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26 May 2018 22:48:06
I imagine Madrid would have won anyway, but it looked an awful lot like Ramos deliberately tried to injure Salah. Somewhat assault-like, no? Ugly.

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27 May 2018 00:07:31
looked like ha ha.

27 May 2018 00:54:44
Ramos would never do a thing like that 😂😂.

27 May 2018 02:37:30
We need a bit of Ramos.

27 May 2018 10:29:38
I should add a bit of fight and nastiness something we’ve lacked for years.

27 May 2018 11:30:33
Was it just me that read that as Banbury stating he personally would add the fight and nastiness we have needed? Get your boots down to Colney young man 😂COUG.

27 May 2018 12:55:23
Think about this for just a second. It takes a vast amount of skill to dislocate someone's shoulder on purpose. To do it on purpose, make it LOOK like an accident, all while playing a rather fast paced game of footie is a tall ask.

27 May 2018 14:23:04
it does take a lot of skill and that's why its hard to know for sure, but aslo because of the fast pace it makes it very hard for a ref to spot it as malicious or just two people taking a tumble. VAR is needed for things like that, it looked very suspicious. the way he kept hold of salahs arm and then rolled back over him pulling his arm with him was very unnatural, it was the wrong way to roll and against resistance. still one silver lining for liverpool is i doubt salah would fancy madrid after that!

27 May 2018 16:18:28
Strange because the arm under Ramos' pit isn't the arm that's injured.

{Ed001's Note - what difference does that make? It is not the pull that does the damage, it is the weight of Ramos, as he twists to ensure he lands on top of him, that does it. It is the fact he held on to force Salah into a vulnerable position so he can twist over. Not a difficult thing to do, which is why it is a common move in almost every martial art. It is very simple to just pull on someone's arm as they are moving in the direction already and use their momentum to throw them. Especially if you have a hip in there to roll them over it and take any facet of control away from them.}

27 May 2018 16:48:25
Exactly my point. You think he pulled a martial arts move, on a football pitch, at that pace, with intent, all this while making it look accidental? Obviously we're all entitled to an opinion and that is definitely not an opinion I share mate.

{Ed001's Note - no you wouldn't. I did not say he pulled a 'martial arts move', I said it is a move common to most martial arts. There is a reason it is common to almost all of them, because it is simple and easy to use. The only thing it requires is a grasp on the arm of a person who is moving alongside you or towards you. I don't know why you are going on about it being made to look accidental, he never did anything of the sort, which is why so many people have seen it for what it is. By the way, it is the pace which makes it possible, which is bloody obvious and basic physics, so I don't know why you keep bringing that into it when it is of no value to your argument.}

27 May 2018 17:01:40
Haven’t been called young for years

Cheers Sussex.

27 May 2018 17:09:23
I might be wrong but to me he was almost pile driving the opposite shoulder into the ground which I think I’m right in saying was the one that’s injured.

Looked so obvious what he was trying to do and got an end result. Not a way to win but that kind of stuff sadly happens.

Up until then Liverpool genuinely looked the better side and probably should have been in front. As a neutral it leaves a sour taste to be honest.

27 May 2018 17:23:36
wow seriously? You don't know why I'm going on about these things or you just don't care because it doesn't align with your interpretation. Basic physics would dictate that the arm caught would be the arm injured, not the opposite arm. Anyway, not really important to me; I'm not a conspiracy theorist.

{Ed001's Note - basic physics would dictate that the arm that was thrown out to protect from the landing would be the arm injured. It is not difficult to understand. That is why it was the one injured, obviously you are still going on about it being the pull doing the damage, despite it being explained to you it is the landing that does the damage. The pull is just to lead into a fall. No idea what conspiracy theories have to do with anything.}

27 May 2018 19:34:25
Haha Banbury but if you're not young do you still have the fight and nastiness? COYG.

27 May 2018 22:04:50
I thought Salah wrapped his arm around Ramos?

27 May 2018 23:32:12
He absolutely did Crybaby, like he wanted to take him to the prom. But we're to believe that Ramos is some kind of football ninja.



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