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11 Mar 2019 12:03:18
Just my take on our Penalty yesterday, which wasnt a game changer but still significant. There was contact at speed on the thigh, no question, then on the way down (both players falling because of the contact) fred pushes lacca. Now lacca is no diver, i can think of three times this season he has been fouled not gone down and not got anything, except a scewed cross or scewed shot because he was off balance because of the foul. Did lacca dive, no, no one is accussing him of that but maybe he has learned, if you get touched in the box, don't try to stop going down. There was contact, he did go down, fred never got the ball and fred tackled from behind. Just my take.

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11 Mar 2019 12:28:19
Spot on Steve. There is a slight nudge in the back to try and knock him off his stride.

11 Mar 2019 13:59:35
Would we be happy with the ref making exactly the same decision at the other end of the pitch to give United the chance to get a 1 1 draw or would we be calling the ref everything?
That's the true test that removes bias.
Personally I'd have been gutted and thought it was a very poor decision had it gone against us and cost us 2 points and equally I think so would you Steve.

11 Mar 2019 14:03:10
I agree about the nudge and about the contact, and I agree it wasn't a dive, but not enough for a pen for me. I'm biased though, former CB/ CDM so I'll usually be on the defender's side for these.

11 Mar 2019 14:10:37
Bit soft but i'd have been aggrieved if it went against us, Lacazette is an honest player who doesn't tend to go down easily. The same with Kimpembe last week, could have gone either way. Say Laca stays on his feet, doesn't get the penalty and we equalise, all of a sudden the arguement would be why didn't he go down even with the minimal contact.

11 Mar 2019 14:49:56
Scholes, it was "soft" i agree but we don't have hardness tests. Lol. I have no problem with a penalty for or against when a striker is in front of the defender who nudges or pushes a striker off balance. If a tackle is made in the box, it has to be clean and the defender must get the ball. If he doesn't he gives the ref a decision, that for me is when it could be a problem, are they then consistent? But on this "penalty" Fred got none of the ball and some of lacca, who i don't have down as a diver, and that not biased, i have screamed at the tv because in the past he hasn't gone down.

11 Mar 2019 15:04:31
I have just read Dermot Gallagher's opinion on the penalty which i respect, he thinks it wasnt. But he says that the thigh "touches" lacca. My problem there is, its opinion then as to how much pressure was applied to force the player over. If fred doesn't get a touch on the ball and the player he does, at what pressure or non pressure is it a penalty or not. The truth is it then is all down to differing opinion.

11 Mar 2019 15:10:59
Just hope nothing extremely similar decides Thursdays second leg or ultimately costing us a top 4 spot Steve as in football it's quite often the case what goes for you one day goes against you another, the trick is to try and see it consistently at both times good and bad.

11 Mar 2019 15:22:21
It's called the 'Neymar School of toughening up' Steve lol,

11 Mar 2019 15:41:23
Yes that's a good one Scholes.
Gunner, i'm sure in the next few weeks, we will benifit or not benifit from an iffy decision. i'm sure we will all be of a different opinion but one thing that won't change is. It won't matter a jot what we all think. Lol.

11 Mar 2019 16:52:55
True Steve very true:-)
The ref makes his decision whether it's right or wrong it is what it is, fortunately over a season iffy decisions tends to even themselves up for and against the trick is to remember the ones that went for you when inevitably others go against you from time to time.

11 Mar 2019 18:10:00
Well 62 mate, some bad decisions went against us last weekend, maybe its soft but for me the ref was in avery good position to know if its a dive or not. Same as steve I respect Gallaghers opinion and I wait every week to read them but for me it can be easy given as Fred’s arm is raised on lacca’s back as well.

11 Mar 2019 19:20:14
Like I say Moe if that decision was given to United and not us costing us a win I'd have been totally gutted, so I'd be pretty hypocritical to say it's ok for us but not against us.

11 Mar 2019 21:11:18
If it was anywhere else would it be a foul? I don’t care it’s 3 points lol.

11 Mar 2019 21:18:52
PEA done the same challenge on Pogba when they got a free keep outside the area yet that doesn’t get mentioned.

12 Mar 2019 01:22:35
Agree with Steve in the sense that Lacca didn’t dive I don’t think but I also agree with g62 that it wasn’t a penalty and i’d have been outraged if it happened against us - the two are not mutually exclusive you can just genuinely go down without diving and without it being an unfair tackle.

12 Mar 2019 08:25:45
62 I would be gutted and disappointed of our player for making a silly contract that can get you in trouble.

12 Mar 2019 09:27:26
Last week when we conceded a penalty I was more angry at Mostafi for doing a stupid block which was needless.



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