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01 Mar 2019 11:46:50
Big game tomorrow

The toot will be up for it. We need to be bang on form.

This is our biggest game in 2 years. A win I will be confident of a top 4 finish

I'm going for a 1-3 win.

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01 Mar 2019 12:26:54
Huge next 2 league games! Season defining, win both, have a strong grip on 4th, and be breathing down spurs neck, lose both drop down to 6th and have it all to do! Mental season, spurs have seemed to be getting results, while we have been pretty average, they beat dortmund 3 nil then could of gone within 3 points off the top instead after 2 more games if they lose to us they will be 12 points behind and only 1 ahead of us! Spurs doing what they do, I thought when it was labelled a 3 horse race spurs would finish 4th! 😂.

01 Mar 2019 12:41:36
Like it Eden :-)
Big tests both Spurs and United games can't offered to lose either really and losing both would be terrible both for morale and top 4 hopes.
Win both and Dick will have people eating out of the palm of his hand but if we get exposed badly at the back in either then he will need to put his tin hat on and bunker down for the onslaught that will surely follow.
The stakes are high for Ole Poch and Dick alike and there will be no hiding place for any of them should their team get done badly But the rewards will be brilliant for whoever delivers above and beyond fans expectancy levels.

01 Mar 2019 14:17:08
Even if we win this we're only 3/ 4 of the way through and anything can happen. These next two games are huge but I'm not getting my hopes up - we don't travel well to Spurs very often and United are putting together a good run. It's the hope that kills you!

01 Mar 2019 14:21:49
Wembley pitch always seems huge and lots of room isn't usually good news for us at the back, if only we could have a wembley size half to attack into and a tennis court size half to defend:-)

01 Mar 2019 14:57:01
A triangular shaped pitch and no changing ends?

01 Mar 2019 17:02:15
I'm likeing it mate, seems only right to me too :-)

01 Mar 2019 20:49:05
I think on the face of it they are important games and they are but win lose or draw, it won't be defining. But two positive results will send out a statement and bring spuds right back in the fight. They will be expecting a home win and anything less would be a mini crisis.

01 Mar 2019 22:15:02
I like it Steve :-) anything less than a win for Spurs would be a mini crises for but two defeats for us against Spurs and United wouldn't be defining :-)
Talk about positive spin :-) how Arsene could have done with you in his camp, not to mention the labour party Hilary Clinton and the remain campaign :-)

01 Mar 2019 23:46:31
Gunner, spuds were a few weeks ago in second and we were miles behind in 6th. Now we are into fourth and they expect to expand the gap again at home. If they dont, believe me, it will put them in crisis and in touch of us, utd and chelski, who were all way out of sight three weeks ago. They were challenging for the "title" after Saturday and a draw with utd and chelski having routine game, they will be in the mix for the top six trophy. that's a crisis after what they were aiming for.

02 Mar 2019 00:06:46
Steve have you been attending spinning classes :-)
When Ole took over United they were 8 points behind us and beaten Chelsea Spurs and Arsenal away from home while we've beaten Huddersfield away and Southampton and Bournemouth at home.
Take your pick positive or negative spin it's spin all the same and what happens tomorrow will say more in reality than what all the spin in the world can twist.

02 Mar 2019 07:11:39
Steve you’d go nuts if Wenger didn’t beat Spurs and United and I will be if this clown doesn’t!

He’s already on borrowed time.

02 Mar 2019 09:28:27
That's the thing Stoner, surely the bar is set where we fans set it regardless of the personality.
Leno or Cech we want the same job done regardless of who is in goal and to make excuses for one of the twos mistakes yet hold the other accountable isn't a balanced view but a personality competition.
Losing to both United and Spurs would have been defining under Arsene so the same has to be true of Richard too.

02 Mar 2019 10:03:23
Stoner, this is the really annoying thing. Not the double standards but the low standards people are happy to accept. We can’t defend because w are crap and no players. Papa, Mav and Licht plus Kos etc. Even if they are poor - surely a half decent coach who’s seen a game of football can install organisation and tactics and a defencive level above crap.

It’s shocking that people aren’t making a bigger deal of his lack of organisation, touchline communication, pressing, working as a unit.

At least players and commentators and fans are beginning to question Emery - not to sack him to to raise the expectation and question some of his dumb ass decisions

So what if we are in Four - it’s what we see for next season and after. How is he coaching the team, setting them up, how boring are they to watch, do we revert to basics of removing creativity to try but fail to sort the defence, do we actually know what our best set up is yet.

The bar can’t get much lower and still Emery is struggling to clear it and yet people are happy.

What has he done to imp over the defence? Our biggest weakness

What’s he done so our biggest weakness doesn’t get exposed in games by others charging forward?

His standing on the touchline - why doesn’t he do something. We gave him a wooh for high giving players in preseason ( load of crap ) . If he doesn’t or didn’t know our dteam fenc wnd midfield was broken then he shouldn’t have been hired.

If he doesn’t know Ozil who just signed a huge contract is our best player and needs the team building around him - why is the manager here?

Injuries - yes

Excuses for not coaching or getting people to coach the defence - that’s gross misconduct in most jobs.

02 Mar 2019 12:23:02
Ha ha gunner the king of spin is telling the apprentice. Lol. I am talking about spuds because we are playing them, i will get to utd later.

02 Mar 2019 13:21:43
Spot on SY. 👍🏼.



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