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26 Apr 2018 08:11:37
None of the Eds seem to think Enrique is the right choice for us at all, I guess we have to hope the new Sven men backroom boys are equally as aware of not just Enrique's but all the potential candidates pros and cons and come up with the best fit for our club.
Whoever they come up with for what ever reason we need to give them and the next manager the benefit of the doubt Wether we personally think he's brilliant or otherwise.
So many names so many fans favourites and preferred options it's impossible to please everyone no matter who they appointment so even if it was to turn out to be Brendan we need to accept the decision give them a real chance and hope they prove us who don't rate them wrong.

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26 Apr 2018 10:11:12
To be fair have the new boys let us down yet. Shipped out a few players who for me was not good enough. And swapped a player who was almost out of contract for a good player and got aubameyang. That's just what we know of.

26 Apr 2018 10:52:57
That's true 16 mate, be very interesting to see both who they chose as coach and who they give him to improve the defence and midfield field with in particular.
I just hope we don't sign any more forwards before we adress our problem areas, I think we're pretty well off up top for now and we have a lot more pressing areas to improve before we worry about improving there.

26 Apr 2018 12:03:15
Enrique is terrible. He might have won the champions league, but he had MSN, players with super talent. He did terrible at roma and was average at celta vigo. I think he won't be the right choice. i hope arsenal don't make the catastrophic decision of hiring him when there are better candidates than him out there. Based on achievements relative to resources available, allegri, sarri, jardim, nagelsmann all rank higher than him and any would be a better choice than enrique.

26 Apr 2018 12:36:26
By that token then Punani you shouldn't rule out Dyche either because based on achievement to resources available he's as good as any mate and he's done in the only league that is relevant to the puzzle we are trying to solve.
Nanglesman has nothing I can see that would put him above Dyche in qualifications for the job.
The problem with Sean Dyche is where all to familiar with him and what he's achieved at Burnley on a weekly basis, if he'd done exactly the same job in Germany or Spain he would be getting mentioned at lot more by people.
It would probably help if he changed his name to San Dychino too :-)

26 Apr 2018 13:07:31
When you see what was a supposedly well run club employ a prize plum like Mark Hughes who actually demonstrated to them how to make a team, Stoke, relegation fodder, it makes you wonder what some of these owners and chairmen are on.

Hopefully ours have a bit more nouse.

26 Apr 2018 13:13:06
Don’t want him - I will take Vieira as the bold choice

Vieira- Keown and Lehmann - calm peaceful management team.

26 Apr 2018 13:27:25
Very strange choice by Southampton Stoner I must agree, neither looking to the now or the future in appointing Mark Hughes in my opinion.
Why some managers get loads of chances at loads of clubs and others find it impossible to get any chances is a mystery I've never understood.

26 Apr 2018 13:37:17
It seems every manager we are linked with has some sort of skeleton in their cupboard; be it either a failure at a previous club, no experience at a big club, or no experience in the premiership etc. So it becomes a bit like looking at a certain well known travel-sight, and if you are are the sort of person who ignores all the positive reviews and just looks at the negative? So it becomes the same with every prospective manager. Do you look at Enrique as a winner of the CL, or as a manager who "failed" at Roma. Is Nagleman the hottest managerial property in europe right now, or someone with under 2 years managerial experience at a smaller club? One thing none of us can know (even Punani Gonner! ) , is how that person will manage Arsenal, and if that person will bring their previous success or failures along with them. Just because a manager is successful in another league or team, doesn't guarantee success with us, and I would say that works the other way as well. Ultimately, all candidates should go through an interview process, which at this high level will entail them laying out their plans and vision to the board and how they will seek to achieve them. I would expect the person who does this best will get the job, and should be judged by the board going forward on that plan. This is how most interviews work at this high level, and i have faith that we will go down this route. For me personally, I probably would prefer a manager who has proven success, especially in europe, whether they had an unfair advantage through having the best squad (or not) , as history tends to show winners attract other winners, and therefore tend to keep winning. We know a future manager will look to make changes in the squad, and so any manager with us will need to have the ability to sell their plan and vision to prospective players, who will no doubt have other good offers to consider, but will come to us if they believe the message they are being sold. Again, i think a manager with a proven track record of winning, such as an Allegri, may have an initial advantage here.

