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03 Apr 2018 21:36:44
So you guys still want Allegri?

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03 Apr 2018 22:05:23
4 titles and a champions league record that puts most clubs in the shade? I can see why mate.
All clubs have bad days City at Wigan and Real twice v Spurs this season, it happens mate.

03 Apr 2018 22:19:44
3 league titles, 3 cup wins and 2 runners up in the Champions League in the last 3 years, no mate he’s 💩. 😁.

04 Apr 2018 00:20:19
gunner62,i don't know if you watched the champions league final between Juve and real last season, real scored most of their goals from low return passes in the box, a weakness identified by zidane as reported by modric, the same pattern was repeated tonight with ronaldo scoring from a low cross by isco i think which can only mean allegri didn't learn from his mistakes.

Allegri is winning with juventus because he has the strongest squad in italy point blank not because he is a good coach. Infact i think if you really want a defensive coach, simeone would be better. He reached two finals (one which he was unlucky not to win) and won la liga despite real and barcelona having better squads so that is a manager who can win with underdogs. My only issue with him is his style is terrible.

The best coach available in my opinion is Tuchel. I have watched his dortumund side when he was the coach and he really impressed me with his positional play. His pressing was organized and his attention to detail was incredible. He improves players. Turned auabmeyang from an underachieving winger to a lethal striker and mkhi to a productive play maker. He is really good with young players too. You can see how good he was from dortumund's struggles this season. He is the best coach available. Nagelsmann, tedesco, hassenhutl (RB leipzig manager) i wouldn't mind any of them heck i wouldn't even mind Allegri himself despite the fact that i completely think he is not the right coach for arsenal because i want wenger out.

Food for thought: If this forum existed in 1996 and the board used the opinions of the forum members, would Arsenal have chosen a revolutionary coach like wenger as its coach? I don't think so. As much as i dislike wenger now, there is no doubt he revolutionized the english game. My point being just because a coach is wanted by majority of the fans, doesn't necessarily mean he is the right man for the job and it follows that just because a coach is unknown or hasn't achieved much doesn't necessarily mean he is not the right man for the job.

{Ed0333's Note - You clearly rate Tuchel higher than Nagelsman, If so why? And don’t you think both have a natural distain for subordination which may lead to problems cited by the fact it cost Tuchel his job.

04 Apr 2018 00:55:18
Ed0333, i know you are a big fan of nagelsmann hahaha. From what i heard nagelsmann is easier to get along with. Haven't heard of issues between nagelsmann and the hoffenheim board. What i heard with tuchel is that he wanted total control at dortumund, like wenger's role at Arsenal which didn't go down well with the dortumund board. I think Tuchel if he comes to Arsenal can have more control since the arsenal board is hands off. I rate tuchel more because nagelsmann really under-performed in europe. He got knocked out of both champions league and europa league but he is young and i am sure that will come with experience. That is the only reason why i rate Tuchel more. I am sure you are a big fan of Nagelsmann but why do you think he is the best coach for arsenal over someone like Allegri?

{Ed0333's Note - Nagelsmann has had run-ins with players and the Hoffenheim board Punani. Tuchel had a better pool of players than Nagelsmann so it isn’t a fair comparison. I think Nagelsmann is more pragmatic than Tuchel or more defensive if you will but those passing triangles he advocates can rip you to shreds. For me it’s the best of both worlds a solid defense punctuated with a incisive attack. I would love to see young Julian in the Premiership and if I were a Gooner would definitely pick him over Tuchel who seems to have a ego the size of Germany.

04 Apr 2018 07:54:34
If Tuchel is so good why is he out of work and his agent making up links to a variety of clubs? 🤔.

04 Apr 2018 08:36:31
Having a manager younger than the players themselves? Don't know how the players would take it. Big transition from Wenger.

04 Apr 2018 09:42:10
There comes a time when you've got to throw away the security blanket, let go of the stabilises, throw away the rubber ring and armbands and take a chance.
Don't look for or expect premier league or champions league titles from the next manager (hope for them by all means) but instead let's expect from him to give us a team that we can rely on to gives 100% in every game, a team that will display passion and pride in playing for our club again and that when it loses it loess by the odd goal not by a cricket score.
To go from where we are now to titles might take us years and 2 or 3 managers but a return of passion pride responsibility can happen next season can be ours next season if we dare to take it.

