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13 May 2018 10:53:34
Welcome back Freddie! Great to have more winners in the coaching staff and players of the beautiful game.

"We love you Freddie because you've got red haired. "

Looks like the golden era are coming back and possibly a role for Henry!

May be that's the deal - divide the expensive contract a seasoned manager would demand and spread it over more invincibles / heroes

Question - if it's between Vieira and Arteta, who gets the job?

Clearly Arteta has something special that I haven't seen yet.

If you could bring back one more ex-player into the coaching staff - who would it be and in what capacity

For me it's still Keown. If Arteta gets the role. If Vieira gets the role then it's DB10!

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13 May 2018 11:36:24
If you are going down the explayers route then go for those who associate Arsenal with winning competing fighting with passion in each and every game, those who never went to old Trafford Stamford Bridge or Anfield and accepted getting hammed as a normal way of life, those who associate the word cosy with cuddling the premier league trophy not thier team mates in yet another selfie after yet another surrender.
Personally I associate Artetta with the cosy 4th place trophy years despite his time with Pep, I think we will end up with yet more tippy tappy and still no up and at them steel.
We need a strong manager who demands from players not a best mate who keeps them all happy.
If Artetta gets it is will give him the benefit of the doubt but with serious concerns that I hope he would soon make disappear.

13 May 2018 11:51:27
Gunner, we don't need anyone from the comfy era at all. If we are serious, we need someone current and winning the big trophies now. At least then we are giving it a go, not fishing.

13 May 2018 12:05:16
Im interested to know, does anyone know what freddie has been doing these last 14 years or so.

13 May 2018 13:51:32
He was a youth coach with arsenal up to last year. He left for a club in Germany last year or the year before.

13 May 2018 15:10:54
Someone winning the 'big trophies now' rules out a lot of potentially strong options. Who had heard of Wenger before he arrived? What big trophies had he won? What matters is their ability to deliver. Remember that after numerous crap choices ManU went for the former; I have yet to meet a ManU fan ecstatic with Mourinho. A record of winning big does not automatically mean a future of the same.

13 May 2018 15:57:41
There is absolutely no guarantee whoever comes in so all you can do is make the best choice you feel is right for you given the options available to you.
Every time you hire anyone be it in your job or when you buy a car or hire someone to fix your washing machine, a CV and reputation give you some idea of someone's past but the future is all guess work and gut feeling based on the interview.

13 May 2018 16:31:56
UC you obviously have never heard of form, that's why citeh and liverpool are doing well. They didn't employ ome rookie manager. For every ex player who made it into successful management, there are a hundered who failed. At least let's not start with a guess.

13 May 2018 17:12:24
People rave about pochetino and for spurs, he has transformed them but won nothing. We coild have him as our manager for two seasons and he improve us but if he wins nothing he has achieved nothing. A manager who wins the big trophies has proved at some point in his career he has managed to win the league or european trophy because he know what is required. The flaw in poch is he doent yet know ow to finish the job. At least a manager who like allegri who has won something know what is required. Why do we need to take a chance on the unknown.

13 May 2018 17:52:56
Kevin Keegan won nothing with Newcastle while Jose has won the europa league and league cups at United.
Keegan threw away but competed for titles all the same at Newcastle
While Jose hasn't got United anywhere near competing yet.
Keegans Newcastle had the nation glued to the TV during every game
Jose's United have done wonders to boost Bake off viewing figures.

If you only measure success by trophies achieved then Roberto Martinez at Wigan were better than Jurgen at Liverpool to date?
And LVG wws a success at United While Sean Dyche is an abject failure at Burnley where after 4 seasons he's not won so much as a 4th place trophy :-)
Oh and Jive Bunny was better than Elton John too if you only count up no1 hits :-)

13 May 2018 19:48:28
Did you ever ask yourself why KK never won the league at Newcastle. Newcastle played fantastic football and should have won the league but ultimately pressure got the better. couldn't get it over the line when he should have. He coped with pressure as a footballer better than managing.



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