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19 Feb 2019 09:06:24
Spurs don't pay very top wages but don't seem to have much trouble retaining players or have players running down their contracts.

Under Poch they have become top 4 or even top 3 regulars without spending huge sums of money.

How are they doing it? And what can we learn from them.

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19 Feb 2019 10:22:34
I agree, I said the same thing to a Spuds mate, they don’t go mad yet have a very capable squad

Scouting system?

19 Feb 2019 10:23:57
I think the simple answer would be to find the right manager.

As Sharpie said on the chat last week, someone like Naglesmann and Mislintat working together would have been ideal.

Every manager is a gamble but why pick one with so much against him. It’s like clubs who keep employing people like Mark Hughes, why the feck would you.

I know it’s considered to be to soon to be saying Emery is not good enough but if he at least showed some signs of improvement I’d be right behind him.

The likes of Torriera and Guendouzi where down to Mislintat not Emery and they are the only positives I see.

19 Feb 2019 11:05:16
Obviously they are getting it right on and off the pitch so must have the right people in place doing what they are good at.
I think the scouting system is an absolute must if you want to bridge the wealth gap, a bloke with £100 to spend on an outfit can look every inch as good as a bloke with £1000 to spend if he shops around and does it well.
We have played our cards badly and and it looks like we are still doing so if losing Sven is anything to go by, his signings were our best signings for many many years.

The Spurs model works extremely well and we could and should learn from what they've got right and where we haven't.
I know people will point out " what has Poch and Spurs won? " but that's just trible denial when you look at the Spurs squad and how much they've spent in fees and how much they don't spend in wages and compared against our squad our spending and our wage bill it's unquestionable they are running they're club squad team finances much much better than we are.

19 Feb 2019 11:11:58
Yes Emery had avery successful spill at the Europa League but what else did he do? Did he manage to put pressure on Barcelona and Madrid? No, ok they by far had the better teams. On his PSG spill what did he achieved? He didn’t even win the league unti he had Mbappe and Neymar at his disposal and didn’t do much in the champion league.
I wish he can turn it around and prove most o fus wrong even if I had to hear it from RG “I told you so”.

19 Feb 2019 11:16:01
A few reasons stand out to me.
- Levy runs a tight ship and extracts the maximum possible value for their players when they're sold, consistently allowing for good signings
- They scout well and typically buy well, picking players that fit a system and letting youth fill in when the right player is not available
- They have a good manager and some seriously good players

THAT SAID they still have not won a single thing and unless they manage to do so at some point, I would not consider them much different from Wenger's annual top 4 finishes from 2006-2014 without anything to show for it. That is, admirable, especially given the financial constraints, but ultimately just nearly-men. And I say that as a Wenger fan.

19 Feb 2019 11:26:27
We all want him to come good Moe mate and we would all be delighted to put our hands up and say we were wrong about Dick but we are all just calling it as it is right now after 8 months rather than looking at it with what could possibly be if he came good.
The fact is so far is we haven't improved an inch but we the hope remains we might in the next 12 months, you wouldn't want to pitch Dicks case on Dragon's Den would you:-)

19 Feb 2019 13:18:35
I think the thing that separates Spurs now and us then Wire mate is ambition to be the best, Spurs United City Chelsea Liverpool either do now or once did see 4th place as a stepping stone to ultimately challenging for premier league and champions league titles while they're was undoubtedly a 4th place sense of achievement and satisfaction that ran through Arsenal from top to bottom.
We sat in our ivory tower with a sense of suprioty telling everyone we were the most consistent qualifiers for champions league football without a thought of or the ambition to truly kick on and challenge for the premier league or champions league titles themselves in reality .
The Hare and the Tortuous comes to mind.
We need to accept our mistakes learn from them and be prepared to learn from others who we once considered ourselves superior too if we are ever going to find our way back again.
Acceptance of what is and why it is that way now mixed with true Ambition to be all we can be very best there is again is the only way in my opinion.

19 Feb 2019 13:42:50
Not sure I agree there g62. I think we all believed 4th was a stepping stone, even Wenger who oversaw the whole thing wanted to win every game and carefully put together his plan to suit. We just never managed to convert the stepping stone into silverware. Every time we got close we'd screw it up. Don't forget there were several seasons where we were absolutely title contenders before inevitably falling apart in the business end of the season.

Spurs as of yet have done exactly the same every step of the way even down to the stadium build - the reason it feels different for them is because they went from bouncing around the top 4-8 to the top 3-4 and we went from top 1-2 to top 3-4.

19 Feb 2019 13:51:49
I think the important thing is the players buying into a manager as they have at City and Liverpool.

We purchased Leno and started the season with Cech who under the system of playing out from the back was woeful so right out of the blocks are defence appeared to be literally cacking themselves.

Yes we then went unbeaten but watching us was like playing Russian roulette. It could go pear shaped at any 2nd.

So we never built any real belief in ourselves and appear as frail mentally as ever.

We are not coming close to the best we can be and you need the right man to instill that and build belief.

We currently look like we could get beat by anyone.

19 Feb 2019 15:47:27
To me like Arsene Dick is an idealist and inflexible in this philosophy, he doesn't want to adapt to get the most out of the players he has at his disposal he wants the players to adapt to his ideals regardless of their ability to do so.
If you take our bizarre run of games never going into the interval in the lead and almost constantly having to come from behind in the second half to rescue games, for most managers that signal a fault that needed correcting but for Dick like Arsene did before he just stuck to his principles and his confidence in them.
In football like life you have to sometimes adapt and bend your ideal way of doing things according to the situation you face at that time if you want to get the most out of any given situation at that particular time.

19 Feb 2019 23:43:50
Gunner you can definitely go out in 100 pound gear and look better than someone who's spent a grand, the raver does it ever week and is like benny hill in reverse in the nightclubs they are all running after me mate😎.

20 Feb 2019 09:57:20
Raver, I had you in mind when I wrote it mate :-)
It's not everyone who can make tank tops bell bottoms and high waistbands look cool in 2019 mate :-)



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