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17 Apr 2018 07:26:12
The weakness of Arsenal's squad will be highlighted in the last few matches of the season, when we have matches every 3 or 4 days. With Man U away sandwiched in-between the 2 legs against Atletico and the now vital home match against contenders for 6th place Burnley, coming only 3 days after the Atletico away leg.
I cannot foresee us beating Atletico over 2 legs, particularly with the 2nd leg away. Assuming we fail to win the EL, which looks likely after the worst possible draw was followed by a dreadful performance and result at Newcastle, I believe we are seeing the final few matches of Wenger's unbelievably long tenure at the club. The nest choice of manager will be crucial. Which manager, that could reasonably be signed, would fellow gooners want and why?

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17 Apr 2018 08:24:33
Concentrate on EL and forget the PL. This should facilitate the departure of Wenger, irrespective of EL success/ failure.

17 Apr 2018 10:30:32
I’m not looking forward to the OT game one bit. It’s a very difficult ballencing act. winning our home games should take 6th place, but with the prem not on the agenda I feel that the tie against united sandwiched betweeen the athletico games could end up been demoralising and embarrassing, but Wenger could not dare put out even a half decent side travailing to Spain a few days later. But this is arsenal and we could go rest of season unbeaten. Like bill hicks said it’s just a ride.

17 Apr 2018 13:05:20
The United game is likely to be a major cringe match that will be swept under the carpet if we get past Athletico.
United came to the Emirates last season in similar circumstances played a weak team and gave Arsene his only ever competitive win over Jose.
The huge difference between Jose and United last season and Arsene and Arsenal this season is it was Jose's first season at a new club and was seen as only the beginning where as Arsene is 22 years into the job with the whole world saying this has to be the end for him.
Beat Athletico and win the tournament and I think whatever happens at old Trafford and has happend over the last 9 months might just at a push squeeze under the carpet with all the other stuff that's been pushed there over the years.

17 Apr 2018 13:38:32
For me it won’t brush anything ilunder the Carpet! We win EL Wenger still has to go. If we somehow manage to get into the CL next year then in my opinion it’s even more imperative that we get a new coach. That will be the perfect stage for a new coach to come and decide who stays who goes and the cash will come in handy as well .

17 Apr 2018 14:03:53
I agree with what you are saying as to how and what should happen Sanogo but I'm not sure that's how it will go in reality, maybe this time it will who knows.

17 Apr 2018 15:29:39
Not only is the rot set in the club, the rot is set in the fans too. Arsenal FC can keep wenger but that will only make the next season worse than this and last with the fans. Surely they can see that even if they aren't football people running the job.

17 Apr 2018 16:14:59
Steve I think it’s been said many times that the club are looking to a change. It’s about convincing Wenger that it’s best to go now. I can guarantee that if he leaves this summer then the respect will come back for him. Ideally the best solution is to announce before the season ends so he gets a send off but that’s complicated by the fact we are still in the EL and whichever way you slice it, it would be crazy to do it before. Hopefully Wenger can be convinced and after the EL ends one way or another then that announcement should be made. The club are obviously looking at other solutions. Mislinstat, sanalhi and spending 110 m on strikers (although we need other areas) must ring out that efforts are been made. Change doesn’t happen over night but it needs to happen sooner than the next 18 months that is for sure. I honestly think if we do win the EL then you couldn’t get a more opportune moment to make the change. In an ideal world we win The EL and the day after Wenger makes his announcement then shortly after we can appoint a new coach then get our transfer dealings done early. Max Meyer is a must as he fits into an area we desperately need reinforcements, on a free we can put money elsewhere.

17 Apr 2018 16:37:36
I get trying to part with Arsene I good terms and I also get all he did for us in the first half of his 22 years with us but I just can't get my head round trying to convince someone to leave rather than doing what's right regardless whether it offends or pleases Arsene.
It's nonsense that the club has to continur to decline until Arsene decides otherwise, the club should man up and do what's right for the club and the fans just like every other club and business does that wants to achieve its full potential.

17 Apr 2018 20:15:49
Guys its a tough one, not winning the EL would be a good enough excuse to part company. Winning it, will give some an excuse not too. I see both sides but i think its deeper than that.

17 Apr 2018 21:09:19
Steve the Europa won't in my opinion make the difference, if there isn't enough will inside the club already to force change and to make that change happen regardless of the Europa league i doubt failure to be Athletico would galvanise it.
The clubs view should already be formed based on the last 9 months as a whole and if they are happy with our season then crack on and if they ain't then they should do something about it, finally.

17 Apr 2018 22:33:47
Just to clairify G62, if he doesn’t step down then I want him to be sacked (but if he was it wouldn’t be reported as a sacking, it would be reported as stepping down or by mutual consent) . The scenario above regardless of the EL is the best most effective and sensible way to go about things. I will debate the chat he was only good for the first 11 years but I think in hindsight he has definatly been rubbish for the last 5. Either way I want him to go as soon as our EL adventure ends.

I have so much love for the man I just want it to end with a bit of common sense and class by all involved. I honestly would be so gutted and disappointed if he doesn’t do the right thing. I do wonder if we will ever see a manager who makes us play like we did in the first 8 years of his reign.

Has to be the finest period in our clubs history. Not levelling this at anyone in here but been in an around the ground and watching some on arsenal tv I have to admit I’ve heard some absolutely disgusting things said about him, taking football to one side I’ve heard things said about him that should never be said about another human bar the hindleys and sutcliffs of the world. And that’s not right one bit.

17 Apr 2018 23:25:22
Sanogo mate i have absolutely no time for people who personally insult Arsene in any way shape or form because that is very simply wrong no matter how people feel about his managerial ability, I like Arsene Wenger the man very very much.

Mate the football and memories he gave us will live long in the memory of those of us lucky enough to enjoy them but no one can live off thier past indefinitely no matter who they are or what they have achieved at some point.

I want Arsene to go with as much respect as possible and if it's the clubs decision but they and Arsene pretend otherwise then that's cool by me but on the other hand if Arsene forces the issue to the extreme then I'm afraid he will have to be very publicly sacked and I will personally apluad the club if that's the way it has to be.
Arsenal has to come before Arsene no matter how brilliantly fantastic he once was for us.

18 Apr 2018 06:07:50
Couldn’t have put it better Sanogo, exactly how I feel mate.



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