04 Apr 2018 10:08:42
I would prefer for Sarri or Jardim. I believe they closer as a legacy of Wenger. I would prefer evolution not revolution. And they seem to be able to get young or underrated quality players.

04 Apr 2018 13:41:10
Stoner, i don't know if you have been watching the news but bayern wanted him and the CEO came out and said so. Tuchel is an incredible coach no question about that. His only weakness is that he is a bit hot headed and may fight with the board but tactically in my opinion he is the best coach available. PSG will sign him most probably and you will see how good he is. His positional play at PSG will be devastating but Tuchel doesn't like stars will be curious to see how he will work with Neymar. With Tuchel PSG will obliterate teams in Ligue 1 and probably go far in the champions league and then you would wish we signed him. From the evidence so far Tuchel is a top top coach. People forget the work he did at Mainz. They ended up in europe.

04 Apr 2018 14:11:20
wesley, doesn't matter i think it will be a problem. he will only be younger than cech and kosclienly or am i missing something? . He is a really good coach. A student of Guardiola's positional play but with more verticality. He will do great at Arsenal because wenger already uses rondos in training that leads to beautiful combination play in the final third, the only problem with wenger's tactics is how to open up spaces in the oppossition defence because there is no positional discpline. Players crowd themselves around the ball and the opposition with a simple press can reclaim the ball. If arsenal get someone like Tuchel or Nagelsmann you will see positional play where the wingers will probably be hugging the touchline during build up and this will lead to more chance creation, you will see triangles all over the pitch and aggressive pressing when we lose the ball. Nagelsmann at Arsenal will be interesting. People don't know this but wenger is one of the coaches who influenced guardiola. I preety much think Guardiola's 'freedom in the final third' concept has originated from wenger so wenger's tactics are not bad. He is a decent coach but he has been left behind by the times. The brand of attacking football wenger wants to advocate for won't cut it anymore simply because of a few reasons
1.Lack of positional discipline means opposition team can easily isolate your players in possession of the ball. It is either our players are far apart or too close to each other making the opposition easily press us.

2. Wenger's team press with no plan nor organization. For teams like guardiola's they just don't press they have pressing triggers. This disorganized press means teams easily play through us.

3. Wenger seems not do much research on the opposition, how they attack and defend. This hurts us offensively and defensively.

PS:sorry for the long post i have trouble explaining technical concepts because english is not my first language.

{Ed001's Note - Pep himself said: "Throughout my career I've simply tried to instil what I learned from Johan Cruyff." Nothing about Wenger and the concept you mention Wenger got from Cruyff anyway.}

04 Apr 2018 14:56:23
As the saying goes, one swallow does not a summer make, and in Allegri's case, one result doesn't define his recent years of success. I don't really watch much Italian football, as it always used to be as dull as dishwater, but of the few times i have watched this year, its always ended up involving Juventus, and i have to say, despite them not having their best season so far, i have actually been really impressed by their attacking play, which especially by Italian standards, can be very open, and some would even say, slightly reckless at times. I also like the players Allegri signs, as he seems to have the ability to identify where they really need to spend their money (or sign a good player on the cheap) . So overall, would i still like Allegri despite last nights result, yes. Would i still like Nagelsman, Jardim, Sarri etc, yes. Would i still like Uncle Tom Cobley, yes. Would i still like a pigeon to fly down and take managerial control, yes. the common theme is simple, I want change, change is good.

04 Apr 2018 15:28:30
Ed001,you know the coach guardiola trained with during his short time in mexico? I think his name is juan manuel lillo, it is to him that guardiola said that the three coaches he admired the most were him, bielsa and wenger. It is also in public domain that guardiola visited wenger when he was doing his coaching badges.

{Ed001's Note - yes, but that does not mean that he took anything from Wenger that he did not already get from Cruyff. You are forgetting Wenger was a Cruyffian disciple himself. As is Bielsa.}

04 Apr 2018 15:43:59
Epping gooner, i watch serie A a lot and i can tell you Allegri isn't even the best coach. His team get outplayed in almost every big game. I don't know if you watched even the recent game between ac milan and juventus. apart from the first ten minutes milan dominated. It was so interesting how they would play through the juventus press. It was so poor. The match changed after cuadrado was introduced and that is precisely why juventus are winning. They have a bigger squad and a better team not because they have the better coach. All the big games apart from the one against inter milan at home, juventus were outplayed. The matches against roma and napoli were shocking especially the one against roma at home. I thought juventus were playing barcelona at their prime! Schezny pulled some incredible saves and roma ended up missing an open goal towards the end. The problem is that is not an off game. it happens a lot. juventus get outplayed many times. they win the league because they have the best squad by far. it is a simple explanation.

