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03 Feb 2019 23:51:22
Just to remind people, this time last year we were 10 points behind fourth in 6th.

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04 Feb 2019 02:41:21
And we sacked our manager as a result and expected issues to be addressed.

04 Feb 2019 04:52:32
Remember what we were expecting - from an article in amay:

“He is flexible and pragmatic, but what will certainly change at Arsenal is the relaxed attitude to positioning that existed under Wenger. That was the sadness of those repeated Champions League exits to Barcelona. It often felt that Arsenal was not so much technically outclassed as just it was not as organized. Emery will work relentlessly on that. He uses videos so much that winger Joaquin, whom Emery coached at Valencia, once observed that he’d run out of popcorn. If you don’t have the resources, discipline and shape are a way of making up the shortfall. ”

Do we need a new VCR?

Do we need a translator?

Somethings not right Steve as we are none of the above.

{Ed001's Note - whoever wrote that knew nothing about Emery. He does use video footage a lot, but the reason players complain is because he uses that instead of work on shape and positioning on the training ground. If he had the players out on the pitch working with them on what they saw, then the videos would be beneficial. As it is, they are just pointless.}

04 Feb 2019 08:19:20
I'd read about the videos before he came and about some players complaining about the home work he game them to do by watching videos but I didn't know about the not using what they'd learned on the training pitch, but it does explain the total lack of organisation and professional footballers looking like a group of 10 year olds playing organised 11 a side football for the first time.
It's incredibly how we lack the basics of defending and although we obviously need upgrades I refuse to accept that our current players are as bad individually as they look collectively.
People talk about how they are not Dicks players but they are professional footballers and if organised properly wouldn't look as poor as they do, Arsene couldn't do it and so far Dick doesn't look any more capable of doing it than Arsene.

04 Feb 2019 08:25:29
We were a cup team under Wenger and we’ll never be any more than that under Emery.

We are exactly the same pushovers we’ve been for the previous ten years. Kroenke won’t spend the money to make this club big again, he alone has allowed us to become this weak by continually failing to act and by employing this joker he’s failed again.

Emery has never actually challenged for a title because you don’t challenge with PSG where he even managed to lose the title in his first year. Went a whole year at Sevilla without winning an away game.

You really are dreaming if you think he’s going to even have the money to buy the players we need let alone organise them to do anything.

Add to that the hapless Steve Bould and here we go again.

Then look at Iwobi, Xhaka, Mustafi, Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Ramsey, Monreal, Welbeck Kolasinac, Jenkinson, Leno and ageing central defenders. Yep we’re only two players away from challenging. 😂

We are a budget club employing budget managers, budget coaching staff and too many budget players.

And don’t even get me started on Mislintat! 🤬.

04 Feb 2019 09:12:15
Add to that Gary Neville taking the mick out of how bad we were the whole match in his co-commentary and that City we’re having an easy game using it as a training match.

Zero shots on their goal in the 2nd half! ZERO. Not sure we even got in their half. Abject, weak, poor, spineless, clueless and watching Suárez get shoved off the ball by David Silva summed that all up.

Wenger sure ain’t presiding over this dross.

04 Feb 2019 09:47:20
Absolutely, and this year we are 3 points, one win, off 4th place. Next week we have a winnable match away to bottom placed Huddersfield, while 4th placed Chelsea are away to Man City.
Don't forget that yesterday the team, due to injury was missing: Bellerin, Sokratis, Holding, Welbeck, Xhaka, Maitland-Niles and Mkhitaryan.

04 Feb 2019 10:47:57
Stats! Don't you love them :-)
Thw government says Britain has its highest level of working population ever in its history
Yet there are people depending on food banks to help feed their families despite them having full time jobs for the first time ever.

Stats are things people drag out to try and support the argument they wish to support
While the reality is what people see and experience for themselves.
Everyone loves a stat almost as much as they do a terms and conditions statements but the reality is both are designed to hide the nasty bits and make things look different to what they really are.
The proof of the pudding is in the eating and so far Dicks pudding tastes almost identical to Arsene pudding in fact I'd go as far as to describe it as extremely Darsene in texture and taste.

{Ed025's Note - i agree G62, its cloning mate..

04 Feb 2019 11:04:07
I think if you'd be living in a cave for the past 12 months and got back yesterday you'd be forgiven for thinking how young Arsene was looking these days Ed025 mate and how much height he'd lost too :-) but the team and performance would soon remind you yes this is the Arsenal I remember when I left.

{Ed025's Note - except it looks like arsene turned into a vampire mate.. :)

04 Feb 2019 11:24:32
Must be why he does so well in the europa league mate, all those night time kickoffs must agree with him :-) certainly explains our opening two defeats of the season in August, those cloudless bright blue sky's and all that sunshine, tough start that for Count Darsene:-)

{Ed025's Note - being like arsene is no reflection on him mate.. :)

04 Feb 2019 11:52:29
Excellent Ed :-)

04 Feb 2019 14:10:13
Lads, i'm just saying we are 7 points nearer to top four than last year. No improvement, just seven points nearer and in the mix. that's all.



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