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13 Nov 2017 17:50:13
Not really one to say much bout arsene but see him banging on bout the ref in the city game again. Seriously it’s embarrassing.

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13 Nov 2017 18:19:23
Personally I think Arsene is sometimes embarrassed by the team but is always always loyal to them so sometimes makes excuses for them that deep down he doesn't really believe himself.
Some managers are open to publicly expressing how poor their own team were after a poor performance but that has never really been Arsenes style.

13 Nov 2017 21:05:38
D i think he does it to try and hide his own team errors in that game in particular. The ref was average and wenger was terrible.

14 Nov 2017 08:20:53
I do agree he isn’t one to publicly slate the players and I am for that. Just fed up of hearing bout that game lol. And Steve you’re right he was terrible. I just wish he’d be more ruthless this season and start dropping people who are playing crap. On the top of my head I’d rather see some 16 year old kid playing his heart out then xhaka standing there picking his nose.

14 Nov 2017 09:33:58
Having now read the interview I think I finally get Arsene and fans like Ty from Arsenal fan TV.
Some including myself have called them all deluded talking about titles or even a top 3 finish but it's a lot lot more than deluding themselves or even being positive it's about a reason to keep going.

If Arsene admits and accepts that we really are that poor and fans really start thinking even top 4 is beyond us then what is the point!
What's the point of bothering if you accept it's all a pretty pointless excersiise, there has to be a reason to be excited and ambitious even if to the rest of the world it's crazy.

To Arsene and Ty plus many more fans until it becomes mathematically impossible for us to win the league then we are still in the race which is why Arsene says " city are good but not unstoppable "
I don't agree but for the first time I think I actually understand how and why they see things differently to the rest of the footballing world.

14 Nov 2017 10:13:00
Morning John, you should all do what I do and don't bother watching the tyrants press conferences. All he does is lie and make excuses.
I have even given up watching games. I'm not going to waste my time and money watching the bollox he dishes up week after week.

International football is more exciting than watching the Arsenal

Just go Wenger and take those crap players you put your faith in week in and week out

Arsenal fc rest in peace.

14 Nov 2017 11:12:07
Morning Mark mate, as you know I'm with you 100% on Arsene the board and most of the team need replacing.
But I do get more now why many fans simply don't accept that.
Some fans buy into all the Mbappe type rumours simply because it's exciting and all the time we are linked with top players to them we are a top club still, true or not it's irrelevant simply because it's exciting and a reason to keep going.
Football is the entertainment businesses and while everyone wants us to be great to watch again and back in serious contention for top prizes not everybody is happy to buy into the doom and gloom even if it is the reality of the situation.
The Arsenal to bid for Messi headline isn't going to fool to many people into wasting their time even reading the article except for those who haven't given up and still dare to dream, for them it's a real possibility and until proven 100% to not be happening its something to be excited about.
I get those who have thrown in the towel on this current Arsenal set up totally but for the first time I'm beginning to see why others not only refuse to give up but refuse to accept we are not going to win the league until it becomes absolutely impossible for us to do so, if they accept what the rest of football thinks then what is the point of buying this season's shirt or going to the game or even the pub with their mates to watch the game or even being bothered to watch the game on TV at home.
I think for us all supporting Arsenal meant living your life around the games, making sure you got home from work in time for midweek games even booking a holiday trying to fit in around the Arsenal games, for some fans those days are gone and won't ever return for others they are simply taking time out from the current Arsenal set but for many many fans Arsenal football club is still a huge part of their day to day lives and for them each and every positive is worth getting excited about, if Arsene stays cool, it's stability and this could be his season, if he goes cool it's a fresh start and time to get behind a new man with new ideas, either way it's a positive as is almost anything and everything to do with Arsenal football club, because it's their club and thier way of life regardless of Wenger Kronke Xhaka Sanchez or anyone else.
I get that now the penny finally drops :-) on why some feel as they do.

14 Nov 2017 19:54:33
I’ve put so much faith/ hope into Wenger that he’d come good again but even before the City game he’d managed to repeat everything that is wrong at Arsenal, every mistake from countless previous seasons from poor tactics, lack of motivation and yet another massive failure in the transfer window. The lies about injuries, Welbeck will be out 2 or 3 weeks, 6 weeks later still no sign.

He is here because he can’t let go and he achieves everything that Stan “No ambition” Kroenke wants him to achieve. He really has become no better than those managers that seem to cycle around the lower clubs.

Instead of taking strides forward we are heading backwards at an ever more alarming rate. Sanchez is, rightly for him, on his toes as soon as it’s humanly possible.

The really sad thing is even when he’s gone, Wenger that is, we’ll still have that utter buffoon Kroenke effectively knee capping us as a club.

I used to be so passionate about this club and now I’m truly bored to death with it. We are a standing joke under Wenger because his mentality runs right the way through it, his weaknesses are truly killing us as any kind of force.

So I really don’t see us becoming a force again any time soon. We’ve got to a point where two players who should be helping us to win league titles are going to go else where. It is shocking that we will have wasted both of them and failed to make the most of them when here.

I’ve wanted to support and be behind the team and players but I’ve reached a point where I’m thinking why. I’m certain the talents there but Wenger’s killing it. He’s made what looked to be really impressive youngsters, Bellerin, Holding and Chambers go backwards.

Wenger’s use, or lack there of, of Lacazette has been criminal. Left on the bench for our two biggest games alone is just incredulous.

From someone who loved the guy, the time cannot come quick enough for me to get Wenger out of our club, get him totally out of it, I don’t want his insipid mentality anywhere near Arsenal.

I know that with Kroenke at the helm not much will really change but just get someone in with a whole new outlook. Get rid of these 8-2’s and 6-1’s get rid of this cosy jobs for the boys. A manager with real passion not one who has people like Mourinho who hold a hoodoo over him.

I’ve slated Wayne Rooney because he’s been clinging to a once great career for years and Wenger is doing exactly that. When your time comes you have to realise it and Wenger’s time sadly in honest reflection came quite a few years ago.

14 Nov 2017 20:15:30
I echo all that stoner, that could be said about most of us who have and do support this great club. Its funny but i don't hear anyone support wenger, i just think he has just pissed most of us off with his arrogant blindness in himself.



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