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05 Feb 2019 21:52:51
Not that it matters but just read a very good article that states and proves Dicks first 24 games in his first season for arsenal are better than maureen, poch and klopp. They didn't start very well then did they? Still hope then! Lol.

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05 Feb 2019 22:26:14
Personally I think the fact the article is relevant says more about what Dick hasn't achieved so far than what he has so far.
It's where we are this time next year that will say most because those 3 managers the article is comparing Dick to all achieved champions league football in thier second season, plus 2 of them got to Europa league finals in year one and if Dick emulates that bit he will get real breathing space.

05 Feb 2019 22:31:58
Cant argue with that at all.

06 Feb 2019 07:49:45
Emery has done a fine job after taking over a team in decline and with one of the weakest Arsenal squads in recent memory. With a limited budget he brought in 5 players, of which two have been excellent signings, two are decent signings, whilst one hasn't been great, but was acquired on a free for one season.
Emery has had to contend with 3 season ending injuries to a numerically challenged squad, whilst integrating the new players and methods.

The team are currently 3 points behind 4th placed Chelsea, who are away to Man City, whilst Arsenal play bottom placed Huddersfield.
The January dea for Denis Sanchez may prove in time to be a bargain. The decision not to renew Wilshere's contract was spot on, and he had the courage not to renew Ramsey's deal, as that would have committed us to another player on absurdly high wages.

In addition he decided to send Nelson on loan to gain valuable playing time and now Smith-Rowe has also been loaned out, If reports are correct he wants a new CB and LB in the summer, whilst reports today indicate that Mustafi will be sold in the summer. With limited funds he has done a fine job and I believe as he forms his own squad and moves out players he inherited that are simply not good enough, we will see progress. WE just have to be patient and support him.

06 Feb 2019 11:59:51
No wonder we got rid of Sven, Dick was having to do Svens job and his own :-)
Hopefully Svens replacement will pull his weight and leave Dick free to organise our defence:-)

06 Feb 2019 12:23:25
RG61 - you saw Ed’s note that the summer signings had nothing to do with Emery. So I can’t blame him for Lich. His window was the winter window. Just wanted to ensure we weren’t praising or blaming him fir the signings 😉.

06 Feb 2019 13:35:16
RG isn't a huge fan of letting the facts get in the way of what he choses to think SY :-)
For RG his opinion trumps any fact you can throw at him :-) .

We can all say what we want about RG but I still think he'd be a brilliant DM for us, his share tenacity and determination not to be beaten regardless of anything would be a major asset.
Long after the goal had been given triple checked by VAR and the match restarted RG would still be trying to not accept the opposition had scored.

06 Feb 2019 15:23:13
I am, of course entitled to my opinion and that is the fact that Emery managed both Guendouzi and Suarez, so I imagine his opinion and possibly his assistance would have definitely have come into the equation. I cannot recall Ed's comments on last summer's signings and do not wish to undermine any of the Ed's. However, I do not believe for one moment that Emery is not involved in the process of players that are signed during his management of the team, even if it is just the simple task of giving his approval to potential signings, although my instinct tells me he would be more involved.
G62 - you appear to have a serious problem understanding my posts and have an idiotic concept that I do not wish to be beaten. I am not opposed to changing an opinion, if presented with a sensible well written argument or an idea that makes sense. Today I read that Ian Wright has suggested playing Mustafi at RB and, although it may not work, I thought it was a sensible, thought out suggestion, as Lichtsteiner and Jenkinson are simply not good enough. I suggest that instead of trying to get one on me, as some people that make comments in such regard, you concentrate on making serious, intelleigent comments. If you do not agree with any of my comments then explain why. Do you seriously think there was no input from Emery on any of the 6 signings made during his reign at the club? He may nit have scouted the players or been involved in the negotiations and may have been a simple do you want him or not? Interestingly reports indicate that Emery put an end to offering Ramsey a new deal as he felt the funds could be invested better. That doesn't sound like a manager that is bypassed.

06 Feb 2019 18:12:43
Well said rg.

06 Feb 2019 18:21:00
RG, what funny is your info comes from “reports” and they are from the sun or daily mail at best. Your constant and repeatative post are far away from fact and as you are entitled to your opinion you should accept other poster.
And Emery did not manage Gouendouzi at PSG so he had nothing to do with him.

06 Feb 2019 19:18:31
RG the Eds told us long ago that Arsenal were going to appoint a coach not a manager as we know it in this country, responsible for picking and training the team but not buying new players, a new back room team were brought in to identify and sign new players that would be bought for the coach not chosen by the coach.
This is a system Dick has been used to because it's the norm through out European football and has been for years.
Ed001 once again told us yesterday that Dick did not chose any of our summer signings, not even litch.

I know it doesn't suit you to accept this information but Dick and Guendouzi were not together at the same time at PSG.
I know it's tough for you to hear what you don't want to be true but there you have it, you can continue to post what only you actually think is true that is up to you but don't expect too many people to agree with your single minded view no matter how many times you agree with yourself my old thumb :-)

06 Feb 2019 19:19:08
Hi Craig :-)



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