26 Apr 2018 13:41:15
Can you imagine it SY the players would never see thier families if we conceeded from a set piece, they'd go straight from the game to the training ground to work on thier mistakes for the goal, even if we did win 5 1 that day :-) .

26 Apr 2018 14:02:22
gunner mate, i respectfully disagree. There is a huge difference between Sean dyche and nagelsmann. Allow me to elaborate.

Sean dyche isn't doing anything new under the sun in terms of tactics and training. He employs the standard 4-4-2 and his training methods are basic and rudimentary.

Nagelsmann on the other hand is a very innovative coach. He employs the videowall, a big screen on the training ground where he performs video analysis on the players while in training. I don't think there is a coach that does training in the premier league the way he does. He picked that from tuchel i think who is known for intensive attention to detail in training as well as match preparation. That is why for instance aubameyang improved immensly under tuchel because tuchel would work on the specific aspects of a player like for instance how he receives the ball, body positioning stuff like that and this is the kind of stuff that immensely improve a player.

Nagelsmann also employs a very interesting positional play with respect to the opposition of the day of course. His hoffenheim team are beautiful to watch. As much as i like sean dyche, i am sorry he is no match for nagelsmann and english managers not being given chances is load of crap. It is just that tactically english managers are no match for their italian, german and spanish counterparts. We all know the tactical innovations the italians have brought to the game and all the great managers they have produced in the last few decades in trapattoni, arrigo sacchi, marcelo lippi and i can go on and on but over the last few years the germans are implementing tactically innovative practices like the footbanaunt and nagelsmann's videowall. Mark my words, the next generation of great coaches will come from germany in the mold of the nagelsmanns, the tedesco's and the marco rose's.

26 Apr 2018 14:18:21
Good post that Epping.
Maybe the best place to start is by finding out who wants the job is the first place ? And I'm sure the club is on that already.
I'm pretty certain some people who keep getting mentioned are either happy where they are or have more options available than just us open to them.
Real Chelsea and others might also be in the market for a new manager also soon.

26 Apr 2018 14:51:34
Epping gooner mate as much as i agree winners attract winners, you also have to admire what some coaches have done with the little resources at their disposal. i am thinking if someone like tedesco and nagelsamann can achieve that while playing attractive football, what can they do with a team like arsenal where they will have more resources?

A coach winning a trophy doesn't necessarily mean he is a good coach especially if he has the best player in the history of football! That is what enrique has done at Barcelona but he flopped big time at roma. A coach winning a champions league with messi, neymar and suarez in his team is not a surprise. But jardim winning the ligue 1 against the financial juggernaut of psg or nagelsmann finishing in the top 4 with a team that was fighting the relegation the season before or allegri getting to two champions league finals in three seasons are more impressive to me and shows how good they are.

If enrique can come with neymnar and messi fine, if not i'd rather have someone like allegri or a young coach like nagelsmann or a former player like viera or arteta.

26 Apr 2018 15:19:31
EG could not agree more, i couldn't have written it better myself. No spelling mistakes either. Lol.

26 Apr 2018 15:36:16
Gunner Sean Dyche is the best and Highest positioned English manager in the prem. His job at Burnley is nothing short of a miracle. Manager of the year for me. But you are right his name isn't foregn enough for some people and he is english. I would be surprised if he isn't considered by the board at least. He is a proper manager. People mentioning rookie managers because they spent 10 minutes with pep guadiola at Sainsbury's once or managed a club in the german league for 6 months and play ticky tacky gootball. let's all just forget Sean Dyche because he plays proper football and wrings absolutely every last drop out of a club who shoulnt really be in the prem. He doesn't deserve a chance because?

