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16 Feb 2018 21:32:45
Bellerin talking on about arsenal tv today. What a Twinkie.

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16 Feb 2018 21:47:02
I thought he was talking at the Oxford Union and moaning about Arsenal TV.

16 Feb 2018 22:44:19
Yeah that’s what I meant. Twinkie.

17 Feb 2018 07:45:13
He’s a little bit precious, I guess fans aren’t allowed to say it like it is. Surely Wenger’s saying the same thing to them. 🤔.

17 Feb 2018 12:08:42
Make you right Stoner mate, like Hector says the players don't take any notice of or have any interest in what the fans think of them.
If they want to avoid everyone who is talking about them in a less than complementary way, best they don't leave the house, take the plug off their TV radio stay away from the Internet and cancel all newspapers and magazines.
I like Hector but he's definitely scored an own goal here.

17 Feb 2018 13:29:31
The constant stick they get of MSM is far worse. But maybe the idiot fans who passionately follow the club around have no right to speak. Calling them not true fans when we constantly hear Merson slag the club off because it’s obvious sour grapes and Wenger didn’t want a piss can in the dressing room.

17 Feb 2018 13:50:22
Merson and Adams are full of sour grapes

I like Keown - no BS and talks the truth. Balanced opinion and I love hearing Bob Wilson speak although he tows the Arsenal line a bit but a true gentleman who doesn’t bad mouth the club and shows respect.

17 Feb 2018 14:14:39
Wrighty is the man in my opinion, he loves the club trys his best to be respectful to Arsene but like any true fan can't always control his passion overtaking his loyalty and saying it exactly as it is.
I would really enjoy a pint with Wrighty and listen to him on the bits we disagreed on and maybe just maybe see things from a different angle afterwards but some explayers who simply tow the party line beyond reality would simply bore me in under a minute where I'd make my excuses and leave.
I wonder if it even crosses the minds of the player that if those fans they complain about lost their passion for the club and stopped caring that thier lifestyle would no longer be possible.

17 Feb 2018 14:52:14
Wrighty is my favourite . Absolutely love the guy.

17 Feb 2018 17:20:44
Wrighty definitely mine too, Henry isn’t afraid to say it how it is either.

Do you think they read this page too? 😂.

17 Feb 2018 17:51:57
If you read this page, count me in for a pint with you and 62.

Would also like to ask Bould what the he’ll he does - bring him along too!

17 Feb 2018 17:57:23
I just love wrightys energy and general lovable personality. Henry obviously a better player and I like the guy as well . But no Ian Wright. I’m not to sure as to what went on in the early days but I think one of wengers first rules were diet and actually making football players behave like professionals. I think he may have been one of the first to implement it in the Prem at the time as there was a bigger drinking culture back then. Be interesting to hear ed01 opinion on that and how the culture has changed in general over the last decade or so. I know that kind of topic is a bit of a forte of ed01.

{Ed001's Note - you are right, he introduced a diet plan and brought in players who had lived more professionally, to help him change the drinking culture, as well as educating the players there about their lifestyle choices. He never forced change on them, some such as Parlour continued to go out regularly, but just gradually it sort of faded away as the players realised that physically the new boys he brought in were on another level.

Back then every player would knock off training and go to the pub, sometimes just for a couple of drinks, but on certain days it would be a proper bender. You even had a manager such as Peter Reid stopping the team bus after a bad defeat outside a pub and ordering all the players in and getting them all hammered before they were allowed to leave!

Wenger, on the other hand, would educate his players on the choices they make and explaining why having a water, for instance, is better after training than a beer. He is very big on educating players to make the right choices, rather than forcing players to do the right thing. Which is why you still get players now choosing to get bevvied when they should be resting and recuperating.}

17 Feb 2018 18:13:27
At the hull fa cup final at halftime once the singing of Ian Wright wright wright stopped I shouted to him get your boots on! Your coming on 2nd half he gave a big thumbs up! I wasn’t joking though lol the rest is history great comeback I think he went and put a rocket up that side ha top bloke.

17 Feb 2018 18:29:08
Wouldn't it be brilliant SY mate, if ever Wrighty gives me and invite I'll ask him to make a plus one for us both mate.
Strangely enough someone else I think any of us would have a really enjoyable couple of hours over a pint with is Arsene himself, away from the cameras in a relaxed atmosphere i thin Arsene would be interesting and really brilliant company.
Ok we would have agree to dither on loads of stuff about Arsenal and how things are done in think we'd find loads of comomn ground too.
On a personal level I think Arsene is a really nice and interesting human being who whenever I've heard him talk about things other than football or anything that doesn't in anyway involve Arsenal and his job I really enjoy his sense humility and compassion once the conversation doesn't involve himself his players or Arsenal performances.

{Ed001's Note - he really is a genuinely nice guy g62, very charming and intelligent. A real gentleman as well.}

17 Feb 2018 18:47:03
Thanks a lot for the reply ed! I knew you would know. That’s the thing that has been very hard personally with the Wenger in/ our argument of years gone by. I’m now of the out opinion but it’s broke my heart because although I have never met Wenger I could just tell what a beautiful person Wenger is, you can see his passion and creating players, giving people a chance and from what I’ve heard think he has a lovely philosophy on football, at a time it worked and was revolutionary at the time. He built a team that took on United, and let’s face it united were huge and the prem was pretty much a one horse race. As time has gone on his ideas have been taken on and football has evolved and lost him in time a bit. That’s why I have taken exception at people who have called him a liar or an idiot or lots of other nasty and not just on here, I’ve heard people on the terraces wish him dead! That’s what I can’t take I just want him to go out with some respect because he really deserves that. But I want him to go and in the summer. Sorry arsene I love you mate but nows the time my friend.

