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11 Jan 2018 18:16:44
In your opinions, IF Wenger leaves this summer, would arsenal football club be an appealing challenge to any decent manager with the issues we have at the moment. Player issues, money issues (or so were told) etc. I see it as an amazing opportunity for a manager to come in and set up a steady ship.

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11 Jan 2018 19:23:40
Im not too sure there are money issues but there are contract, player and coaching issues. i'm sure we can attract an ambitious potentially successful manager to this club. There is so much potential to improve in so many areas. It would be an attractive option to many.

11 Jan 2018 20:09:14
Steve, Per our accounts

The investment in transfers has resulted in a reduction in the Group’s total cash and bank balances which amounted to £180.1 million at the balance sheet date (2016 - £226.5million) . These balances are inclusive of debt service reserve deposits of £35.9 million (2016 - £35.4 million) . With a lower cash position, the Group’s overall net debt rose to £47.4 million

So rev nuke up and profits up due to broadcasting deal and new commercial deals but we only have 150m in cash which is considerably down on Last yesterday despite the tv deal. Plus we have liabilities to be met.

4th rate team with 4th rate transfer budget and 4th rate wage bill

Believe we are not underachieving and should be careful what we wish for but no harm in wishing! N.

11 Jan 2018 21:10:19
Sy4 ain't you the optimist with the 4th place/ rate . You Wenger die hard you 😜.

11 Jan 2018 21:15:59
Like i said no money problems. I don't believe to nearest pound your figures and i don't believe the figures on the internet the other day when we were ranked 2nd strongest team in the world behind citeh, with 300 mil in the bank. Figures are all distorted to suit. The truth is we have no money worries compared to others around us.

11 Jan 2018 21:22:17
So you don’t believe signed off statutory accounts. I give up.

11 Jan 2018 21:26:29
Thank god for that. Lol.

11 Jan 2018 21:42:39
Sy they are last years results. Compared to 99% of football teams the debt and the reserves are healthier than any prem team. Even accounting for those results wenger chose to start this season with a plus net spend, so i would presume so far our finances must have improved further, after the forecast from gazidis of even better growth this year. We, in financial terms are very healthy and if wenger stopped wasting money on crap defenders and crap midfielders, we could also be healthy on the field as well. We are very healthy.

11 Jan 2018 22:00:41
Period end was 31/ 5/ 17 - most recent accounts.

11 Jan 2018 22:11:22
With the possibility of an sanchez ozil and walcott leaving about £400,000 a weeks wages will be freed up as well. All in all a huge ammount of money available to invest in top quality replacements. i'm afraid i'm not hopefull wenger can successfully do that. His recent availability of money that he has invested on top players hasn't produced improvements on the pitch. He has spent (not including ozil and sanchez ) hundreds of millions on players, largely unsuccessfully.

11 Jan 2018 22:42:12
This is what over 1bn pounds gets you


First Division (2) : 1936-37, 1967-68

FA Cup (4) : 1903-04, 1933-34, 1955-56, 1968-69

League Cup (2) : 1969-70, 1975-76

European Cup Winners' Cup (1) : 1969-70


Premier League (2) : 2011-12, 2013-14

FA Cup (1) : 2010-11

League Cup (2) : 2013-14, 2015-16

City were almost relegated before the huge investments - that’s what we are up against

Until this season - I would say a pretty poor return.

12 Jan 2018 00:07:23
They are making progress aren't they. They have a manager with his finger on the pulse as well. What did all that have to do with us dropping down to where we stand in the league today, behind toots and liverpool in 6th.

12 Jan 2018 00:51:51
Plus sy you didn't reply to the original posters post. Lol.

12 Jan 2018 02:05:55
Arsenal is a great challenge for Wenger's eventual replacement. Wenger has taken the club to the brink of the elite and a manager coming in has funds to spend and the core of a decent squad. It will take a couple of windows to fill the spaces vacated by Ozil and Sanchez and to bring in 3 or 4 top players.
Simeone would be my first choice, assuming he has learnt to speak English. Age and ambition are on his side.

12 Jan 2018 09:17:55
sy4 seriously just look at the bigger picture. the worst is yet to come believe me. this will get verya nasty.

if stan is still here in 10years as a club we will be dead. no top4 again will hopefully shake the apple cart.



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