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09 Apr 2018 22:12:07
Can city turn tomorrow nights game around and to some degree save what has been without question a super champagne season for them losing some of its fizz?
My guess is Liverpool will score at least once leaving City needing to score a minimum of 5 and who knows how many more to make the semi finals.

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09 Apr 2018 23:52:41
If there is one coach i can never bet against, it is guardiola. The way he can not only motivate a team but also get it tactically right (most of the times) , is amazing. Best coach i have seen in the last few years. I wouldn't be surprised if city score five and go through. It is not outside the realm of possibilities.

{Ed0333's Note - who would your prefer Punani Pep or a Wenger in his prime?

10 Apr 2018 01:14:30
Klopp has found the key to unlocking citeh, i can't see anything other than a liverpool win.

10 Apr 2018 02:44:17
Ed0333,guardiola all day. Wenger at his prime couldn’t even win the champions league. in 2004,i think we had the best team in europe we still got knocked out by chelsea. Wenger’s earlier success has a lot to do with the fact that he was far ahead than his competitor especially when it came to nutrition but tactically he is not really that impressive. Guardiola is another animal completely. He is an obsessive who meticulously analyses opponents. I remember a story once told by one of the Bayern players i don’t remember the name but the player was narrating about a story about how pep was locked in his office for long analyzing the opponent. during the preparation for the match, pep told the players the exact places where spaces will open up for his offensive players and the spaces opened up exactly where he said they would. That is what makes pep special, it is is like events happen in head before they happen on the pitch. That is what makes him a special coach. wenger on the other hand tells his players just to play their game which doesn’t always produce fruits. So pep any day, any night. He was my top favorite to replace wenger but i guess that will never happen.

{Ed0333's Note - so how comes he got it so monumental wrong against Liverpool last week. If he was such a meticulous analyser why didn’t he have a plan b against us? Giving the ball to Sane at every opportunity doesn’t seem like he did much homework? He maybe culpable of gross arrogance to think Trent Alexander Arnold would buckle under pressure from his marauding winger. I think you pay Wenger a disservice mate his teams in their pomp were majestic to watch both offensively and defensively. Wenger was a genius in his own right for a multitude of reasons. Yes he didn’t win the Champions League I grant you but Pep ‘streets ahead’ of Wenger I’m not so sure.

10 Apr 2018 08:47:15
Liverpool will score at least 1 goal. And I fancy them to score first.

10 Apr 2018 11:42:12
I think there will be lots of goals for sure Sanogo mate, if Liverpool do score first City might crumble especially considering the week they've had.
Mind you city's bad weeks are most teams dream weeks :-) 1 win from the title and champions league semi final still up for grabs.

10 Apr 2018 12:19:37
As a neutral I’d like City to grab a couple of early goals then we’d have a real cracker of a game.

Who ever wins I’d love them to win the whole thing!

10 Apr 2018 12:32:20
I can’t get away with cheering city on. City, Chelsea, united and spurs I could never cheer those clubs on. I want Liverpool to demolish them. I know city have played some lovely stuff this year but out of the two teams when Liverpool turn it up they are by far the most explosive and breath taking to watch. The main difference is city can usually play nice football for 90 mins where as Liverpool can be absolutely devestaing for about 20 mins and spells throughout their game. I actually fancy Liverpool to win the the competition. All three of the big hitters left outside this tie can be beat and beaten well.

10 Apr 2018 13:41:23
Yeah I’d prefer Liverpool SLB but I’d root for City as the English club If they made it.

10 Apr 2018 13:42:10
Punani: There is no doubt that Guardiola is an great coach, but a degree of circumspection is needed in praising him. Unlike Wenger, Guardiola has never operated within financial constraints, or with having to let his best players go, and still compete. I'm not sure he is as untouchable as you think, his tactics against Liverpool were woeful, and he had no answer to the United comeback. Great, amongst a number of great coaches over the years, but certainly not infallible - even with unlimited funds.

10 Apr 2018 19:23:01
Your a better man than me stoner.

10 Apr 2018 19:35:08
Liverpool fan here. Apart from Liverpool, I root for Bayern.

10 Apr 2018 20:41:59
Liverpool 1sr chioce City 2nd Barcelona 3rd to win it.

10 Apr 2018 21:39:03
Barcelona are out lol.

10 Apr 2018 07:38:56
Tough question that Ed0333 mate. Pep has done it in 3 countries although Bayern in Germany are the equivalent of Celtic in Scotland and were European champions when Pep got them.
Arsene was a revolutionary in his day no question but he too inherited the foundations that George built and without those foundations has struggled since.
Jose has more titles in more countries and more champions league success with different teams while Fergie did it consistently with United.
Pep or Arsene are out on their own in the best to watch category and I'm probably biased because I'm an Arsenal fan but I think the invincibles were the best to watch but like I said being an Arsenal fan I obviously would have enjoyed the invincibles most.

Oh and I think 5 3 to city tonight by the way, Liverpool v city is the hottest ticket in town right now and easily the best two teams to watch.

10 Apr 2018 19:41:25
Ed033,as much as i agree with you about guardiola not being infallible, you could see what pep was trying to do at liverpool. He was trying to overload the midfield so that he maintains possession and then probably attack Liverpool in the second half when they tire.

The main difference between pep and wenger is that even when pep's team lose, they lose fighting. He instills desire in players that only perhaps jose can. His teams may lose but are never rarely outplayed. Even when they get knocked out you can never accuse them of not trying enough. For me he is the best coach in the world and the number of times he got it wrong tactically can be counted. They are rare occasions.

What about wenger. Remember 8-2? Remember man u knocking us out of the champions league? Remember 6-0 to mourinho? Our first half collapse at anfield in 2014. Wenger made rodgers look like guardiola! .

Wenger has been past it for years and even at his prime he wasn't the best coach in the world. His biggest contribution to the world of football wasn't about tactics, it was to do a lot with dieting and nutrition! That says a lot about him as a coach.

{Ed0333's Note - I would love to respectfully counter your claims mate but my team have just gone through to the semi final of the champions league and my wife is wearing a low cut top which is showing her ample cleavage and I’m about to give her the best 3 seconds of her life (that includes foreplay by the way)

10 Apr 2018 21:24:36
Ed- Wenger in his prime.

{Ed0333's Note - I agree mate

11 Apr 2018 11:40:31
Ed we can respectfully agree to disagreee. isn't that what the ameicans like to say before they invade your country lol.

{Ed0333's Note - yes mate let’s beg to differ.



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