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12 Feb 2018 14:00:28
Wenger " aubamayang signing has affected Lacazettes confidence "
It would be comical, if it wasnt so serious, the fact he has made another ludicrous statement about a problem he caused.

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12 Feb 2018 14:21:29
Solah has to be the best signing of the season While Lacasette has to in conteion for biggest disappointment signing of the season as Xhaka was last season.
What links these two players and their poor return on investment?
Just wondering did Arsene shed any light on this subject :-)

12 Feb 2018 14:59:26
I don't Lacazette has been that bad so far ok the goals have dried up a bit but he has suffered because the team have struggled as whole to create enough chances. He did very nearly nick a point for us on Saturday afterall. I think Wenger should try and get him in team to play a deeper role behind Auba. For god sake please drop Iowbi.

12 Feb 2018 15:12:44
My problem gunner as well, for me xhaka has never performed since day one, so for me he was a bad buy and has never improved. Laca was a great buy and showed what he could do and has been dismantled.

12 Feb 2018 15:55:16
Steve, Lacazettes confidence has taken a bigger hit by being subbed every game and then benched. Definitely a Wenger caused problem.

12 Feb 2018 16:26:36
These "opinions" are verging on the ridiculous now. And yes, they are just opinions, conveniently stated as fact.

I get that there are more than a few people who would like to see the back of Wenger, but blaming him for everything, including your car breaking down, your wife leaving you, your dog eating it's own poo, and Lacazette not scoring is preposterous.

Laca is an adult, earning at least a 100K per week. So he's subbed before 90 minutes, big deal. Isn't that an opportunity for him to work harder and make himself more indispensable? Or are you guys suggesting that he's so weak willed and fragile that he can't find a 100K per week reason to try harder?

12 Feb 2018 16:47:39
No sharpe, i think we are saying, he has been badly managed by a bloke who has lost his touch with reality and allows crap players with no ability to play every week and are, like wenger, not accountable for being crap. Auba was not the reason for lacas loss of form, what a rediculous thing to say in the circumstances. I did say earlier laca may not be mentally the strongest but again, that should have been managed better.

12 Feb 2018 17:31:03
What Wenger ACTUALLY said:

“For him, one against one with the keeper, he is a good goalscorer, ” Wenger said. “He has gone through difficult periods before. He works hard in training, works on his finishing. I don’t know what happened, did he not touch the ball well? It can happen, it is a fraction of a second. Maybe the confidence is not at its highest because he has seen a competitor coming in for him. ”

Wenger did point out that Lacazette’s other work was productive, as he asked people to give him a chance.

“He created two chances today. That is a quality as well. He will score goals. He is a goalscorer, he scored goals in his whole career. He will score again. ”

The above was copied from a newspaper where the headlines read:
"Arsene Wenger admits Arsenal’s Alexandre Lacazette short of confidence after Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang arrival"

So a "maybe" becomes an admission according to that newspaper and apparently the rest of you too. All of you do enough moaning about click-bait so forgive me if I find your quote to be self serving and ludicrous.

12 Feb 2018 18:23:07
Sharpe, its not what wenger says, its what he has done or not done with laca. I initially made a post back in October about wengers treatment of laca and what i thought. I don't think he has handled him well and for him to blame a player coming in is typical wenger. He is doing the same with kolasinac but we are yet to see his excuse for his loss of form.

12 Feb 2018 18:29:53
Sharpe i have said enough times, i don't like wenger or what he say because he is never responsible for anything. I personally hold him responsible for Lacazettes form and i am far from alone on that one. If you think he has done a good job with him, then i respect that.

12 Feb 2018 19:45:50
Steve, most things need to have some basis in fact. And I don't mean facts according to Steve.

"It's not what Wenger says"? Really? So why quote something out of context entirely? You did it with the express intention of letting us all know, yet again, that you don't like Wenger. Regardless (or oblivious) to the fact that you were using the quote out of context.

"And for him to blame the player" - I didn't read ANY WHERE that he "blamed" the player. The only person responsible for Laca's form is Laca. Top players perform regardless of what their manager says, allegedly says, does, or allegedly does. They perform because they respect their craft and because they respect the fans who make it possible for them to earn millions a year. They perform because they have a sense of self worth and above all else, pride.

I don't have any issues with you disliking Wenger, but I take offence when you decide that anyone who doesn't think like you, "has their head in the sand".

You guys go entire transfer windows talking about click-bait, and here you are quoting a headline from one such click-bait article.

On the one hand you insinuate that Wenger never holds himself accountable for anything, and on the other, you want everyone, who will listen, to know that Wenger runs the club from top to bottom. Read that again and let it sink in how ridiculous that sounds.

If you're going to say that he's always blaming the ref, or divers or off-side decisions, then every manager in the league does this - even the ones that have a commanding 16 point lead. This isn't a trait exclusive to Wenger.

12 Feb 2018 20:17:35
While wenger mever mentioned his name, it was obvious that it was auba and for meche is making smoke screens.

12 Feb 2018 20:32:59
I respect what you are saying, i don't agree but that's what it is all about. I don't care about other managers, some actually do take some of the blame themselves as well. Its the smokescreens wenger puts up all of the time which is tiresome. Probably one of the reasons he is so stubborn and has got himself into the position he is now. He used to have a lot of backers outside arsenal but they are slowly diminishing, they probably have a more neutral view than us. I can't help it i'm afraid if i'm at the point where i despise him for srltill being our manager. I don't apologies for that.



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