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03 Feb 2018 03:58:19
The Wilshere contract situation amazes me. He has been our most impressive performer recently and yet we offer him a lower basic salary than he wa on, whilst we give inconsistent Ozil a whopping £350,000 a week and injured Cazorla's deal was extended by a year and even now Wenger is talking of giving him a deal.
If we lose Wilshere, what will it cost to replace him?

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03 Feb 2018 08:03:06
We've paid Jack a lot of money to sit in the stands for a lot of years, I don't think a pay cut until he proves his fitness over a season unreasonable. Caz as with Mertesacker Artetta Rosicky is ridiculous jobs for the boys stuff and that has been a big part of our downfall over the years. Cosy contacts sum up the lack of fighting mentality at the club.

03 Feb 2018 08:21:36
You have to remember that in the summer a lot of people on this site was critical of wilshere high wages and his injury record. That includes yourself, you often mention Wenger 'socialist' wage structure. What we have to remember about wilshere is that he has still has a lot to prove. Yes he has a good few months but can he do it season after season.

Wenger gets a lot of critism but one thing he does is stick by his players and gives them a chance. I think wilshere has a lot of lives at arsenal and I think the contract offer from arsenal is fair. If he wants more money or a longer deal then he needs to earn it. We can't keep hold of player just because they have had a good few weeks. If there is any player that we should take a risk on, it should be wilshere. Just because he has come back through the ranks and his love for arsenal. But we can't keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

If he wants to stay then sign the contract. If he wants more money then start showing consistent form season after season. If money is the reason that he leaves then he can go. Too many players at our club are happy to accept a wage and then give up when we really need them. I hope he stays but not too fussed if he doesn't.

03 Feb 2018 08:31:46
I don’t think it’s fair to use injurys as an excuse but that as you say is probably a deciding factor in all this . I think he should be paid the same and made club captain.

03 Feb 2018 09:39:24
Wenger's socialist wage policy has evaporated as transfer fees have increased incredibly. What is a fit Wilshere with a long contract worth? £60m possibly? So to replace him will cost £60m, plus high wages. To keep him, could cost say £120,000 a week, £6m a year. His injuries have mainly been impact ones, so to protect him play him further forward where he has to do less tackling and buy a couple of proper DM's.

03 Feb 2018 09:51:41
The thing is if we give Jack a new 5 year deal on the same or more money and then he has yet another long term injury we will all be up in arms at the stupidity of judging his fitness on a couple of good months rather than 5 incredibly unfortunate years of mainly being unavailable.
People can argue that injury can happen to any player which is true of course but the easiest and best way of judging the future is the past not just for Jack but for everyone.
Ledley King was an outstanding player but despite everyone's efforts he just couldn't stay fit.
If Jack loves Arsenal as much as everyone says he will back himself take the pay cut and will over the doubters and if he leaves on a free for a few dollars more then maybe just maybe his love wasn't as deep as he and others have claimed it to be over the years?
If it was me in Jacks position I'd jump at the chance to prove myself and prove my love and show it wanted to give back to a club who paid me a fortune for 5 years when I wasn't available. Yes I think it's a very reasonable ask from the club of a player who has cost us in the past 5 years how much per game available?

03 Feb 2018 10:23:08
Play Jack further forward in place of who? Mesut! :-)
And make him yet one more Arsenal player who doesn't do that defending thing?
Wow we will soon be the first team ever to play a 0 0 0 11 formation taking kick with a huge punt forward and all 11 players rush the keeper :-)
Not being funny RG but we can't keep making allowances for what people can't do, we need players who either can or don't belong in our team if hhinga are to improve.

03 Feb 2018 11:10:37
@rg61 you was extremely critical of jack situation not to long ago. Saying how he was how can we have and injury prone player on such high wages.

The argument of playing jack wilshere in a higher position is ridiculous. It won't make him less injury prone. He's fortunate that he's still an arsenal player. He could've been discarded last year and forget about getting an England call up and a possible world cup spot.

If you look at the past comments on whilshere on this page, the majority wanted to get rid of him, which includes yourself. He's lucky Wenger stuck by him. Good player but so much left to prove.

03 Feb 2018 11:43:18
I think that's the thing Pretender14 mate, we should all be happy for Jack to have the platform to WIN a new contract rather than simply be given one like so many have in the past.
Jack is staying fit right now which is excellent news but is it all good fortune?
Is he doing things a little differently off the pitch now that his future at Arsenal or big club is in the ballance?
For years Jack was accepted as our future regardless of his behaviour on and off the field but since his future has become uncertain he seems to have become more focused, would sudden security see him revert back to his old ways?
Maybe a season of having to prove himself for the first time ever since the age of 14 would be the turning point in a career that has up till now been blighted by injury and indiscretion.
A grown up responsible Jack Wilshire might be what we've all been waiting for, keep him hungry for a bit longer so his new attitude beds in and becomes a way of life rather than make the same mistakes as with Theo who always seemed to play well at new contract time.



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