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22 Feb 2019 02:49:18
Hi Guys,

I would love to understand why there so much Xhaka hate, I really feel he’s great at what he does and he’s being criticised unfairly.

Your opinions, pls.


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22 Feb 2019 08:35:33
Personally I find it as baffling Trying to understand what you do see in him as it is for you to understand what 95% of fans and pundits don't see in him.

I've really tried to see what the other 5% see but no matter how much I watch him I just can't see what it is that you think is so good Sen mate.
To me he's not even Marmite because even marmite is 50/ 50, he's more like a salt sandwich, I just can't see the appeal at all.

22 Feb 2019 09:28:15
I think most people's opinion of Xhaka was formed when Wenger played him as our only DM. He lacks pace and isn't great at tackling, so he struggled badly. He also has 99% great distribution, but that 1% usually means he's put us in a very bad position.

However I think since Emery paired him and Torreira he's played like a new man, he's far less exposed now and when he plays we move the ball really well. Ultimately I think he has to work to improve his positioning and cut out the stupid mistakes but I think he's been quite good this season and it takes a while for opinions to change.

22 Feb 2019 14:32:30
Xhaka is no doubt a superb passer and plays with 110% passion. He can definitely dictate the play against teams who play deep, however he crumbles when he is put under pressure from opposition midfielders/ attackers (which is something a lot of the better teams do now in the prem) . He tends to be caught out in possession a lot, and considering how deep he drops to pick up the ball, dispossession can lead to goal scoring opportunities for the opposition. I personally don't feel like he's adapted to this in his 3 seasons so far, and therefore feel like he is a liability against the better, pressing teams. Seems like one of those players to me that would flourish in most leagues but unfortunately not the premier league.

22 Feb 2019 17:49:52
I stuck up for him as I though Wenger let him down by playing him out of position. We miss him when he doesn’t play as we have no creativity or organisational plan. But to be fair, he just doesn’t think quick enough for EPL. I have to say I was wrong and agree with what Steve was saying about him years ago. I stuck up for him and will do no more. He’s probably our best option at present but we need to upgrade. Hence w miss him but he’s not the answer. Think that’s probably why Emery sticks with him.
I am more concerned that he picks Iwobi over Ozil or others over Rambo and Ozil leaving us threadbare of creativity and no more cover in defence.

23 Feb 2019 05:10:25
sen i would be interested to know what you regard as "hes great at what he does" his tackling and positioning is really poor and has often left us in trouble and has caused him problems through out his career with regular red cards and as a deep midfielder is an essential atribute whether you regard that as out of position is a debate, but its where he's been deployed the most in his career. his passing is also overrated his percentages are bulked up by frequent sideways passes and he often makes lazy misplaced passes that once again leave us in trouble, he's made 7 errors leading to goals in the league since he's been here the most of our players, he's an absolute liability.

23 Feb 2019 09:02:58
He's a salt sarnie Eden but strangely some people enjoy him, It's bizarre how some people really rate a player while the majority struggle to see anything in them at all.
I genuinely rated Emile Heskey and always thought England played betrer as a team with him than without him but nearly all my mates moaned when he was selected, Emile yes but Xhaka I'm struggling with, and I've tried hard to see what is good about him too.

23 Feb 2019 15:04:23
Heskey strikes me as a bit like giroud, players loved playing with him, because he was unselfish and worked hard for the team. But rarely did anything eye catching to excite fans and when your a striker who doesn't score goals that's all that stands out to fans. maybe a bit harsh on giroud, remember that scorpion kick!? 😊.

24 Feb 2019 04:24:14
He passes sideways consistently as though he cares more about stats than winning, and at least one every game he will give the ball away in a daft position gifting the opposition a very good chance on goal. That, added to the fact that he brings the team nothing more than an extra body, make his repeated selection utterly baffling.



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