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01 Feb 2018 08:50:07
Happy new year everyone :-)
Well the Window came and went and for once we were in Arsene's words Active!

On a personal note I was gutted to see Olly and Le Coq go although I understand it was impossible to keep Oly and sign Aumbameyang so it was the right call.
Le Coq really puzzles me as we were already week in the cmf department and he was our only defense minded midfielder so letting him go without an upgrade seems bizarre to me.
Theo? It had to happen, yes he's way and above Iwobi standard but with the greatest respect in the world there a few premier league players who aren't currently above Iwobi standard right now, Theo wasn't playing and how long could we continue to wait for him to deliver that potential he arrived with 12 years ago?
Sanchez obviously it would have been brilliant if he'd wanted to stay but he didn't and in the end we made the best of a less than brilliant situation we'd allowed to happen.
On the players coming in Aumbameyang is a fantastic signing I never thought for a moment he would come to us in our current situation on and off the field, but here he is and I'm sure he will soon have us all declaring him our new best player, I've got really good vibes about this one.
Mkhitarain? I'm not so sure about hopefully we will see the best of him that utd didn't, time will tell, but considering we were going to lose Sanchez for zilch in the summer it's hard to see how getting Mkhitarain out of losing Sanchez in the end wasn't a result.
So in conclusion 4 players out 2 players in doesn't bode well for a team that is struggling to even stay on the coatials of the top 4 contender's,
The first 11 might be slightly stronger with a happy Aumbameyang replacing an unhappy Sanchez but the squad looks decidedly short in everywhere but attack and defensively we are looking more and more fragile with every passing month.
I'm not sure we are going to see any real improvement in results because of this window but neither do I think it will do us any harm to have a couple of new faces in the dressing-room.
Really happy about Mesut staying that is way and above the best news coming out of Arsenal for some time in my opinion, class in grass.

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01 Feb 2018 09:43:45
Couldn’t agree more posted something very similar yesterday. We have lost 3 good squad players in Walcott le coq and giroud.

We have hardly spent any money but people seem to be happy. Why when we are so short do we have to sell a player to gain one.

We need to strengthen not replace. We still have the same shambles in defence.

Didn’t think evens was the man to get but would of added some well needed old school defending we need.

It’s always exciting to get someone like auba come to the club but is he any better than Sanchez?

01 Feb 2018 09:46:50
Welcome back mate, you have been missed. I saw a photo of Aubamayang, Ozil, Miki and Lacazette all together and I can’t imagine any other club wouldn’t mind that.

So if they can score 10 between them per game we’ll be fine. 😜.

01 Feb 2018 10:11:42
Good to see you back 62. hope all is well. :-)

01 Feb 2018 10:14:51
Hi Gibbo Johnny Evans wasn't anyones dream signing but how could he have made our defence worse?
Personally I don't think it matters too much who we do or don't sign as although there are obvious weaknesses in our players the problem goes far beyond the players quality.
Theo said on joining Everton " I'm looking forward to playing for a manager who is hungry for success and that's what impressed me most about coming to Everton "
I'm not sure if that was a dig at Arsene but Arsene isn't a hungry for success although he would like it of course.
Arsene has nothing to prove to anyone his career record speaks for itself and he doesn't need to be successful to keep his job because of what he's done in the past.
For me that is the real problem we have the safest manger in football history and that has to effect his ability to stay loyal to Xhaka Iwobi and others, if Arsenes job depended on the players delivering i doubt Xhaka or Iwobi would still be in our 25 man squad let alone starting 11.

01 Feb 2018 10:17:38
Hi Stoner mate totally agree up top we look impressive to say the least, as they say in the films " whatever you do don't look down " :-)

01 Feb 2018 10:28:39
Welcome back mate. You have been missed.

01 Feb 2018 11:09:55
Cheers Sanogo mate, I thought I would give the January window a miss simply because I know some people enjoy the buzz of optimism it brings and I haven't been the most optimistic Arsenal fan over the past 3 or 4 seasons ( not sure if you noticed:-) and didn't want to rain on everyone's hopes and dreams with my usual less than optomisic views :-)
Nothing much has changed during my January subatical on the pitch, we fantastically beat Chelsea over 2 legs to reach another Wembley final which is excellent :-) yet lost to Forest Bournemouth and Swansea which was not quite so excellent :- ( same old same old on a month to month basis but over the season if we were to win the league cuo and europa league ( which we have to go for 100% now) then it won't be an absolutely awful season even if we fishish outside the top 4 which seems increasingly more likely the longer the season goes on, but personally I'd rather win the Europa league than simply make up the champions league numbers with yet another last 16 exit, 8 on the trot was quite enough of those for me for a while ;-)
Hi Nes mate I'm good ta mate and hope you are too Geeza.

