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01 Sep 2018 00:26:48
ed's and regulars

i want your opinion on mesut ozil.
why are there still so many fans around that seem to defend him? honestly in the last 5 years he's been at arsenal what has he done especially in the big away games? yeah he might look good at times against lesser teams buti bet no one can even name 3 big away games where he has made a difference and he's supposed to be our go to guy and near enough all the time in those big games he loses the ball and sulks not even bothering to try and win the ball back.
i know it;s more than just him that needs sorting out at arsenal but i am just getting fed up so many fans defending him.
players like welbeck, iwobi and bellerin get roasted when they have had a bad few games and to me it just seems like people take it easy on ozil.

{Ed001's Note - because he is a great player and lays chance after chance on a plate to forwards, yet is always the scapegoat, no matter what. He was the scapegoat for the Germans in the summer, yet he made the most chances in the entire World Cup, despite their early exit. People should defend him, he is your best player and is a top class playmaker.}

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01 Sep 2018 08:58:09
Well said Ed imaging we had some one like Henry or Wright on front of ozil he would get the most assist by far just we ain't gut the finishers in the team to show how good ozil is.

{Ed001's Note - I don't understand why gets so much grief. No one had even spotted how many chances he created until the stats guys pointed it out after he became the scapegoat.}

01 Sep 2018 09:25:43
Put Mesut in the City or Liverpool teams and people would say why didn't he do that for Arsenal?
We've never made the most of the man Pep Gardiola calls the best player in the world without the ball.
A mate of mine is a Liverpool fan and he said to me last week " why buy Mesut Ozil back in 2013 and not build a team around him?
Mesuts not like Sanchez who's work rate and team contribution are in your face obvious, his skills and abilities are much less obvious but if you take the time to watch him for 90 minutes rather than the rest of the game it is an eye opener to just how much work he puts in without the ball.

01 Sep 2018 10:22:19
The point is g62 is that he does do it for arsenal.

01 Sep 2018 10:44:55
You don’t buy a nice sports car and use it to tow a caravan or moan it won’t go off road.
We knew what we bought and should use it to its strengths, rather than miss use it and moan
He’s quality but we haven’t built around him
Are we confident enough that our success lives / dies on his performances? Maybe that’s why we haven’t done it or we never truly planned on buying him.
Now we are stuck - he fits best in a 3 5 2 or a 4 3 3 I think but we don’t have the right players in the squad todsy to maximise his talent unless we make some big decisions and drop Ramboand Xhaka plus May be Mikki -, Do that and I think bring in more legs into midfield sorts the issue. Our,
Bring in Torreira and Matteo plus play PEA and Lacca plus Özil in the 3 up front or even better in the 5 in midfield.

01 Sep 2018 10:59:30
True Sano but what I'm saying is at Liverpool or City it would become more obvious to everyone what he did because there would be more end product and pundits would highlight his contribution during their analyse rather than have to talk about how his efforts come to nothing because of those around him.
At Real he was know as hhe king of assists and rated as one of the world's very top players but at Arsenal so much of what he does goes either to waste or unnoticed because there is no end result.
Mesuts ability hasn't changed only the stage he's performed on has and like I said the other day put him in the invincibles and he'd be an all time great.
Guendouzi where's his heart on his sleeve and when he beats the ground in disappointment everyone loves him for it ( me included ) but when Mesut stormed off the pitch in disgust after we were thrashed by City in his first season Mertesacker and loads of fans berated him and he had to apologise for not being all cosy after a humiliating defeat.

01 Sep 2018 11:16:29
I have never been convinced of Ozil at arsenal, except the months before his new contract and i was impressed. Before and especially after, his form was not on the same level. isn't one of my arsenal greats and won't be remembered by a statue.

01 Sep 2018 11:51:05
I agree totally with your analogy SY mate, buying a Ferrari to tow a caravan isn't sensible at all.
Spurs had just spent the Bale money of loads of new players and Mesut was our response and at the time of Ozil signing it was brilliant because it certainly stunned everyone including us when we actually signed The Mesut Ozil.
But we tried to put a thorough bred to work by pulling a plough and although his ability hasn't vanished it's not been showcased and had the chance to shine by trying to adapt to life on cosy land estates.
Brilliant player brilliant club just unfortunately their meeting up couldn't have come at a worse time but hopefully with Dick arriving there might just be a happy ending for both before Mesut hangs up his top level boots.

01 Sep 2018 18:29:32
That's it isn't it if we had a front 3 similar to Liverpool or they had ozil, the results would be phenomenal! But we haven't built the team to benefit from him as it could of.

01 Sep 2018 19:24:46
When put like that I completely agree g62.



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