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02 Mar 2018 02:58:47
I do not usually drift from the Man Utd pages but this morning I wanted to add a point to the discussion on your plight. I am not one of those gloaters but hope my post will be ok.

A few years ago I posted on here after your heavy defeat at Old Trafford that your board needed to ask Wenger for his plans and they needed to satisfy themselves they were acceptable, they should have set targets, attainable ones like winning the league. It doesn't look like that happened. From the outside looking at Wenger it appears it will be a sad ending, maybe sold as a move upstairs for him but the end as manager.

My point is that at United we had two very long standing managers and our plan, transition plan was plainly amateur in both instances. Both left at a high point but with an ageing team so the consequent dip takes considerable time to rectify. When Wenger goes as surely he must now, the clubs planning should be more than just appoint a new manager and expect success, they must learn from Uniteds experience of what happened at the end of a long managerial reign. Given what seems a lack of plan at Arsenal since that Old Trafford defeat I have to wonder what plan you now have in place. Good luck, at least you are a genuine club not falsely pumped up with oil money.

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02 Mar 2018 06:44:42
I do find it a little odd that a United fan would come and talk of our problems when you are literally miles away from solving yours.

You must watch City and want to cry, you’ve spent an absolute fortune on some utter rubbish, world record fees in this country.

You don’t compete when it comes to buying the best you just get mugged off. But for De Gea where would you even be.

The worst of it is you have that busted flush as a manager whose idea of playing football is an embarrassment to everything Ferguson built.

Of the big big teams in World football you sit firmly at the bottom in every aspect but money.

No offence fella but everyone of your team and I’ll include De Gea in that would struggle to get game time at City.

02 Mar 2018 07:14:56

I am old timer who remembers watching the Charlie George winner in the 71 cup final and then George Graham playing for us. I have time for genuine clubs like yours who create their own wealth rather than from petrodollars. From that I don’t watch City and want to cry, I lived in Manchester through the times when City were dominant so know their psyche and see how new money has changed them. Would I like a rich owner meaning no debt, of course, but they are a club, a shiny new one, rather than a historic one like Utd, Arsenal and even Liverpool.
I was not taking the mickey but merely reflecting on my memories of a good football club about to undergo a transition. I won’t bother trying to connect again and will leave you to your pain, but perhaps we should all reflect on the dangers to all the real clubs who are being affected by oil money and the difficulties of a transition after long term stability.

02 Mar 2018 07:54:55
Thats just it fella, there is no pain on my part, I’ve been supporting Arsenal since that very goal you speak about, it’s life in football.

I’m not daft enough to think we are not in a period of difficulty and who knows what will happen when Wenger goes but he’s slowly ruined everything he’s done. It’s sad but a fact.

I point out your shortcomings because they still remain and you have no argument to that and I could come on your page and point all that out to you, but like I know it about Arsenal you must know it about United.

City are a genuine joy to watch wether they are a shiny new club or not.

We no longer play close to that football and you certainly don’t. We need a new owner and a new manager, someone like Simione, the polar opposite to Wenger to get this cosy club, limp, pathetic mentality and soft under belly out of this club.

02 Mar 2018 08:06:53

Actually I am one of those who sees light at the end of our tunnel. Football is cyclical, getting back to the top will be a challenge to us and even more to you, but we are taking steps which I am happy with.

Simeone would be a good move for you but he is likely too pragmatic and unlikely to play the delightful football you crave. It is more than the manager that changes and that I guess is my point.

02 Mar 2018 08:28:24
To be fair, I don't think Red Man was gloating or anything.

We do need a long term plan.
New Manager in, release funds and give him a few season's to sort this mess out.

02 Mar 2018 08:34:43
Thank God for city only for them Jose would have all the money and bore he s way to a league title and that's not me being nasty that's me be honest.

02 Mar 2018 09:49:43
Red Man,

I didn’t think for a minute you were gloating, but the point is we all now that change is needed and my point with Simione wasn’t so much the football, although they do play some good stuff, it’s more the change of mindset.

We are so lame as a club, both owner and manager, the owner doesn’t set goals beyond mediocrity as with all his American sports assets.

Do you really see you challenging for either of the big two trophies soon. The very best players don’t go to you and Mourinho has shown nothing since his Chelsea debacle to indicate he’s the manager he once was.

Are you becoming the new Arsenal, top 4 and a few cups.

02 Mar 2018 14:09:15

Mindset is an interesting one, but again only one part of the picture. The board must have a vision of what they want, their plan, appoint the closest to that and support it. We didn’t, actually rolling around like an old fishing vessel. There may not be agreement on the United pages but I feel there is now a sense of purpose at last. Not everyone is happy but with the right buys this summer I do see us challenging next season. I would add I don’t think it is as simple as just appoint a manager, especially after a very long incumbent, the whole ethos of the club for the future needs to be defined and the appointment follows. We didn’t do that and it is going to be tough for you even if you get it right.

02 Mar 2018 19:05:22
Was difficult for United coming off a league winning season with Fergie. Arsenal are at their lowest and the only way is up really.



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