{Ed001's Note - no this is something we will defo agree on ste. Dyche has worked miracles there, he should be in consideration for every big job that comes up.}

26 Apr 2018 15:52:46
Ed he is a proper footballers football man. But alas he's English.

{Ed001's Note - I really want to see what he does with a bigger team, whether he would go more expansive and attacking or continue with the same style. I said it at the time and I stand by it, Everton missed a trick not moving heaven and earth to take him rather than the Scamster.}

26 Apr 2018 16:12:03
Football runs in trends Steve mate, someone from somewhere does well and everyone copies what worked elsewhere
David Moyse failure at United set British managers back but there is no logical reason it should have especially when if you consider when Fergie was at his peak all things Scottish in football mangers in vogue:-)
Arsene brought French players in so everyone went all things French for a while, AVB was Portuguese and had worked under Sir Bobby so he had to be the new Mourinho, well so Chelsea and Spurs thought anyway. Brendan done ok Swansea and kept mentioning he'd worked under Jose so anyone who had ever been in the same room as Jose suddenly had an advantage in getting a job.
If definitely think if Sean Dyche was French, Italian, Spanish German or even from the scilly Isles as long as people thought it was in the Mediterranean he'd be getting more mentioned after what he'd done at Burnley.
Not really on trend, is probably the way Sean Dyche gets talked about in the wine bars now days :-)

26 Apr 2018 16:44:12
That's my hot tip for this summers merry go round Ed001 mate, Sean Dyche to Everton.
Sam isn't wanted liked or doing any good there and I'm pretty sure the club will act towards sorting that out in the coming weeks.
On paper they look like the perfect match to me.

{Ed001's Note - I expect Moshiri to go for something more exotic personally. Sam was never his choice, I doubt he will let others make the choice this time after the debacle he has been.}

26 Apr 2018 17:12:37
Shame because they would have made such a lovely couple too :-)
Maybe Sean needs to go abroad for a bit to get a bigger club in England to take him seriously, the worlx of football certainly can be a crazy thing sometimes.

{Ed001's Note - possibly, it does seem odd that he is not getting a chance when knobbers like Pardew are getting lots of them.}

26 Apr 2018 18:00:31
Pardew Sam Pulis Hughes Moyse haven't won anything between the lot of them but they all get Job after Job, the world of football management is a crazy crazy thing with vey little rhythm or reason most of the time.

26 Apr 2018 18:19:59
Steve if you want someone to take a chance on you and you are unproven, you better be playing attractive football. That is why liverpool took a chance on brendan rodgers and that is why i think eddie howe is more likely to get a job offer outside england than say sean dyche.

If you are playing negative football, then you better be a winner like mourinho. Most big teams won't take a chance on you unless if you are either a proven winner or you play an attractive football. So unless sean dyche wins something or changes his footballing philosophy, i don't think he will ever make it big.

What is the difference between sean dyche and sam allardyce who at one point nearly got bolton into the champions league? There is no much difference between the two of them. Noone is biased against english coaches, it is just that they are not simply good enough.

They are not as hardworking as their other european counterparts and are neither tactically innovative. For example, allegri is the juventus coach but he is learning english so that inevitably when he comes to england he will have a smooth transition. Are the english coaches learning italian or german to coach in serie a or bundlesliga? Do they even have that ambition? They have this attitude we are english so we don't have to learn other languages but it does help.

Also, It is not like european teams didn't take chance on english coaches. I remember gary neville at valencia and he flopped. Don't think after that european teams would want to take a chance on english coaches. What english coaches need to do is go to serie a, bundelsiga etc and prove themselves. If an english coach can do it in serie a, he can do elsewhere most likely because it is a very tactical league but will they do that? I don't think so.

Instead of trying to apply for coaching positions in serie a, bundelsiga, la liga, the likes of gary neville will be bitching on sky about why english coaches are not being given chances!