I don't think allegri will cut it for us in the premier league. His teams hand the initiative to the opposition a lot. what will happen when you hand the initiative to man city? They will just destroy you. We need a coach who can work with underdogs someone who can make players play beyond their abilities. Someone like tuchel because we really don't have a good squad. Our best chance is to find a young innovative coach. Someone like tuchel, nagelsmann or tedesco. infact any of those young coaches will do well with us but about allegri i am not so sure he will do well.

04 Apr 2018 13:34:36
Ed0333,Tucel defensively improved during his first season but it didn't help that he lost his best defender in Hummels. Nagelsmann might certainly be the better coach we don't know but what i know is his lack of European experience was thoroughly exposed in europa league. Tucehl on the other hand, went to bernabau and made a novice out of Zidane and tactically schooled him. His dortumund team were unlucky not to win that game. Right now Tuchel is clearly the better coach but nagelsmann is very young and will surely get better with age. I wouldn't mind Nagelsmann. I would pick him if Tuchel wasn't available. I like the works of tedesco too. He is very young too and tactically flexible. He is a bit more defensive than both Tucehl and Nagelsmann and speaks five languages! His profile is interesting for a coach. What do you think of him Ed, would he suit Arsenal?

{Ed0333's Note - mate I’ve got to be honest I don’t watch Italian soccer, I have no idea of Todesco’s capabilities. I live in the States and the Premiership and the Bundesliga are the ones I watch (only watch Bundesliga when Leipzig are playing to check on Mr Keita). With all due respect ‘schooling’ someone in a single match isn’t the greatest barometer for choosing a coach. You clearly have a hard on for him mate and for your sake I hope you get him. I really like him myself as he plays a exciting brand of football I just think Nagelsmann has more in his locker but that’s just my opinion. Give Nagelsmann a bumper transfer kitty and I think he would be very very succcesfull, something he’s not had at Hoffenheim which may be a factor why he was exposed in Europe as oppose to tactical naivety.

04 Apr 2018 16:55:37
Ed0333 i bow to your knowledge of bundesliga but guess you haven't watched much this season because tedesco coaches schalke and they are second in the table and haven't conceded like in 6-7 games but i wholeheartedly agree with you when it comes to Nagelsmann he woud do wonders with our team. I will be ecstatic if we get him because i know what he bring to us. I am just against the allegri bandwagon because i watch a lot of serie A. Most of the guys who are on the allegri bandwgon don't even know what his tactical philosophy is. It is not a crime to have a different opinion but it is dangerous to have opinions not informed by facts.

{Ed0333's Note - excuse my faux pas mate I was getting my ears banged by wife when I was replying to your post. Lol. Again I haven’t watched much of Schalke as I only watch when Keitas playing so not the most informed. But I do take a keen interest with Nagelsmann. I just think he’s a perfect fit for Arsenal and think will have the same type of affect as Wenger had when he came to Arsenal. Allegri is more like a George Graham in philosophy and although pragmatism works in Italy I don’t think it will succeed in the Premiership.

04 Apr 2018 23:32:50
Ed0333 i just couldn't have put it better. Allegri is no different from George graham and pragmatism works in Italy because that is the italian way of playing football. Apart from sacchi and ancelotti, . i don't remember any italian top coach who was attacking. trapattoni and lippi were both very defensive though they found success with it. In serie A when a team loses the ball they don't necessarily press, they fall back into shape but in the premier league Most teams press and it is frantic and aggresive and fast paced and that is why i think he won't cut it in the premiership. Nagelsmann would be perfect. I don't mind that he is young, he is tactically incredible. Apart from a few games i was impressed. Remember last season's game against bayern? I was impressed. That is the game i took note of Nagelsmann.

{Ed0333's Note - I’m glad you are joining the Nagelsmann cult mate. We are a footballing loving people and have a prayer group on Sunday mornings.



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