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05 Feb 2019 08:28:45
Have we slipped into a parallel universe?
Steve is complaining about other posters being negative and doing nothing but moan about the manager :-)
Steve when it comes to moaning about the Arsenal manager I think you are still well in credit mate :-)
That is funny :-)

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05 Feb 2019 15:38:05
Gunner, i try and post one positive post a year.

05 Feb 2019 18:32:54
Steve I had to laugh when I read it mate, it was like me complaining about how often people post, the length of thier posts or their spelling and grammar :-) .
The irony wasn't ĺost on me mate :-)

05 Feb 2019 19:05:11
I like a good moan gunner but to moan on everything arsenal is boring. At least i can say, i have moved on and i am in the process of looking forward to a newly powered outcome, Come what may. And by the way, i'm sure people found me boring, once i had done with wenger and wanted him gone. I still think he stayed two years too long at least. I can actually look at us now without any frustration against the manager, for now. That doesn't mean he is doing everything right but he is doing it his way. I will assess in may and again next may. The guy hasn't failed yet. Maybe we can have another lucky 22 game unbeaten run. Solskear has turned utd around when he came in, dick was lucky in his 22 game unbeaten run. Its all in the way you look at it. But what matters ultimately, what you have or haven't achieved at the end.

05 Feb 2019 20:04:39
It's all about respect Steve and we don't have to agree with each other to respect each others entitlement to feel see and think differently.

You were Arsene out and now your a huge fan of Dick in :-) I respect your life choices my friend :-)

05 Feb 2019 20:19:37
Well on that note gunner, i'm all for that.

05 Feb 2019 22:23:45
Steve - I agree and I don’t mean to moan on my posts or pick on you. But remembe you were tough on my Wenger position.

05 Feb 2019 22:36:43
Sy, i think its ironic that you are berating me for being so positive, when you used to disagree with my negativity. I accept my part in the turn around too, i couldn't get over your faith in wenger and now you negativity. Ironic but funny all the same. You have turned into a bigger moaner than me, wear the crown well. Lol.

05 Feb 2019 22:40:48
And Sy both you and me are opionated, we will always get flack and learn to give it back. I get now i must have been a right boring sod where wenger was concerned and i pi55ed people off. But we are what we are. We both ultimately want the same thing.

06 Feb 2019 02:05:32
Very true and you along with others have impacted / changed / challenged my opinions and that’s great. I never take anything too personal on the site and know w just want a great team to support. I had high hopes of the change, read about his tactics etc, saw post loads of propaganda in preseason which got my hopes up. Unfortunately I am very disappointed but happy to give him time.

06 Feb 2019 03:54:49
Well this is nice.

06 Feb 2019 06:55:45
Tpg, gives us couple of days, it will soon change again. Big game Saturday.



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