he was to sign for Spurs.

12 Mar 2019 11:08:59
I agree stoner it's odd that this has been dealt with so quickly while other much more serious cases can take much longer and receive more lenient punishments, I would hope it's because there's absolutely no defending him, he was caught on camera, seen by millions and apprehended at the scene with thousands of witnesses, not just because it was high profile and dealt with differently to other cases to common folk.

12 Mar 2019 12:11:02
You’re right eden, all the evidence is right there in this case so a court case wouldn’t be protracted as a murder investigation is.

My guess is who ever wrote the article was more aggrieved in the sentencing that the offenders in the murder case would likely receive to that the moron got who ran on the pitch.

It’s good that the Court has sent a clear message to those going to games and hopefully the guy who pushed Smalling will get similar sentencing at Court.

People I assume are in essence, sick of the lenient manner in which much more serious incidents appear to be dealt with.



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