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03 Dec 2017 13:39:27
A spirited attacking performance by Arsenal was countered by a brilliant defensive performance by United and De Gea.

Arsenals defensive sloppiness with the ball and the failure of the midfield to get back and provide cover during the United counter attacks is indefensible and the blame must land squarely on both the individual players involved and the manager. These same mistakes were clearly evident when we played Huddersfield, we repeatedly lost the ball through misplaced passes and dwelling on the ball when under pressure and inviting the tackle. We got lucky in that match because of the lack of striking ability of Huddersfield, considering the number of times we handed over possession in dangerous areas of the pitch and failed to get numbers back to defend after the error, the final score flattered us.

The manager should have noted this behaviour and stopped it dead in its tracks during training sessions leading up to the United match, instead of which it continued unabated and Uniteds striking potentcy deservedly punished us.

Early on it was obvious we were doing this even before the goal but Wenger just sat on the bench rocking and wringing his hands with the occasional complaint to Boldsy. Mourinho by comparison was up from the very beginning and calling players over during every break in play to correct weaknesses, plug holes and modify strategy to counter Arsenal. The only time Wenger ever got up was when he wanted to sidle up to the third official for a whinge (often warranted I may add) .

Yes we had three clear penalties ignored, but the writing was on the wall from the 21st minute when Rojo was allowed to drag Lacazette over by the neck to stop him getting on the end of a squared ball in the box right in front of both the goal and the ref, there was not going to be a penalty given in the game however obvious it was.

We had great attacking pressure but failed to get the ball in the back of the net, partly because of one of the best goalkeeping performances I have ever seen as well as Uniteds determined defensive attitude to get something in the way to block everything they could but also because of our gradual predictably as the game wore on. Eventually we had 4 of the 5 players we ever play as a striker on the pitch at the same time but continued to try and play through the middle of an ever increasingly crowded defence. We never tried to get to the bye line and cross the ball in. If the players don't spot this on the pitch the manager needs to from the bench and then get directions to the team vary the angle of attack.

I agree that a manager cannot be held responsible for the occasional mistake by an individual player but they can be for a pattern of behaviour by a number of players across a number of matches and it is their job to fix it and Wenger repeatedly fails to do this.

The top teams in Europe all have proactive managers who work hard from the bench modifying tactics and correcting errors during matches and the very best also have a leader on the pitch who ensures the team follows the match plan and drives the players to excel on the pitch picking up on individuals poor play in real time and having an appropriate word, we have neither.

There are a lot of positives to take from what was a great game but ultimately we still lost it. The most entertaining team doesn't necessarily win the league. Giving away sloppy goals and then having a spirited come back makes for entertaining games but isn't a successful strategy for winning the league. We often start matches slowly or don't look up for matches against lesser opposition and the blame for this must rest with the management team whose job it is to prepare the team physically, mentally and tactically for the match.

In my opinion we will never challenge for the league with Wenger in charge and no leader on the pitch.

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03 Dec 2017 14:50:53
Post of the year

Well done Gunny.

03 Dec 2017 14:54:21
I watched the players walk out and thought how UN up for it they looked and I’ve no idea why anyone would be happy after yesterday’s performance, I’m not saying you are by the way, we lost to the rich Stoke City by doing what we continually do in games we need to win.

December 4th and we are yet again out of the title race, not for a minute have I believed we’d be in it once the new contract was signed so totally agree, we are never going to win it again with Wenger at the helm.

We have lost to City, lost to Liverpool, lost to U5hited, drew with Chelsea and beat a deflated spurs side. 4 points from a possible 15.

We are about to lose our best two players who are out of contract and will undoubtedly be leaving and probably to rivals yet again making us weaker, appalling management.

I really need reminding, what is there to celebrate, that shocking 20 minutes turned from the potential of being 1 point behind that dross to 7 points behind.

Yes nice effort, nice football, countless attempts on goal but it’s still the same old same old.

What exactly is this loss going to lead to, how or why does it take us forward?

Comments like if we play like this and we’ll be fine do my nut, fine for what, to avoid relegation or secure 4th place.

Fricking fabulous. 🙄.

03 Dec 2017 15:58:21
I don't think anyone is suddenly convinced Arsene is the future
Sanchez and Ozil will have a change of heart and stay
Kos Cech Monreal are going to all reverse the aging process and see their prime playing days again.
But 10 minutes in we looked set for yet another Arsenal meltdown but instead we saw spirit effort passion and fight that have all to often been embarrassingly abcent.
That's what everyone is pleased about.
We are not any closer to being competitive now than we have been for a decade but we have shown more fight since the city defeat and hopefully that will continue after yesterday's defeat too.
From where I'm standing with Arsene looking to be our manager for 2 years possibly even longer our best 2 players leaving and Kos and Cech in steady decline things aren't looking to rosy for the next few years ahead either but still the fight passion and effort against Spurs Utd and Burnley have been most welcome to see again.

03 Dec 2017 16:29:49
I think you’re all being harsh, on any other day that would have been 6-4, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Firstly the razor sharp attacking and finishing of United which was a step up from what we have seen so far (despite all the goals we have scored) but then the incredible pressure and misses of Arsenal. It as just one of those days for you.

03 Dec 2017 16:32:36
Agree Stoner,
Like I posted yesterday, hard to extraxt any positives from losing 1-3 at home to one of our nearest rival's.

Especially, as it was so self inflicted.

03 Dec 2017 18:10:16
I don't think it's hard to fine positives at all. I'm not forgetting the negatives and I agree it's that what we need to address. It really was one of those games where united were fortunate and got run of the green. Their first two goals were gifted and de gea put on a masterclass. He is by far their best player and if not for him the last few years they have had would be more embarrassing then they already were . If not for him they would have been hammered. In al fairness they could have got two more but we could have had ten. If any other keeper was in net they would have shifted 6-8 goals. It really was just one of those games.

03 Dec 2017 18:33:18
Were you an A* student at school, but happy to get a C- in your exam results? 😂.

03 Dec 2017 18:54:55
Not happy at all about it. The result didfnt suprise me at all . On another night it could have been 6-0 to us. Forget the mistakes because on another night united could have missed those oppertunities. It wasn't like the other gutless defeats we encountered or like been tortured by Liverpool or outclassed by city. There's only one team winning the league and from 2nd to 4th is up for grabs. Yes we won't have the ability to kick on under the current regimes but I think united, chelsea, Liverpool and to some extent spurs that are all in the same boat.

03 Dec 2017 19:09:17
I hear you Bruv 😁.

03 Dec 2017 19:45:57
I think the point is we have slipped from being a A student, we haven't been that for a very long time.
I think we ate a b- with all the potential to be an A+ once again.
Pretending to be an A has been our problem for a very long time rather than roll out sleeves up knuckle down to some hard work and once again actually walk the walk of a real contenders rather than talk the talk of a pretender.
The fight effort passion in the last 4 games is a good place to go again from.

03 Dec 2017 20:13:55
I actually expect us to turn up against Southampton and that is a real improvement in my opinion levels of the current Arsenal team.
I lost all patients for a long time but the way they have bounced from the city game has earned my respect back to a large degree and I fully expect them to bounce again after yesterday's set back and if they do rather than go into hiding as they have so often in the recent past that does deserve to be recognised in my opinion.



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