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18 Feb 2018 20:08:20
Whats all this crap with VAR this weekend, just because it was man utd. It is being introduced to help get decisions right. It got that one right. The play was allowed to go on and after the move and goal, it went to the video and it was off side. The linesman couldn't have got it right and in this day and age vid technology did. It shouldn't have been a goal, by the letter of the law it was off side. It would have been a goal talked about as being offside, the linesman can't be expected to see that but technology did. Correct decisions its what we want to see not wrong ones. For once it really is black and white.

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18 Feb 2018 21:49:26
For every tough call VAR gets wrong it will get 100 right with the occasional debatable technicality.
No human being could ever hope be so accurate in a split second with often an unclear view as VAR so how can it be anything but good news.

18 Feb 2018 23:53:13
Agree gunner, 1 inch offside is unacceptable with an human being and not consistent or achievable consistently but technology can do that for every situation.

19 Feb 2018 01:56:34
By the way for all, 1 inch was a figure of speech. Technology is accurate, humans can't be.

19 Feb 2018 03:59:25
I think the on-screen graphic with the squint, squiggly lines kind of made a mockery of the whole thing. Apparently they just broadcast the wrong image, and the squint squiggly line image had nothing to do with the decision, though where it arose from wasn't mentioned. Right decision, but the rest was a farce.

19 Feb 2018 08:20:34
The fact is Steve our brain makes assumptions based on what it thinks happened and all convince ourselves it's what we really did see or hear.
Captain Kirk never ever said beam me up Scotty but almost everyone remembers him saying it loads of times and during an American basketball game a man ran across the court in a gorilla suit on live TV but a third of those watching didn't notice him in real time and we're stunned when shown the replay how they could have possibly have not seen him at the time.
For years football was all about real time and what the ref saw or missed so did the majority of the public but now days with so many caramas at every professional game technology has given us all the luxury of a second chance of forming a correct opinion it seems crazy that the only person we would refuse that luxury to is the person making the decision.

19 Feb 2018 13:24:04
As someone who is also a big fan of Rugby and Cricket i am somewhat cautious over the use of VAR in football as at times I think its getting close to spoiling both games and i don't want to see the same happening to football. Of course getting major decisions right is important, which is why the goal-line technology in football is brilliant as it not only removes all doubt, but more importantly it makes the decision quickly. This is my fear, as in rugby and Cricket, the games can get horribly slowed as the crowd wait and wait for a VAR decision after its referred. It seems (probably correctly) that once a decision has been referred it becomes of the most utmost importance that it has to be the right decision, and you subsequently end up waiting 3,4 or even 5 minutes for the VAR to view the event in multiple angles in slow-mo, super slow-mo etc until a final decision is made. This might be OK in cricket (yes for a wicket, but not just to decide if the fielder stopped it being a 4 or not etc) , but its not in Rugby (IMO) and its certainly not in Football. I do like how in rugby the referee still dictates the play and can therefore dictate the VAR question (any reason why i can't award this as a try) and perhaps that's the way football needs to go, perhaps also with a time limit? IE Each time a decision is referred the VAR has 1 minute to clearly identify an incorrect decision and therefore a change is required otherwise the original onfield decision stays? Also, i fear we will also end up with players running up to the referee demanding VAR to every decision going forward, which I seem to recall happened recently in a FA cup tie, when it appeared that after Salah went down in the box and he and a few other Liverpool players complained the referee did in fact go back and refer to VAR. A penalty was subsequently awarded, which is fair enough, but because the other team perhaps felt the Liverpool players had persuaded the referee to refer from that moment onwards every tackle etc was met with players demanding the ref refer to VAR. Perhaps we should go down the MLS route where I think each manager gets 1 or 2 challenges during the game, and if successful the decision is both overturned and they keep their challenge, and if not they lose the challenge (which is how its done in cricket) ?

19 Feb 2018 14:01:04
Epping mate if I'm honest I was quite happy with the referee being fallible, I've always felt refs mistakes evened themselves up over a season both for and against each team. Players don't get every pass shot tackle right so why should they the manager or the fans expect the person in the middle to be perfect? But they do unfortunately.
So in this modern micro analytic world we live in VAR is the best of a bad job. Understanding accept fans players managers pundits would be ideal but unfortunately those days are gone for now at least.

19 Feb 2018 17:50:01
The point is, we need as many decisions to be correct as we can. If you win win fairly and if you lose, likewise. The bigger teams always get the decision so the more we can even it out the better for everyone.

19 Feb 2018 19:57:02
If fairness is what we are after Steve we could do worse than make diving as unacceptable as deliberate fouls.
Refs are only human but I think all do thier best to get it right but their life would be made much easier if the people who moan about them most didn't encourage and allow thier players to try and con them into making mistakes.
Pretty hypocritical to moan about the ref getting it wrong but to encourage trying make him do just that by allowing driving from your players.
If an obvious dive carried a mandatory 5 game ban plus 1 further match from their club to show support diving would soon be a thing of the past.



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