01 Feb 2018 11:14:20
Like you say Ozil re-signing was the best business of the window but most likley we could only offer him 350k PER week once Sanchez left and Giroud and walcott left (Walcott in paricular was also a high earner) .

Aumbameyang will score goals for sure but it is not straighforward mix in trying to fit him in the side with Lacazette Ozil and Mikh. without leaving our midfield even more exposed on the counter.

We need more than anything a good DM. Letting Le coq was a strange one but Wenger mo longer fancied him much and he wanted 1st team action. Nither Xhaka, Ramsey, Wilshire or Elneny are the answer to the DM role. Maybe Chambers or Maitland Miles could become a good DM but we need somebody established now.

It not good having top class forward players if defensivly you are just so fragile.

01 Feb 2018 11:40:27
The thing is and I have said before that I value both yours and Steve’s opinion and more often than not agree. A valued member of this page imo. The thing about optimism and pessimism is that it’s a feeling and not factual. Believe me after years of trying to be optimistic about Arsenal it has eventually left me exhausted . I can see a change. Although we still have not invested in areas in dire need of an upgrade I can see that coming now. I’m sure if there was defensive players available at the correct price then something would have been done. I was for Evans coming in but as I stressed it was a stop gap and a quick fix to get us through to the summer. But 20 million for a 30 year old who would essentially be just that for 5 months is not the direction we should go. If he appears for 3 million in the summer for an experienced squad player then great. But we need long term solutions for CB and a new GK. also a dm and a winger. Jorginho of Napoli would be a good start.

01 Feb 2018 12:10:14
Didn’t say he would of made it worse. Said he would of added something we are missing that is old school defending.

Another thing to add are we the only club that celebrates when a player signs a new contract? With other clubs this is just natural.

The problems are deeper than the players. Lacca come here with one of the best goals to game ratio in Europe and because of the treatment from Wenger looks a broken man.

01 Feb 2018 12:26:09
Totally agree Sanogo optomisic or pessimistic everyone is entitled to their view and at the end of the day we are all Arsenal fans who want our club to be all it can be again, the only thing that really divides Arsenal fans is Arsene simply because some still can find optomisim with Arsene in charge while others have given up on Arsene ever again being able to make us all we could be in the modern game.
Arsene will go when Arsene is ready and not before I totally accept that and when he finally decides to go then I think we will see the fans unite and things really start to change at Arsenal football club, there will be no one standing in between the club and the fans keeping the peace so either the board will change their ways or face a totally united fan base that demands change from them.

01 Feb 2018 12:34:58
Sanogo you summed up my thoughts exactly. Evans Would have been a temp solution and for over 12m I get why we didn't go for it and January is always hard to get players. I am more optimistic for the summer as we know from ed the two new guys have been calling the shots. We've got rid of 3 guys who in all honesty weren't good enough for top 4. Although giroud could be debated I am a massive fan of his. And the 2 main players we got in are without a doubt brilliant additions. Let's hope they continue this squad rebuild in the summer.

01 Feb 2018 13:10:47
Welcome back 62 mate,
I think Iwobi will have a lot less games now we have Aubo-Lacca- ozil- and Mkhi.
And it was best for Walcott to move on as for Giroud he was a great plan B. But he wanted more especially the world cup near by. Wish them both well anyways.
And hopefully in the summer we will have a defence upgrade. And a goal keeper too.

01 Feb 2018 14:25:56
Hi Moe Mate, I don't think any of us expect to see title challenges from our current setup Team/ manager/ board anytime soon there just doesn't seem any real hunger for it or hurt from our lack of challenging from anywhere within the club, Sanchez seemed like the only one who couldn't handle our non competiveness and 400k or not the man wanted out of what Arsenal and Arsene call success.
That's why Mesut staying is so brilliant, because his moments of genius can make people smile even though things aren't great right now.
We are a club in limbo right now with no real sense of desire from anyone at the club to be the best we can possibly be again but winning cups and the odd win in games against Spurs Utd :-) plus Chelsea City Liverpool and Mesuts moments of magic certainly make the waiting for change to come more palatable that's for sure.

01 Feb 2018 14:46:59
gunner62, your alive! what's happened to Gunner62, you have lost your big G. Am i right not important but look look younger. Lol.

01 Feb 2018 20:50:05
Not sure where my big G went Steve but my guess is in room 101 with your thumbs mate :-)



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