{Ed001's Note - I am lucky enough to have met him and me ma has met him a number of times as she often had to travel for work on the same train the Arsenal squad caught for North East games when she lived near Darlington. She will tell you he was an absolute gent, who made sure the players never bothered her or her workmates on the journey.

As for me, I can't speak highly enough of him as an erudite football obsessive. Times have caught him up, but he moved to an England that was still in the Medieval long ball era and revolutionised things. The problem is that everyone else, pretty much, has gone further, while he is still doing the same things as he did. Or rather was until the last couple of seasons when change has been pretty much forced on him. New training regimes etc which have brought improved fitness and lower injury problems. If only it had happened 10 years ago!}

17 Feb 2018 19:16:39
Despite what happens - I am a Wenger fan and I know he’s very intelligent guy and loves our club as much as us. It would be an interesting glass of red with Wenger. Lots of time for that gentleman.

17 Feb 2018 19:35:31
I know ed. Footballs a funny old game. Regardless of how it pans out it’s safe to say in my opinion he is the second greatest manager of the prem era. Then I think you have mourinho and benetez on a joint third. The new master pep is here with all the perfect tools at his disposal and new boys klopp and poch coming into the fold. Will arsenal pick the right man next or do we have to kiss a few frogs first. Thanks for your insight ed.

{Ed001's Note - you have got the right men in place for the next 'head coach' not to be the most vital piece any more, so it should not be a big deal either way now.}

17 Feb 2018 19:37:32
Never had the pleasure of meeting Arsene on a personal level Ed001 mate, I remember you telling us how you and Arsene used to share a Tailor and your experience of meeting him on a personal level, like you every single person I've spoken to who has had the pleasure of meeting Arsene away from the cameras and every single one has nothing but kind words to say about there experience.
I know some people will find it difficult to believe but I really really like Arsene Wenger the man very very much and sometimes on a human level I feel desperately sorry for him, it's just that I don't think he is or has been the right man to be our manager for a long time now and I do get very frustrated and embarrassed for him by some of the nonsense he comes out with in front of the camera, but Arsenal aside I'm a very big Arsene Wenger fan.

{Ed001's Note - it is a shame to watch him now, it is clear he allowed love for the club to blind him to the right time to leave. He probably should have taken the money Man City waved under his nose for years.}

17 Feb 2018 19:49:27
I would love for Arsene to leave this summer and to go to somewhere like PSG and win the champions league next season, I just what's best for Arsenal and Arsene but unfortunately don't think the two are any longer compatible.

17 Feb 2018 19:51:41
Lots think he is a money grabbing under achiever - nice to hear he turned down loads of cash to stay with us. Must kill him to look back and see players leave for a city etc plus not remembered for what he’s done as the past 10 years have cast a large shadow. The irony is, we’ve had a fair share of silverware over the past 5 years but that’s overshadowed due to expectation and never competing for the league.

I have changed my mind on Europa having read the above - I hope he wins that and retires so that he gets some European glory. Fingers crossed.

17 Feb 2018 20:44:12
Deep down SY mate I think very very few Arsenal fans actually dislike Arsene Wenger the man, it's his ability to manage Arsenal in today's game that devices us.
The fa cup was huge when I was a kid I remember me and my mates disagreeing over whether we'd prefer to win the cup or the league, over expposure of football on TV and the money that has comes through champions league and premier league participation has lead to many teams fielding second 11 team in the cup and prioritising top 4, premier league survival or promotion to the premier league over winning or having a good cup run.
In the moden game its all about winning the premier league and failing that fighting for it at the very least for all big clubs, on this Arsene unfortunately has been found to be consistently no longer capable.
I would love Arsene to do a Fergie and announce his retirement as our manager long before the summer so we could all get on with the job of turning every game between now and the end of the season into a celebration of all things Arsene Wenger regardless of results.

17 Feb 2018 20:52:48
He probably should of ed! But surely that’s a testament to the man that he is. I can imagine that he has been at some point the most desirable manager in world football. I’m very happy to hear that you think the changes have been positive ed. I have no in depth knowledge of the game but I’m very satisfied with the two changes I know about and most certainly mislinstat. Do you think football is going to show that appointments like that are going to be as vital as managers moving forward?

{Ed001's Note - in my opinion they are more important and have always been as important. You only have to look at how Liverpool fell, most people who don't look closely will miss the correlation between the stupidity of the board forcing out the greatest scout the club ever had, Geoff Twentyman, and the sudden failings in recruitment, which resulted in the club losing its way. If you do not recruit well, then you are fighting a losing battle trying to win trophies.

Then having a guy who works closely with the recruitment to ensure that the right type of players are bought and the right type of manager to use them are (in theory) put together is vital.

While recruiting good players is necessary, they need to be the right type of players. No good having two lumps at the back who hoof it out when you are playing possession football, for instance. No point signing the best wingers in the world if the manager you are appointing plays without wingers.

Too many teams fall down in these areas and just try and recruit the best players they can afford. Swansea, Everton and West Brom spring to mind. Swansea's summer signing Sam Clucas is an excellent player but utterly unsuited to the style of play Paul Clement wanted to play and so struggled early on. Now Carvalhal has changed the style of play he fits perfectly.

If Man City went and signed Oblak he would not improve them, even though he is a better keeper than Ederson, he simply does not fit their style of play. Arsenal have been guilty of the same problems for far too long, since Wenger decided small technical players was the way to go, he left behind the balanced teams he used to employ. Now you have someone to be stood back looking from afar who should notice that lack of balance and work to fix it.}



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