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15 Dec 2017 13:03:45
This is probably unpopular opinion, but i think Wenger doesn't get enough credit. With the squad he currently has, i consider it a minor miracle we're still in the mix for the 3rd or 4th position in the table.

We see frequently how managers can make their teams play well for a period of time. Some can make it last for 10 games, some half a season and a few can go on to have a strong whole season. What follows is a bad run of form that they can't turn around and the ultimate climax is a sacking.

Not Wenger. He has always managed to get us competitive again after a bad bunch of results. Last season he changed the formation successfully when we were dropping points. It's these tweaks and changes that most managers can't perform that Wenger is used to producing consistently.

What he has failed to do though in recent years, is recruiting of better players. Year by year the squad becomes worse and worse with too similar players sharing too similar traits. This is probably the worst squad he has in his disposal during his Arsenal time and while he keeps getting relatively good results out of his players, the overall quality is just not enough to make a real title challenge.

With this in mind, i'm very optimistic by our recent signings Sven Mislintat and Raul Sanllehi. Can they turn the trend of the overall quality of our squad decreasing? I have no doubt they can if they are allowed to do so. Wenger's arsenal future may still be saved if he concentrates on working with the players we have and let's other people worry about the ins and outs.

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15 Dec 2017 14:09:11
If you had guardiola or Conte right now you would be challenging for the league in my opinion, you have a very good squad with a outdated manager. Imagine what pep guardiola could do with Sanchez, ozil, Wilshire etc while getting the best out of your defence.

15 Dec 2017 16:27:59
You don't think he gets enough credit for the crap squad. That he put together.

15 Dec 2017 16:32:13
The problem is that this is Wenger's squad and he is responsible for putting it togther. It is clearly imbalanced with a lack of tall, athletic CB's and DM players. He has kept some players at the club far too long. Yes, he has of course kept us in the top four, for all but one season and in recent seasons he has won cups.
I have a feeling that the fans are restless as they have become almost bored, due to a lack of change and having to see the same errors time and time again.

There used to be a saying that a club must change 3 or 4 main players every season or ther manger every 3 seasons. If in the summer we had purchased two or three more players and released the likes of Debuchy, Ospina, Chambers and Walcott, then Wenger would have kept the fans on side.

Indeed, in the match against West Ham we started with a team comprised entirely of players at the club last season. If we had brought in Nzonzi and a top CB, the fans would have been happier and the team stronger. To think, we actually made a transfer profit during the last window, when we could easily have spent the £200m or so in the bank and strengthened the team considerably.

15 Dec 2017 16:33:40
Totally agree iceman this squad Arsene has inherited and had thrust upon him is pretty poor, I mean what's he supposed to do with Xhaka? Absolutely no chance of getting anywhere near what the bloke who bought him paid for him, Theo 28 year old with potenial and a grossly inflated contract that leaves poor Arsene with the mess to sort best he can, and what about the team mentality he's inherited too? He can't be expected to change that quickly can he, tactics formation a CMF and defence that makes soft scoop ice-cream look like fairground rock.
Our two best players about to leave on free transfers? What's Arsene supposed to do with that?
Poor old Arsene what a mess he's inherited from?
Non other than Himself
Goethe Bruce are far to far in the past to pin the mess on and even the naughty naughty stadium can't carry this can or the Chelsea and City billionaire owners because they didn't for Arsene to pay 34 million for Xhaka or pay Theo a kings ransom for being average and neither did they allow Sanchez and Ozil contracts to run down and to my knowledge they have never once picked or motivated our team leaving Lacazette and Sanchez out in big game's.
Do I do see where your coming from Iceman.

15 Dec 2017 17:18:52
iceman no disrespect but its one of the most out of touch posts I have ever read in my life. sorry mate but wow.

15 Dec 2017 17:36:26
The whole point was that Wenger is good with working what he has got but can't himself assemble a squad capable of winning the title. Maybe i wasn't clear enough or didn't understand your replies Steve. r and Gunner62 as English is not my native language but it seemed like you were missing the point.

Wenger should not be responsible for building the squad. Instead i rate him as a coach only. At least that's my opinion.

As for Pep Guardiola i think he is a very good coach to have when he has a good team like city's. But could he get Coquelin and Giroud work in his system? He hasn't been tested like that yet so hard to say. I feel he wouldn't as well as Wenger with an inferior squad.

15 Dec 2017 17:37:04
What has Arsene achieved with 100% his own squad, no Bruce or George players what so ever in his team?
What's the best league finish a 100% Arsene Wenger team has achieved?
How many times has a 100% Arsene side got 80 + points?

15 Dec 2017 17:42:16
Derbygooner i would like to hear why do you think so.

15 Dec 2017 18:07:21
Iceman, from my point of view wenger is one the worst coaches in the prem. I personally think most of the coaches/ managers would get more out of even this squad, tjan him. He makes grave errors and is not proactive in any of his work.

15 Dec 2017 18:15:27
Iceman i a actually think a motivated, coached front three of sanchez, lacca and ozil, should be at least as good as citehs and they are not. Sometimes we look like we have no ideas how to attack. He puts out an out of balanced midfield. Our defence looks like they don't know what each other is doing and all of that is managed by wenger. I agree 100% with derby. Your post is baffling, wenger is the biggest problem why we don't put a challenge in year after year.

15 Dec 2017 18:33:42
Fair enough Steve. Obviously not even half of the season has been played but if we finish in the top 4 we have done very well given the quality of our squad. If we finish 6th or 7th i need to re-evaluate.

15 Dec 2017 19:35:31
Iceman i repect your support for wenger and as far as you are concerned he is still capable. As far as om concerned he isn't and is responsible.

15 Dec 2017 21:55:49
Iceman I think what your saying is Arsene is a restaurant owner come Chef who advertise a fantastic fish menu but always buys class two cod and turns it into a fairly decent fish fingers.
1 why does he buy class 2 cod in the first place
2 why always fish fingers and never fish cakes or fish pie or cod and chips even
The answer is as an owner buyer he's put of touch and as a chef he only knows one dish.

16 Dec 2017 06:00:35
Hey Iceman,

I’m off to Reykjavik in February, I know it’s not an answer to your question and I’m assuming you come from Iceland.

Going to try and see the lights. 😁.

20 Dec 2017 11:50:55
iceman i honestly do not know where to start and i don't have the energy anymore to argue or debate wenger at mass.

post at the end of the season and we can talk no problem mate.

{Ed007's Note - Arguing or debating with anyone while they're worshipping isn't right mate, even if it is your team's manager....



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