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15 Feb 2019 22:42:05
Ed001, what do you think of the Ozil situation?

{Ed001's Note - I just don't see the point in leaving the most creative player in Europe sat on the sidelines. You have to make use of the best players you have and he is the best you have.}

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16 Feb 2019 07:49:11
Ditto ED, and the amount we are paying him, I don’t get it.

{Ed001's Note - I find it bizarre. Emery has nothing to lose by including him. If the team loses, Ozil gets the blame, if the team wins Ozil gets none of the credit, so why exclude him?}

16 Feb 2019 08:48:24
If we were playing well and looking solid at the back without Mesut then who could question Emery stance on Ozil or anyone else, but unfortunately we neither look solid or effective with our top earner either on the bench or left out completely.
Big brave decisions and leaving out top players are only good decisions if they pay off and the team is betrer without them.

{Ed001's Note - exactly mate. But my point on the blame thing was that he would not be the one being questioned when the team loses if Ozil was there. We all know the media love to witch hunt him and it would all be blamed on Ozil. So Emery then gets a pass on the bad performances because he is 'stuck with' Ozil and has to use him.}

16 Feb 2019 09:15:25
The thing is Ed001 every man and his dog knows that Mesut is a class act that Arsenal have never fully capitalised on having.
If you buy a player like Ozil then you have utilise him by playing a system that suits him not trying to turn a top creative player into a work horse.
We bought Mesut for a club record fee then Arsene stuck him out on the wing because he didn't want to move other players already at the club to accommodate our record signing we then paid him an absolute fortune in wages not to leave only for Dick to stick him in his own front room to sit and watch Xhaka on telly.
If any club in history has ever been guilty of mismanagement of a player then Arsenal's mismanagement with Mesut Ozil is right up there with the worst of them.

{Ed001's Note - it is not just Arsenal who have done so to be fair. Look at the Germans, he creates the most chances of the entire World Cup, yet they racially abuse him to the point where he doesn't want to play for his country any more. It is bizarre. One of the best players in the world, yet no one is willing to try and make an effort to keep him happy and figure out how to get the most out of him.}

16 Feb 2019 11:10:37
That’s what’s so annoying Ed. Put Ozil in the hole with quality in attack, a runner from deep and a defensive unit to ensure he doesn’t waste energy defending.

Torriera and Doucouré in the middle of midfield

3 proper centrehalves

2 hard working wingers like Bellerin and Kola to give width, pace etc

Se3ms so obvious when you see week in week out us getting exposed while having no real creativity - it’s a win win for Emery

Like at PSG - he doesn’t know how to handle big names or organise a team.

{Ed001's Note - it was the same at Sevilla, he kept falling out with their best players too. Fine when wins are coming, but as soon as things go wrong it causes fractures in the team.}

16 Feb 2019 12:01:50
The longer Dick pursues his current path on Mesut the defence and tactics and methods without clear and obvious improvement then the more people will question him and his methods
Nothing is any different now than it was this time last season or the season before that.
After 8 months it's not unreasonable to expect some kind of positive signs somewhere that people can get behind?
For a decade Arsene told us don't worry about what you see with your own eyes just be patient, I know what I'm doing, Arsene had the track record at Arsenal so people gave him time, gladly
Sorry Dick but I doubt that same approach will work long for you, your going to have to actually give us something we can see for ourselves if you want to be around long.

16 Feb 2019 13:24:05
Thanks Ed, I totally agree, I’m not trying to be negative but I am really not impressed with Unai Emery.

{Ed001's Note - he did seem an odd choice but he might surprise us all yet.}

16 Feb 2019 13:36:16
On Germanys opening world cup game Mesut was by far their best player but he's dropped for the next match because the media had already fueld the fans against Mesut before the world cup and Lowe bottled it.
Mesut needs a manager who actually both totally rates him and who isn't frightened of the media or fans and trusts his own judgement and Ozls ability to have the last laugh.

Because of Mesuts ethnic origin he is a very easy target for the media to get lots and lots of milage out of among the easy manipulated fans who aren't difficult to stir up into a frenzy of hate, it's the same with Rahwen Stirling in this county now he is the presses new play thing to destroy for their own ends without a first let alone second thought of morality about them.
Whoever first said " The press only put you on a pedestal so they can knock you down again " was spot on and there seems no limits to what some journalists and some papers won't sink to for what? Tomorrow's chip paper with the only lasting effect being on there victims long after the hits have dried up.



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