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05 Feb 2019 12:47:57
I wonder if the £40m only for summer transfers is a ruse, or a reflection of our fiscal paucity. If true, it shows a serious lack of ambition, and puts us out of contention for CL football for the foreseeable future. Sixth place is the new fourth. if that.

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05 Feb 2019 15:44:34
The truth is, we will spend what we have, we have spent plenty in the past and not well and we are now paying for a poor transfer policy. I doubt the club will broadcast what it is going to spend, it may end up spending less or more, that will depend on other factors. We are the 3rd highest net spenders in the league, what goodd has that done us anyway.

05 Feb 2019 15:45:14
I think we all have to wait and see Urban mate last year it was well publicised we only had 50 million but we spent over 70 million.
It's obvious we are not super flush or at our best financially but that doesn't have to be a barrier to progress, if we spent another 70 million this summer and got the same value for money then it would make a huge difference to our squad strength, only problem is no Sven this time :- (.

05 Feb 2019 16:09:57
Plus you have factor in, we have "new" signings, chambers, bielik, smith rowe and nelson. If one of them is first team material, it will be helpful.

05 Feb 2019 18:50:59
True Steve and sometimes when your forced into giving players a chance it pays off as it did with Le Coq when next to Caz and Rob Holding was looking ok this when he got his chance through injury before his own injury.

05 Feb 2019 19:11:34
Im actually looking forward to seeing holding, nelson, bielik and chambers next year, i think one or two of them could be very good.

05 Feb 2019 20:04:13
All good points. I've had my sour p****d off hat on today. a good dose of realistic optimism is what needed. Cheers guys. :)

05 Feb 2019 20:17:58
We all get like that sometimes Urban mate and others can help change our mood.
Take me I was very happily enjoying this first season under Dick until Sharpie made me realise that in reality absolutely nothing had improved with Dick taking over, suddenly I realised Sharpie was spot on 100% correct and I wasn't happy at all, now I'm no longer enjoying this season, I've woken up smelled the coffee and am every bit as discontent miserable and fed up with Dick as was with Arsene.
Cheers for that Sharpie, your are pal :-)

06 Feb 2019 05:54:22
Win, lose or draw we will all still be behind them Urban whether we like it or not :)

06 Feb 2019 12:11:38
Everyone is always blaming the Sharpie!

06 Feb 2019 12:21:30
G62, sometimes when you read negative comments you need to do the metaphorical equivalent of putting your fingers in your ears whilst shouting lalala can't hear you. works wonders. Also works physically. i do it everyday when the news comes on. but perhaps don't do it if you have a job such as a pilot though.

06 Feb 2019 20:17:47
I know your right Epping mate and I do avoid the tv news if I possibly can and never read newspapers or any online news from any quater, it's just Sharpie I can't ignore, ever since we agreed on a Alice and Villanelle, especially Villanelle I'm struggling to find fault with the blokes opinions. :-)
I'm starting a mindfulness corse in a couple of weeks time so hopefully that will help me ignore him in the future :-)



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