{Ed001's Note - you think Dyche is not as hard working? This is the guy who actually runs his club, rather than just coaches a few players a couple of hours a day. You really make some simply nonsense statements at times based on pure outright ignorance. Perhaps you should spent some time looking into Dyche, rather than looking down your nose at him.}

26 Apr 2018 19:27:17
Punani, why does proving yourself in the italian league or any league make you a better coach. Alex fergusson never left this country. The greatest manager in this league never left this country.

26 Apr 2018 19:23:44
Ed01 we agree on that. What a load of baloney.

26 Apr 2018 20:10:25
steve it is useful because you will be exposed to different tactical methods. The way the game is played in serie a, la liga is different from how it is played in the premier league. Rarely does a team play long balls in la liga for example. Most la liga teams just pass the ball around and serie a is very tactical. Just watch how a mid table team like sampordia build from the back. It is very interesting as is the works of gasperini at Atlanta and the works of sarri who we all have come to appreciate. Imagine if the likes of sean dyche were facing the likes of allegri, sarri, inzaghi evey week wouldn't their tactical acumen improve?

{Ed001's Note - you mean rather than the world's best coaches such as Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp? Yeah I am sure that wouldn't improve his tactical acumen at all.....}

26 Apr 2018 21:32:58
You guys are being a bit too hard on Punani.
There must be a reason why the top teams in Europe don't hire English managers, and its not because they are English.
How many times do you near English managers linked to Madrid or PSG or Juventus.

Hell, English managers don't even get jobs in mid tabel teams in Spain, Italy, Germany.

It would be better to try find out why. Truth is, no English manager will get the Arsenal job simply because they haven't proven they are good enough to do so. Not because they aren't 'exotic'.

26 Apr 2018 22:03:44
ed you forgot to add the bit that jose, kloppp and guardiola are all foreign managers!

{Ed001's Note - I never forgot that at all, how is that relevant to Dyche learning against them?}

26 Apr 2018 22:32:56
The only tactically interesting coaches in the premier league are only foreign ones. english coaches are not good enough and is not because they are not hardworking or anything like that it is just that they don't seem open to new ideas. say sean dyche went to la liga and did a decent job there, don't you think that would make him more likely to get a job with a big english team?

{Ed001's Note - you just said Dyche wasn't as good because he didn't work as hard. I give up, you just flip flop like a dying fish and make no sense.}

26 Apr 2018 23:50:44
i said sean dyche isn't good enough because whatever he is doing is not nothing new. He employs the typical 4-4-2 and his training methods are nothing. No tactical innovations. I have said what he is doing has been done even as recent as few years ago with sam allardyce at bolton you can go backto the thread to confirm. Simple that is why he won't make it big. It is blasphemous to say he is as good or even near nagelsmann.

{Ed0333's Note - you tell em Punani. It seems you and I are the only ones that rate Nagelsmann. They will all eat humble pie one day I tell you mate when he becomes a world class coach and is winning title after title

27 Apr 2018 01:12:07
Lol ed0333 being some time since i saw you editing posts, was the wife keeping you busy?

{Ed0333's Note - the only things of mine the wife keeps busy is my friggin ears mate

27 Apr 2018 07:18:33
Guardiola didn't get the City job because he is 'exotic'
Mourinho didn't get the United job because he is 'exotic'
Klopp didn't get the Liverpool game because he is 'exotic'
They did so because they are good coaches, there are no good enough English coaches out there, that is the reality.
Ed01 says English coaches aren't given chances, Moyes was given a BIG chance, what did he do with it?
What has Steve Bould done under Wenger for years? Nothing, he isn't even being considered to take over from his boss.
Arteta has been Guardiola's assistant for only 2 seasons and he has started building a name for himself.
English coaches are just like English players;overrated, boring, not innovative enough, they think that they deserve to get opportunities just because they are English,



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